From Diapers To Depends: Career Man-Bums & The Delusional Dreamers Who Enable Them!

From Diapers to Depends.

Some men will exist on a plane where they have produced nothing with their lives except to be a burden and a liability to everyone within their inner circle and beyond except to keep the diaper companies rich. All they have done is keep the diapers that they have worn all of their lives full at someone else’s expense because even the feces that they have filled these diapers with in abundance was full from food that wasn’t even provided by them.

In this lifetime I have never really gotten along with Man-Bums and can spot them almost immediately. I will even say that there is something rooted deep inside of me that naturally resents them. It goes both ways because I have never known a Man-Bum who has ever liked me either and I am overjoyed at this fact, because most Man-Bums get along together quite well until you seem to be getting close to their personal source of sustenance (Usually the gullible woman-enabler) and then there is a problem.

Man-Bums were created by the Mother-Enablers who catered to them like they were royalty! Man-Bums usually come from single parent homes which was headed by their mother and have become the “safe replacement emotional husband” that would receive the benefits of being allowed to have his way as long as he stayed in that position to be an emotional crutch for his mother. She would rather give her son all of her resources because he would never leave her or hurt her like his father did. The Man-Bums first relationship was with his mother in a twisted way, basically fostering an Oedipus Complex. While I am not implying a sexual relationship between them it is an intense relationship none the less that would possess the traits of a full fledged relationship that if one didn’t know was a pairing of mother and son, would swear that it is a complete relationship from the outside sex and ALL!

Dysfunctional at its textbook BEST!

This unusual manner of upbringing is what layer the foundation for the Man-Bum to BE the Man-Bum that he is today! Why? Because he expects every woman to cater to him like his mother did and compares then to his mother at every turn. This can be quite an annoyance to the Man-Bums current girlfriend because he unknowingly mentions his mothers “great traits and abilities” at every turn. And while most women love a man who loves his mother, they so not want to feel as though they are competing with his mother for his affection, which if truth be told has no value whatsoever unless you can serve him just as good or even better than his mother ever did. Which is damn near impossible to do so don’t even waste your time in trying.

It would be better to attempt to climb Mount Everest with nothing more than wearing some six inch stiletto heels, daisy dukes, an orange thong and nothing else. This would be a more attainable goal than ever thinking that you could make a balanced relationship with a Man-Bum work. Balanced? In his mind that wouldn’t be fair because it’s ALL about HIM!


If the Man-Bums mother is still alive, notice how he will use her (Her home is his entitled safe haven in his mind as the mother will always keep a warm bed and a plate of food waiting for him!) home as a base of operations in order to avoid the responsibility of being a man or the commitment of maintaining his own residence. He will offer the “story” of how his aging or ailing mother needs him there but if he was a REAL man then he would take care of his mother while STILL maintaining a place of his own!

If the Man-Bums mother has passes away, he will search for women who could replace her and will never be attracted to a woman who will demand of him the things that a man should do and should produce!

Man-Bums will never be boxed into a position of commitment or responsibility and never really have. Their spotty employment record and questionable relationship history lends testimony to this fact.

Man-Bums are advanced masters of manipulation. Never underestimate them. But it is hard not to underestimate them because they really never let you see how intelligent they really are.

When they enter into your life they will tell you only but so much of their life story but will allow you to fill in the gaps. The gaps the
YOU usually fill in are emotionally charged by them to play on your sympathetic heart and give them the leeway to not have to go into any details that will blow their cover. If you push for facts that must be validated in their lives then prepare to receive the biggest smokescreen treatment that you could imagine.

The Man-Bum already has the built in responses to anyone that has the potential to corner him into speaking the truth about his questionable background and shady past. Believe me, their are so many Man-Bums prowling the face of this planet and it is frightening how successful they have been to be able to survive through the treacherous art of manipulation which hinges on your kind heart.

Toughen up and do not fall for it because in the end of the day, it is your precious resources and tender heart that will be drained and
damaged while he runs off to another willing victim.

Speaking of which…….

The other willing victims……

…….of which there are many. Don’t think that you are the only one in the clutches of the Man-Bums poisonous grasp. It’s the very nature of his lifestyle that he have enough “escape routes” from the catastrophe of you ever finding out how he has been playing you!

This is what a Man-Bum truly fears as he is not usually confrontational and would rather leave you hanging than bring a sense
of closure to your pain even if you appear to be in acceptance of your emotional fate due to the realization that you should have taken your time before allowing him to rush right into the inner recesses of your life.

