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They say that when an event of huge magnitude transpires that you will never forget the circumstances you were in when you heard of the news. Well, although many would say that the passing of Gary Coleman might not qualify as much of a life changing event as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, none the less as far as I am concerned, hearing this sad news stung me surprisingly more than I would have imagined in the worst way!

Well, when I heard this uncomfortable news I was sitting beside my wife in the local Wachovia Bank taking care of some business when I happened to get that “every 15 minute itch” to check on the CNN website on my I-phone.

When I saw the headline that “Gary Coleman Passes Away” I felt the need to inform everyone within earshot of this news! The hard reality sunk in when I didn’t get as much of a response as I thought I would. There were immigrants there whose sole purpose there was to  deposit their weekly earnings and spoke broken English as well as an elderly man who asked me if Gary Coleman was the guy who played baseball  for the New York Yankees! LOL!

It dawned on me that while Gary Coleman was a small piece of my personal  “1980’s” experience, and that I had tons of friends who thought the same, that there were also others who just might not even know or care. And to realize this hurt just a little. You see, I now understand that our stars, our performers, our singers, our dancers, our comedians and our artists are the people who enhance our lives like a good hearty seasoning enhances an already delicious meal. They make our lives more delicious as we invite them into our world through the television, radio or internet.

And Gary Coleman for one, was there when I was snuggled up to my old girlfriend Sharolene Donaldson cracking up on the couch in her living room 30 years ago as well as watching him years later and just as funny with my next girlfriend , Donna Jureidini, eating take home Sushi in my basement.

Oh the memories!

And as time goes on more and more we will begin to realize the importance of our artists as they are indelibly intertwined into the people, the events, the victories, the defeats, the loves gained and lost. Like an old friend who can finish the sentence that you began just as much as you both can laugh just as hard at a joke that you have share between you at least a thousand times but STILL remains funny, Gary Coleman will remain in our hearts forever as we will ALWAYS be reminded of him every time we see a young wise cracking kid who always seems to be on point with a joke!

Thank you and Rest In Peace Mr. Gary Coleman, the toil of celebrity on one’s life can be tremendous, many didn’t understand what you sacrificed in order to bring us a laugh, but maybe now in your absence they will. We love you Brother!

Lance Scurvin


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