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When we came up the title cut it out if it's not improving your mental spiritual and physical balance and ascension we met will be said. While we had a good time with an extended period of comedic chat that went on much longer than our usual pre-topic conversations as we got down to the main subject matter we went in deep.

After a certain point in your life you should realize that everything that you indulge in, everyone who you allow in your inner circle and everyone who gets close to you has an effect on whether you regress in the quality of your life or you ascend to a higher level never seen or experienced before in your life. There is no middle ground it is either negative energy or positive energy and our proximity to these energies determine if we go higher or lower in our lives.

Many of us are not aware on how powerful this ideology is and also how simple it really is. We can have people around us that smile and say just the right things but can have doom in their heart for your visions and goals that you're working so hard for. You can make a decision that puts you in a place that leaves you stagnant where you cannot grow any further from where you are and can never reach we are trying to go.

But this in itself is one of the main lessons in life that we have to learn and we have to learn it direct and unfortunately the hard way. We must also understand that when it comes to the human species there is no middle ground of this thing that is often referred to as neutrality or neutral energy. While many may not agree for me it is a fact that anything that claims neutrality is truly negative to the core.

Because neutral can go either way, if someone cannot proclaim that their life is about all things positive and you see them not moving toward that incrementally on a daily basis that they are not positive in the only choice for them is to be negative. If this is the case then they need to get cut off if they cannot truly stand for all things positive. Negativity can be nothing else but negativity even when they are cloaked in the government of all things positive, it is only a matter of time before the real intentions of this energy stepped to the forefront and once you know what it is it will never be able to fool you again.

So after a time of living in this life if you are not certain of the core energy of these entities around you that I'm willing to bet is nothing good for you and you need to abstain from their presence. But it's not just only people, it is a challenge to defeat what lies deep inside of you in the form of our addictions to substances and other people, situations or places where nothing will come out good for us as we should go inside of ourselves and detach to cleanse ourselves of our attachments to all things that are not good for us. So not only is it an external challenge but the hardest part usually can be what is on the inside lurking deep below within us.

And it's only when you can defeat those negative traits that we have on the inside only then we can be victorious over anything that comes at us externally. We can hide our weaknesses and appear so strong to the outside world but that's wasting energy to keep up a façade that will eventually be revealed for what it is and taken away. So the bear your flaws to the world with no shame and work on them until you perfect your life even though none of us will become perfect we must always strive incrementally to get better. So I ask you to be honest with yourself as you look in the mirror what is it that we need to cut out of our lives that the come the handles that the negative energies out there can grab a hold on to to drag us down to that place of eventual defeat.

Only you could answer this and the faster you answer this and make a commitment to improving yourself from within is the faster you will live the life that you have always dreamed of pretty much without ever recording a defeat on the record that is your life. I welcome you to return to this platform frequently and is much as you want and I also ask you to share your perspectives on this video in the comments section below. I thank you for spending your precious time here and we look forward to seeing you whether you agree or not with the content back once again.

For it is these types of conversations that enable us to grow and see ourselves from within in the vast work that needs to be done.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Brother Lance

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