The scheming calculating mental gears of the Man-Bum only operate in one gear, and that’s forward. This is why it is not a problem to have multiple escape routes in the form of several willing women who have the sympathetic “Savior” mentality while always leaving a burnt bridge and a hot mess of a situation behind that he can never return to or never explain thoroughly in his latest manifestation in someone else’s life.

Even while with you the Man-Bum is setting up his next escape routes not only in a “just in case” manner which really doesn’t make an
excuse for his philandering but is done because in his mind the well always runs dry and he must always preserve himself by any means necessary by always being ready to abandon ship.

Well how does this man find so many willing victims to get caught up in his perpetual web of deception?

It’s easy.

This is the age of technological brilliance and the Man-Bum regardless of all else MUST maintain a stable cell phone or even better yet a smart-phone. This is where he does his best work. He will be even more connected to that phone than he is to you! This is how he forges the new connections that will one day be a part of his new life after you.

Trust me, it’s not about IF this will happen, but WHEN!

If you notice, Man-Bums always seem to find a hard working responsible woman that can be his “Bottom Bitch.” Now allow me to apologize for using such a profane statement but this is an education into a mentality that you will get nowhere else. But I must explain what a Bottom Bitch is briefly because in actuality that in itself is a topic for an entirely new and separate blog within itself. And actually, the Man-Bum doesn’t really want a Bottom Bitch in the fullest sense of the word, but he wants you to think that you are and this is part of the setup of you in his hustle of your life.

Open your mind a bit for this one and if you do not understand me completely at this point then I am going to ask you to trust me until I can explain the total Bottom Bitch phenomenon…….

A “Bottom Bitch” is that woman who is the pimps most trusted woman in his stable of prostitutes. She knows more about him and is the closest person to him and will carry out his bidding and never violate his trust. She knows he does what HE wants but he let’s her know everything because the Bottom Bitch has been with him the longest out of all of the hookers in his stable. She will even recruit new prospects and be the eyes an the ears of the pimp when ever he is not around. She basically runs things and it is a position in the stable of hookers that has the most respect, power and is feared because the bottom line is that what she says goes. She has this much power with the pimp.

Now back to the Man-Bum. He understands the human psyche like no other, his very survival “under the radar” truly depends on his
ability to intuitively and swiftly make a crucial decision based on his gut feeling alone.

But if you as a hard working woman believe that this man holds you up as “The One” then you will fall into place in how he wants to have you in order to manipulate you for HIS purposes!

The Man-Bum could never get away with the amazing things that he can pull off without have the power in his grasp that YOU have so easily and foolishly handed to him Carte Blanche! But do understand that when I referred to the Man-Bums conundrums as “amazing” I was not praising him for being the slim-ball that he is but what he has boldly accomplished in the art of manipulation is amazing in a WICKED way! But like I said before, I cannot STAND these types of entities!

But so know that the very reason that the Man-Bum has chosen YOU to be his current enabler is because you passed the test as a gullible woman who thought she was smart and was actually made to feel as though you were smarter than you really were!

The Man-Bum found you and tested you from day one! Usually the Man-Bum, when he found you was on his way out of a relationship or in one already that had massive amounts of drama that was presented to you in a way that made it the “woman’s” fault so that he can come out on top looking like a great prospect of a man if only he “had a good woman.”

…….and isn’t it amazing how YOU in the deepest recesses of your mind have elected to BE that good woman that this Man-Bum needs to unlock the greatness that is hidden deep within him but in your mind can see so clearly?

Do you think that this is all? No way! In order to be targeted by a Man-Bum you MUST possess a healthy dose of low self esteem! This for him is like being a kid in the candy store for him because this is what will allow the stronghold of his presence to walk right into your mind body and soul to allow him to take possession of your entire life! It’s the unseen portal from which he will possess you and you won’t even have a clue! You have now become his marionette puppet and don’t even realize that the thoughts that you are thinking most of the time didn’t even come from you! You have been possessed!

It must be noted that the majority of Man-Bums do their best manipulative work in the churches across the land (In which he will
have to stop attending once he and his hustle of women has been discovered!) because it is there where he will find the most dense
collection of women with issues who will always fall for a man easier who walks through those doors armed with the holy verbal covering of shouting “praise the Lord! It’s a hotbed of potential Man-Bum enablers who will fall all over themselves to get at this new man of God if he chooses to repackage himself in this manner.

But it must be notes that sex with the Man-Bum is almost always on a supernatural level. It is HIS hook that opens up your subconscious mind even more so to get a tighter grip and hold on you that in many cases can last a lifetime if he can get what he wants out of you!

When he “makes love” to you, in your mind it is a unique, special and “out of this world” occurrence that HAS to be real but in reality is only a scripted performance that has “worked on” so many women before you with a flawless success rate. What you don’t understand is that he has cultivated his sex game down to an exact science and that you are laying down with a hard core cold assassin of the heart!

