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Why choose Android over Apple:

Huge selection of phones to pick from compared to a small few from Apple.. more power to you, bigger selection of Android phones and different price ranges and brands for all types of people. Apple obviously does not let any manufacturer use iOS.. I think illegal Chinese clone iPhones may have some sort of version of it but that's about it. No one else can use iOS except Apple. Anyone can use Android.. it's open source. Even Amazon's Fire TV and Tablet software is based off Android.
More freedom.. you can change the icons, sometimes the theme (depends on the brand), change the home launcher, and do all sorts of tweaks and modifications. Apples UI looks very clean and minimalistic.. however, it gets AWFULLY BORING after a while because you can't change how the UI looks. Apple restricts 3rd party apps that allow automation.. this makes it more inconvenient for power users who want certain tasks to operate automatically.

Apple's iOS is very unorganized.. you have to exit the app and go all the way to the system settings just to change a setting in an app.. on Android, the settings for the app is inside the app.. Apple dictates how apps should look like and thus app developers must follow the rules on how the app must be like. Also, with Android, you have a BACK BUTTON which is customizable.. Apple once again prioritizes appearance over functionality.. you have to use a gesture swipe to go back but a button seems like a no brainier.. even the WEB BROWSER has a back button.. go figure.

More FREE APPS and GAMES on the Android Google Play app store versus Apple's app store.. the free apps on Apple's app store are typically just demo versions of the app while on Android, it's usually a full version. Angry Birds was free a very long time ago while Apple charged for it (I guess Apple demands a fee from each developer). There's more free games, including children's learning games on Android while in Apple you have to pay or play a short “demo version”.

Microsoft Word or similar office apps are FREE on Android.. even on Microsoft, you'll have to pay hundreds of dollars just to use these software, while on Android it was always free

Cheaper accessories. Apple charges a ROYALTY FEE to each 3rd party accessory manufacturer so therefore the prices for Apple accessories are more expensive (unless you buy knock off's from China).

UNIVERSAL USB C CABLE. Apple uses the lighting cable and buying accessories that have the lighting cable is more expensive.. not only that, USB C is a better technology and charges much better than Apple's outdated lighting cable charger. It's cheaper to find replacement cables and you can borrow a friends cable because it's universal.

Some Android phones still have a headphone jack.. save money instead of paying $200 for Bluetooth AirPod ear buds.. You probably have a bunch of headphones around the house that still work perfectly fine.. a $15 Sony MDR headphone will still sound better than a $200 in-ear AirPod earbud. Also, Bluetooth headphones don't last forever, the battery inside is very small and usually degrades after 2 years. You'll have to carry around a dongle if you want to plug in headphones into the iPhone. My friend who is a diehard Apple fan bought the older iPhone 6s just because it had the headphone jack.. he was a music fan and loved the jack. The headphone jack also works as an auxiliary port which you can plug in accessories such as a credit card reader, selfie stick, FM antenna, or IR blaster.

Apple actually purchased Beats Audio which used to be made by Monster.. now Apple just makes their own speakers and headphones using the Beats branding and they sound absolutely terrible. Beats is nothing more than just a marketing name and stylish gimmick. Samsung actually acquired Harmon Kardon (JBL, AKG) and their headphones and speakers are way, way better. LG often partners with audiophile companies like B&O or Meridian.. LG also includes a built in Quad DAC which is nearly unheard of how they can fit that inside a phone because most upgraded DACs are external units and are expensive.

Apple repairs have gotten more and more expensive and difficult.. Apple has designed their phones to make it very difficult for 3rd parties to repair it.. if the back glass shattered of the iPhone X or XS/XS Max, it will cost several hundred dollars to replace just because the way Apple made it… 3rd party repair shops will refuse to fix a broken back glass iPhone just because Apple made it too difficult and costly to fix. If the home button is replaced by a non-Apple branded home button, the software will detect it and refuse to let the replacement button work. Samsung on the other hand has a partnership with UBIF which has locations nationwide.. they will do in-warranty repairs and Samsung has a “premium care membership” that's about $11.99 a month which includes repairs and screen replacement and in-home appointments.. Apple will charge you hundreds of dollars. Apple hates 3rd party repair guys.. they are always trying to sue them.. 3rd party repair shops are profiting from Apple repairs and that makes Apple angry.

Apple phones are NOT designed to be durable.. Apple does NOT use Gorilla Glass unlike other Android phones.. this glass is the best glass available and is highly shatter resistant.. Apple is too cheap to pay for this and prefers people breaking their phones to be honest. Apple has had many design flaws and there are YouTube videos of people showing this example of how their products lack structural integrity (look up JerryRigEverything on YouTube). Apple prioritizes physical appearance, designed, and style over durability and practicality.
Android allows you to install all sorts of 3rd party apps that give you much more access and control of your phone. Apple is highly restrictive.. that's why people “jailbreak” their iPhones just so that they can have more control.. however, in doing so, you can risk your Apple account being “blacklisted” and banned from Apple if you do so. For example, there is no “file browser” on Apple.. the one that they have actually is very limited and doesn’t show everything on the phone.

