I suppose pre-industrial revolution and pre-internet, gaming was simply either an entertainment or a strategic measurement of your opponent’s train of thoughts, because Chess or Mahjong cannot simply be classified as entertainments. You need to understand the rules of the game, know how to strategize and be able to devise the opponent’s movements. That’s way too much thought processing for an entertainment where you cannot be distracted. And Chess can get so complicated that you need to be trained for years to be able to master the game. We could say the same for playing Poker or Blackjack, because you need to be able to count cards in order to guess what cards the opponent is holding, and you have to strategize and anticipate the opponent’s movements. But when it comes to technology, I cannot call it entertainment or a play of minds because someone is recording how I would play, my strategies and patterns; someone is collecting that data without my permission in order to get me and other people even more captivated by their services. Online Gaming may be a distraction to some, but it is, in reality, the devil’s tool for mass population control.

I supposed that when Atari and Nintendo appeared in the market, the sole purpose was to sell a form of entertainment. That is an acceptable intention coming from the Japanese. However, since the beginning of the 20th century, all radio and television stations are broadcasting at 440 hertz per second. And with the introduction of the internet, all cellphones and cable services are also broadcasting at 440 hertz. Which means your Xbox, PS4, and your phone applications are all broadcasting at the same frequency. And that particular frequency can cause depression, confusion, loss of memory, stress, rage, manic episodes, schizophrenia, nervous breakdowns, physical collapse, brain damage, heart attacks, cancer, while also suppressing spirituality, intuition and creativity in a person (Cross). Therefore, in good conscience, I cannot call online gaming a distraction. It may be for the gamers, but for the provider, they are not only broadcasting at a frequency to control you, but they are also collecting all your personal data, weaponize it to use it to control you even more (VPRO Documentary). I could even go as far as accusing the Collective of ‘allegedly’ triggering gamers to commit mass murder (Fletcher).

Those phone applications that are so entertaining like FarmVille, Candy Crush or Pokémon, and in all of those cases, as you are playing, and sometimes you pay subscriptions forthat, Big Tech / GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) are recording where you regularly walk or drive to; what restaurant or store you go to, and how often you leave your house; what you are saying, and what are your sleep patterns; all that data is being recorded and collected without your knowledge (DW News). And that’s not even the scariest thing about it. The most horrifying thing about this, is that all that information is also available to the government since the Second Patriotic Act, titled “the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act,” enacted in March 2015. All of your personal information is given to the government without your knowledge or your permission. Hence, that is a pricey distraction. People may say that it is for your own safety but having Big Tech / GAFA and the Government all up your business is the same as having a whole bunch of strangers in your home watching you 24/7 while you have not or are not even doing anything wrong.

No, that is completely unacceptable to me. Because last year alone, there has been 610 mass shootings and 21 mass murders in the United States. Currently, they have been 150 mass shootings since January. And you mean to tell me that the U.S. government got all my personal information along with those of forty seven million legal aliens, and 333 millions of American citizens, and you cannot catch one single mass shooter before they even commit the crime (Dillinger)? Oh really? You mean that you are spying from my phone, spying from my game console, spying from my fridge, spying from my WIFI or 5G network, and you have 70 million cameras surveilling all my movements 24/7 across America, but you cannot devise one mass shooter (Ivanova)? No, I want Big Tech and the U.S. or any government miles away from my personal information because it looks as if they are letting those mass tragedies happen. Actually, they are creating those mass murderers by constantly broadcasting a frequency that they clearly know can affect people physically and psychologically.

China has 770 million of cameras surveilling where you walk, what you eat, what you are buying, who do you talk to and where you go. Mainland China has all that personal information, but Chinese Law Enforcement cannot catch one mass stabber? Because here, we have mass shooters, daily it seems now. But over there, in China, they have mass stabbing. No, I say stay away from my private information, or at least pay me for it (The New York Times).

When it comes to Chess, Mahjong or Cards, yes, that is entertaining and risky sometimes when you invest money in it. But every single thing that you do where internet is involved is somewhat collected to be used against you. It is a pervasive population control on steroid.

Let’s forget for a minute the internet and let’s pay attention to people who play the lottery, where they could weekly spend hundreds of dollars and never win anything. Based on the LendEDU analysis, Americans spend $219 on average just in playing the lottery. And according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the United States generated 72 billion dollars of revenue from people playing the lottery (McCarthy).

That is insane! It is so trivial, but it is also just nefarious, because yet again, you are being controlled. If you win a little, then you have hopes of winning more and so, you spend more and more money, as you are enslaved to the devil’s ploy. That’s why you will never find me in a casino or playing the lotto. Both of my hands, both feet and knees are damaged from lifting heavy boxes for years. That money I worked too hard to earn it and to now be spending it in such trivial things. But also, I am tired of following the herd; I am tired of knowing that my life is not completely in my control; I DO NOT want to be a pawn, and that is why I truly value my privacy.


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