He doesn’t care about you in this intense and intimate way, he will just as easily do all of those deliciously freaky things that he did
to you to someone else at the drop of a dime if he can get something out of her also!

Let’s be real, usually that Man-Bum puts it down like no other! You NEVER had a man good down on you so good and so completely thorough as though he knew every spot to taste, every fold to devour and every nerve ending to titillate! He has proven to you without a shadow of a doubt that he is the freakiest man walking the face of the earth and you have made up your mind that you are not letting this “good thing” go no matter what! But what you fail to realize is that while you are freaked out at his ability to deeply tongue kiss both ends of your digestive system with equal intensity, that he is pretty much affording someone else or maybe several others that same forbidden fruit of a pleasure.

You might actually be an extremely attractive woman but don’t feel like it deep down inside. Your looks may intimidate the many available and eligible men out here but the Man-Bum looks past the exterior attributes and senses a more deeply rooted lack of confidence because he can play on this and get to your resources for himself even faster because of this! While he will make you feel like the most beautiful woman to ever walk the face of the earth, he really could care less WHAT you looked like because it is what you have or what you can do for him that has attracted him to you.

The Man-Bum will seem to fill in all of the empty voids in your life like a heavy rain storm coming down on dry land that was preciously in a drought for years.

In your mind HE is the answer to all of you challenges and HE is the one that you have been waiting for. And while it may seem to good to be true, it is! Like a distant dying star flashing bright in a supernova stage before being snuffed out, he just simply cannot
maintain this intensity on you nor does he have to.

You will be hooked on his presence in your life and like an addict that is hooked from that first hit of crack cocaine, you will be
searching for that “first high” that he gave you even as it is evident that he is perpetually unemployed, an actively confirmed cheat and even abusive as you continue to love this shell of a man that is no more effective as those life sized cardboard cutouts that may catch you eye at the shopping mall until you realize that it is fake.

All the while in your addiction to the Man-Bum, you are subsidizing his cheating lifestyle with the amenities that have come from the
sweat of your brow.  While you are at work, he is driving YOUR vehicle to parade around town with those other women who believe that HE is the one who is running things and paying the bills in your relationship. He will even claim that YOUR resources that YOU have kindly shared with him are really HIS! He will do kind deeds for these other woman (Taking them to a doctors appointment in YOUR car or out to a swanky restaurant with YOUR money!) and win their trust over time in order to carve a niche for themselves in their lives so that they can be used as an escape route once you discover the monster that he truly is and put your foot down by ridding your life of him!

One thing that many of my Sisters need to understand is that while a Man-Bum will say all of the right things to appeal to your burning ambitions, he cannot produce one iota of proof to show that he has lived a life of principle that would have accrued him some tangible measure of stability.

I could go on and on about the phenomenon of the Man-Bum because their ways have been well observed over the years by me…….but fear not!

I will give to you the proactive remedy to keeping you free of any Man-Bum entities from worming their way into your life!

Never let them into your private physical space until you see that they have a private residence of their OWN! Not a room in the brothers house or living at home with their mother! This is a sure sign of a man being a Man-Bum because ALL MEN want to have their OWN SPACE and if they seem as though they don’t then this is an indication of a serious personality deficient and flaw! Avoid these men like the plague and don’t even fool yourself into considering “working along” with this loser and perpetual waste of time!

Man-Bums sniff out a woman’s weaknesses and sore spots from day one. You must hold true to your personal convictions of being a woman who will not be used no matter how much you crave the tension releasing pleasures that this man can possibly give. True love stands the test of time and is NOT conditional! Make him PROVE his past and leave NO stone left unturned in your investigation of who and what he says he is. Yes, it is sad that it has come to this in the dating world in 2011, but there is just TOO MUCH at stake here as far as the resources that you have painstakingly built up over the years and the sweet heavenly love that you have for that WORTHY MAN! A Man-Bum can’t ever earn a good woman’s love because the love of a good woman cannot be compromised, hustled away, tricked or schemed on. If he wants what YOU HAVE that is real then he is going to have to COME REAL or move on to
the next woman who might have the foolish traits that he is looking for but NOT YOU!

Let me hear from you on this as I would love to continue on the other deadly aspect of this virus-like succubus called the Man-Bum!

God Bless You and be careful out here, some of the most dangerous demons that you could possibly encounter are the ones that come as an angel of light! Don’t be fooled!

Test the spirit!

P.S: If you have any Man-Bum experiences that you would like to share, then PLEASE write them in the comment box below and make it as LONG as you wish! Inquiring minds want to know and you should put him on BLAST!

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