Sending files from Apple to Android is a big hassle.. Apple has always gone out their way to make things more difficult.. they are not friendly with other devices and do not want to be.. you have to download 3rd party apps just to send a file from Apple to Android.
Apple FORCES YOU to use iTunes which is absolutely difficult to figure out for a non-tech savvy person.. ironically people claim Apple is easier to use but using iTunes is not that simple. With Android, it's a simple “drag and drop” function to load music, videos, and files.. doesn't take an rocket scientist to figure that out. Apple only gives you access to the camera photos for drag and drop.
Apple iPhones use old technology.. they always have a smaller battery and less RAM compared to Android flagships, however they charge you much more for the phone. If you're paying hundreds of dollars, maybe $1000, then you would expect the top of the line internal parts.. just like buying a sports car.. it can't just look good on the outside. Most PRO GAMERS use ANDROID PHONES such as the RAZER phone that has way more powerful hardware, including 120hz screen and a water-cooled copper heat pipe.


Apple phones are not really durable.. Apple doesn't care about device integrity, their iPad has been demonstrated to be really easy to bend and break (look up on YouTube the iPad Pro being bent and broken).. Apple cares more about the physical appearance rather than durability.. in fact, they want people to break their devices so Apple can charge them to fix it. The iPhone 6 and 6s had a design flaw and the phone would easily bend inside the pocket. iPhones do not use the high tech USA made GORILLA GLASS technology but they use a simple tempered glass which is not as good and tough as Gorilla Glass.. Android flagships use Gorilla Glass which is very shatterproof.
MY FAVORITE: Apple iPhones become obsolete faster than Android (PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE). This is because Apple will STOP updating an iPhone and if you do not have the latest version of iOS, you are unable to install the latest version of apps.. thus making the phone obsolete. Android is different, it DOESN'T MATTER how old your Android operating system is or what version it is.. you can always install and update apps from the Google Play store.. and you can update the Google software and ecosystem. I have a bunch of old Android phones.. Version 4.1 and 5.1… I can easily update and install new apps.. while my iPhone 4s is obsolete because I can't install apps except for a few old apps. The iPhone 4s is a paperweight.

Google Assistant works better than Siri. It just is more functional and Siri was more of a fun gimmick which didn't last too long.. nowadays, nobody really uses Siri anymore except for fun. Apple's home speaker assistant was a failure and Amazon's Alexa and Google's Home Assistant worked better and was used more often because it works better. Apple dropped the ball and stopped caring about it.. that's why Amazon's Alexa which came after Siri beat Siri.

Apple's innovation is very, very slow and they rarely release a new feature or technology… the “new feature” that they release gets a lot of hype but those features have already been invented or has been on other phones years ahead. Apple advertised “panorama photos” when Android had that a long time ago.. Apple advertised “live photos” when Samsung had that years back with their camera software (used to be called animated photo, now called motion photo). Apple finally included dual and multiple cameras when Android phones had it a long time ago as well. This means Apple cares more about profit than innovation and they're not willing to risk on trying to new things. They couldn't even get an in display fingerprint scanner before Samsung and other Chinese companies which beat them first.. so they decided to include NONE!
Pros of Apple:

As much as I dislike Apple, they make rock solid hardware.. honestly, their hardware is lasting much longer than Apple wants it to.. My iPhone 4 is about 9 years old.. the hardware is still pristine.. it's built very well. However, Apple doesn't want people to keep their phones for too long.. that's why they “slowed down” people's phone that one time and everyone got angry about it. As I mentioned earlier, they don't allow you to install and update apps on older devices.

Apple's camera and loud speaker is really solid and the software is good. I remember the iPhone 5c which has a weak camera still had a good camera software.. instead of taking a picture right away, it waits a few seconds just so that it can prevent camera blur.. this was very useful for me. The loud speaker in my opinion actually sounds better than any phone I've heard.. it's very loud and clear.
It's just very simple and reliable (except the fact it doesn't get supported year later). iPhones are good for older parents.. The battery and RAM management is very good and efficient.. Android is more for advanced users who understands how it works.. with Apple, everything is managed including the RAM. Non-tech savvy people should use iPhones because it's straight forward and reliable (except for iTunes)… and it includes ALL major languages.. yet another good thing for parents who don't speak English well.

The phone and UI design is very clean and minimalistic.. many other Chinese brand companies (OnePlus, Huawei) have made phones using inspiration from Apple.. people just love that clean minimal look.. however, like I mentioned earlier, Apple sacrifices functionally and practicality over appearance. I really liked the design of the iPhone 4 and 5.. it just looked very minimal, boxy, flat, and clean.. more practical than today's designs (you can repair the older iPhones way easier).