Are These Frequent School Shootings The Result Of America’s Lifelong Fascination With Violence?

School shootings are becoming so ingrained into our culture and are just as American as Apple Pie to the point where they are happening just about every week as though their frequency are on some type of twisted sick joke of a schedule.

I do have a few thoughts on these unfortunate occurrences and maybe some of you reading this might co-sign on it or even disagree.

That’s okay because I’m not here to fight anyone over theoretical assumptions while our youth are dying from this formerly unheard of ritual of scholastic death that banishes the innocent victims to never return to life while many choose to bicker over the insignificant political ramifications.

Oregon School Shooting 6

Let me tell you that these incidents are merely symptoms to something going on deeper below the surface.

You don’t give someone a band-aid after they’ve suffered a heart attack and you don’t simply concoct stricter laws to think you can cure a society that has been unofficially confirmed sick.

So really you’ve got to ask yourself “what has changed” in the last decade or so since school shootings seem to be an unwanted amenity in the learning experience of our schools across the United States.

How has the school gone from being a safe haven for our children to the war zone of a killing field for the mind, bodies and souls.

Oregon School Shooting 2

I believe that too many of us – and please don’t ask me for any actual numbers since I’m simply painting a picture with a very wide brushstroke – in America at the present time have become desensitized, disconnected and totally in denial about how far off of the mark we’ve gone in what we consider an orderly civilized society because we do not want to be labeled as being politically incorrect.

What do I mean by that?

We’ve punked out on raising our kids in a world where we must be accountable for our actions as we’ve exposed them to every filthy practice that’s diametrically opposed to the very direct commandments of God Himself!

Sure, go on ahead and tell me that I’m standing on some outdated soapbox yelling out to the world the same old talk that others have been committed to the mental institution for!

Say it! I don’t care because I know what the hell I see!

Oregon School Shooting 3

If we as a society – and I don’t care at this point whether you like me or not because of the color of my skin, my political beliefs or whatever way you come up with to build a wall between us – took charge and refused to allow the standards of what we knew coming up in decades past as a decent and morally upright society, half of these out of control tragedies wouldn’t take place.

They wouldn’t take place because our children wouldn’t be throwing these deadly temper tantrums with these high powered guns and rifles in their hands as they would have been taught to have some control.

Our priorities are screwed up and while we will believe that we are making progress as a society because we’ve now allowed a man to have the right to walk down the street in a dress while tongue kissing his male lover.

But children are being killed for no more of a reason than wanting to go to school to learn so that they can grow up to be educated and responsible citizens that add something to society instead of being a pain in the ass wanting to twist the laws to suit their own perversions.

Oregon School Shooting

Police can kill us at will, write a false report and get a smack on the wrist as many don’t get roused to anger as much as when their favorite sports team loses a championship game in a very big way to cause the fans to lose a monetary bet.

Politicians can lie to us, con us and rip us off of our hard earned taxes that we have no choice but to pay, yet these same shysters will get a pass because they’ve now become celebrities and the slick talk and seductive wordplay lures us into a trance that makes us believe that the next promise is sincere.

But we don’t get mad that our society and youth are screaming out through their actions that something is dysfunctional about the system much like those zits on the face of a person who eats out every night consuming their toxic high calorie Monsanto laced cuisine.

The Pimp Preacher can screw every vagina – male and female – in the congregation and we turn our heads because we are told not to “touch thine anointed.”

Eddie Long

But we make sure to get that money in the pockets of our mega church prosperity preachers but we fail to become a part of our child’s world and we have the nerve to be shocked when we discover the rage of neglect that has been brewing over their entire lifetimes.

So if our kids are disconnected from the authentic relationships with the that they need and crave so much with their wise elders for their proper development, how do you think they’re going to communicate to us what they are feeling as they hit puberty and the extreme insecurities that most in that age bracket sure to feel in this conflict laden world?

You see, WE are the reason that SOME of our youth are the way that they are when the time arrives to unleash the rage from within that we helped to build over the course of their lifetimes.

Oregon School Shooting 5

Gun laws would never be the issue in this land if we provided for our wayward kids and broken men an outlet for them to connect with others and share their growing pains and frustrations in a way that would bring them closer to others in the human experience to feel hands on how precious life can be.

But how can our youth ever understand the value of life when their value was never validated in their minds by the parents who never had the time to give to them because they were too busy chasing a dollar while their kids bonded to these violent video games.

Oregon School Shooting 4
Look at the recent shooting spree by Elliot Rodgers who for the most part had it all but squandered his life away because of his perceived lack of ability to get just about anyone of those sexy hot college girls that ranted on YouTube about to get into the bed with him.

So until some major changes come immediately to the forefront in how we fill up our children and fellow citizens with the feeling of hope, love and belonging, nothing will change and expect the next shooting to happen before or around the July 4, Independence Day celebrations where Mainstream Media celebrates the freedom of our oppressors from their British exploiters.

Until then, for those who just don’t see the disconnect or refuse to see it, understand that it’s in their best interests to get themselves prepared for just about any thing to happen because we are so naive’ in believing that everything well be okay if we simply ignore the obvious signs that continue to shine out so obvious.

John Wayne 1961

At the time of this writing, there have already been 36 shootings this year and it’s growing fast. Do we really care about the pain and suffering of those around us and the sense of desperation and warped outlook on reality that makes them feel that it’s okay to kill people in such a horrific fashion.

In a day and time when we question what makes a person snap to killed so easily, under stand that we have to examine ourselves first after being able to kill the life that’s in your women’s womb without a second thought.


I mean, what does that make the American people if in this country they’ve recorded 53 million abortions between the years of 1973 and 2011?

That makes us even more of a murderer if you go by the sheer numbers so why should our gun toting school shooting children respect life when we as adults don’t even do it ourselves?

We are taught from young that it’s best to lead by example so why should it a surprise that our youth are merely emulating what they see in us as their first examples of how life should be embraced?

With our long legacy of death, bloodshed and violence that we glorify in the media and the war-like stance that we’ve taken militarily as the Rothschild strong-arm bullies of the world, we should expect more “bang” for the buck with even more violent shootings within days because what you put in is what will come out!

Aborted Fetus

Mere gun laws cannot cause you to lose control and wet up and entire mall of people simply because YOU are feeling estranged from the world?

we need to get a grip and take a page out of the book when incidents like school shootings was unheard of because of the accountability, and the multiple butt whippings that were a mandatory occurrence that “straightened” a lot of individuals who might have been considering taking the criminal path to satisfy their egos and wash away the pain.

Let us take charge of not only our lives, but the lives of those around us who could potentially get caught up in a frenzy that would land them in jail to snatch the mighty potential that God placed deep within them to aid the human race!

Peace & Righteous Love always,



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