Four More Years Of Obama Or A Lifetime Stuck With Yourself – Which Is Worse?

I don’t know about you but I for one am so that glad it’s over!

To me it got to the point where all we began to see was either “Romney” or “Obama” written across the heads of family, friends and strangers.

Individuality for the last few months gradually went right out the window and so did our personal filtering system also that gauges a person by the content of their character instead of who they chose at the polls.

Many of you will never understand from the positioning that I’m in by someone who speaks their REAL thoughts and feelings on a blog that is so public and well read by friends and enemies alike with the amount of hate mail that I receive because of it.

When I started expressing myself online I never knew how serious and uptight people could be when it came to the subject of their views on religion, politics and sexuality.

These particular individuals will fight to the death to change you to make you see the sky as being pink instead of the pretty blue that it is! Seriously!

Whatever your opinions are it is okay with me as long as you do not get in the way of me living my life the way I see fit as well as getting in my way as I pursue enjoying the fruits of my labor as well. Regardless as to WHAT any of the negative based faction if entities say in your presence, SUCCESS is here for EVERYONE and there is no time limit or waiting period to get it if you are motivated to relentlessly do so!

As long as we have that understanding you can tell me that the sky is a multicolored SWIRL of colors – I would just quietly say to myself that I hope you get professional help for your mental issues but I would never disrespect you! LOL!

But seriously people, it’s not that much of an issue to have to call out of work because your man didn’t win the election last night. Life goes on and your bills are still coming to you whether you wait for the mailman to bring them to you or you pay them online.

Your life has its own set of needs that need to be attended to and no matter who the President is it is YOU who must make decisions and handle it!

Your front lawn still needs to be cut and trimmed.

Those appointments with your doctor still need to be kept.

Your relationship with your significant other must be maintained.

The oil in your car still needs to be changed regularly and you still have to face the world everyday as the person that you are and carry the burden of your OWN hangups if you haven’t shed them yet!

So as you can see, pretty much whatever situation that we find ourselves in this life you have to take the responsibility for it instead of blaming the President of the United States!

So when we hear these animated individuals gripe about dreading another four more years with President Barack Obama and how terrible it is going to be what I’m really hearing is people who are disgruntled about having an entire lifetime being stuck with THEMSELVES!

Romney Supporters In Orlando 2012

While who EVER is in office is important and will make decisions that will affect our lives more or less depending who you speak to, my happiness has NEVER been determine by any mere man or woman and it has never influenced my life enough to where they could ever stop me from reaching my goals!

So if you are pissed off with the non-productivity in your life I suggest you keep the presidents name out of your mouth because he really doesn’t have the power to make you unhappy but YOU DO!

I would be just as grateful to God for waking me up even IF Mitt Romney won the Presidency of the United States. I still feel very much in control of my life and feel great about where I find myself in this life at this very moment! Because if the truth be told, I have dodged so many bullets (Not literal bullets, but figuratively) that I really shouldn’t be living as well as I do or even be ALIVE! So that in itself is reason enough to be joyous.

You are the President of your life and have the sole power to create heaven on earth for yourself or hell because of your jacked up decisions.

But you know what? Many people might shake their heads in agreement with the aforementioned statement and then turn around and blame Barack Obama for every travesty that occurred in their lives since they were born. I doesn’t work like that in life and if we took more responsibility for the day to day events that flavor our lives, we would be a LOT better off! Trust me, personal accountability WORKS!

Orange County Florida Voters 2012

So the next time you are lounging on the bowl and your finger is gifted with a wad of feces because YOU weren’t paying attention to how much toilet paper was wrapped around your palm -DON’T BLAME PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR YOUR UNFORTUNATE SLIP!

…….just accept that you weren’t on point and swiftly wash your hands and make a vow to pay better attention to the details because to a lapse in concentration will always bring shitty results!

Think about it.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

The Brother Who Always Washes His Hands,


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