Has The Game Of Love Killed Off The Ability To Have Real Relationships?

I remember way back in the good old days when you could have a crush on someone and eventually get to date them.

If that went well and you really liked them you would move on to a courtship that everyone in your mutual circles knew about as the next logical step between both parties would be to get engaged to eventually be married if the love was true.

Quite simple right?

Real Love

Sure it was! …….and at anytime during this joining of the hearts if any side of the union discovered any trait within their potential life partner that they didn’t find agreeable and couldn’t be banished, then any progression toward moving toward the next level was halted and no one was any worse off from the experience.

But it appears to me that those days are long gone never to return ever again because of the divine order of coming together as a righteous couple is nite even acknowledged anymore as our intentions to join on to a significant other has become superficial and ruled by the spirit of lust, opportunity and the potential for personal gain.

Dating, courting, engagement and marriage these days appears to be nothing more than a board game like Monopoly.


It’s a game where we weigh out what we have to risk in order to accrue more off of the backs of an interchangeable entity that has absolutely no connection to us emotionally or compatibility except to move us up in status regardless if the union went sour or not.

Many focus more on what they will receive out of the pairing than on the initial relationship in the first place!

If we focused on the relationship as intensely as we do keeping the card of a good lawyer in our money clip “just in case” we just might have a shot at true love and not the more likely scenario of ending up on opposing sides in a courtroom to have our lives, emotions and assets ripped apart by the total strangers who are there not out of a personal concern but merely because you have them on retainer.

Prenuptial Agreement

Let me officially pass along a bit of advice that most refuse to acknowledge as they go on living their misguided lives of pain, suffering and confusion…….

You’ll never find true and lasting love as long as you refuse to embrace that higher order that dictates what is protocol to attain the joining of two in a manner that will keep you both together for a lifetime.

But that goes without saying in all aspects of our lives and the sad part is that when we realize it was better to submit to that divine guidance our earthly trip is coming to its twilight years.

But the way today’s relationship process is being carried out it appears that you have to carry not only legal documents to a dinner date but also a lawyer also!

Now while I’m not blaming or demonizing woman for all things gone sour in the modern day dating scene, I can only speak from a man’s point of view when saying what I’m about to say. But the fact of the matter is that both men and women have taken down the sanctity of what was once a noble right of passage that under-girded our society in the strongest of ways.

Why is it that I see so many scheming women who have no scruples who will “jump to the head of the line” to position themselves to receive the fruits of a strange man’s labor by trying their best to get pregnant by him?

Pregnant Graphic

Again, before you start sending me the hate filled text messages, men do it too but I’m speaking from the man’s side of things…….

For real! As a blue collar guy who drives a bus through the working class neighborhoods of Orlando Florida, I see many a friendly female face who knows that if they were to become impregnated by me then they would pretty much get paid for a long time because the child support system would garnish my checks with the quickness in the same manner as that “Baby Mama Jumpoff” would vanish into thin air to seek out another fool of a victim.

I also see so many that care not that I’m taken but see my lifestyle and couldn’t care less that my mistake in judgment would break up a home, cause tears, pain and heartache and would literally wreck the entire worlds of many people to whom they don’t know.

Park Bench Love

But in their mind it’s just fine because THEY have to have an elevated standard of living even if it takes destroying the lives of others to get it.

…….no thank you. I’ll pass.

These types of women are wasting their time going after a life based on an elevated income by any means necessary but are missing out on building a real relationship with someone of their own and will only realize it when they get into the advancing years and by then it will be too late.

These men who are weak enough to fall for the so called charms that have been passed around like the almost stale bread that they give away at the homeless shelters, never think to themselves that their seed has value and should not be sprayed around to these opportunistic women who only see dollar signs in their eyes.

True Love

It’s a cold hard world out here in the world and the ideal of “happily ever after” for many is becoming the impossible dream to say the least and are cashing out to the highest bidder who can line their bank accounts or croak and leave everything to them.

Has it all come down to merely getting pregnant with any ol’ sperm donor just to get a paycheck?

Does a good guy have a chance to find someone who loves them for them and not what their W-2 form states at tax time?

The modern day game of love has nothing to do with the righteous order and how our Creator intended it and the more we ignore that framework is the more we as a society and as a whole will suffer the consequences indefinitely until we come back to our senses!

Ageless Love

So my advice to you is NOT to play the game of love if you truly want happiness with someone until you are old and gray as opposed to being a lonely old soul with a fat bank account and no one to call your own.

Things as they are now won’t appear to be that way down the road, so have a little foresight in all that you do in your younger years because it damn sure affects your quality of life when it counts the most!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Happy Brother Who Has Long Retired From A Very Tired Game,




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