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Is Gay Truly The New Black?

So much has been said to compare the fight for the equal rights of of those in the LGBTQ community to the Civil Rights Movement and struggle of Black people in America and the world abroad.

On one side you’ll hear that the comparisons are valid and the parallels are real but on the other side many Blacks feel that to even make this comparison is a hard slap in the face.

You will here many Blacks who oppose this comparison say that their skin and ethnicity cannot be hidden in the same manner that Gays & Lesbians can hide their sexual preferences.

Black people are forced out of the closet with their Blackness at birth and will receive the racist treatment without any choice in the matter from the day that they were born.

Many Gays & Lesbians will point out what they feel are the parallel circumstances of their struggle and how eerily similar they and that their coming out of the closet is irreversible just like one’s Blackness once the word is out about who they are.

Gay Is The New Black

This argument has been whispered by the masses for years and never dealt with head on…….

Is the current comparison of the Gay & Lesbian move to gain equality via the Civil Rights struggle merely the same tactic that White feminists used back in the early 1970’s to simply use the support of Black feminists to reach their goals only to distance themselves from those same Black Sisters who fought so hard only to get snubbed in the end by their White counterparts who benefited?

How come there are so many Black people who are in the LGBTQ community that fight harder for their rights as Gay & Lesbian while ignoring the fight for equality as Blacks?

Do Gay & Lesbian Caucasians return the favor for their LGBTQ Sisters & Brothers of color when it’s time to fight for their rights as Blacks?

Do wealthy Gays & Lesbians feel any connection to the poor disenfranchised Blacks who also identify themselves as being part of that same community?

There are so many questions that need to be answered as well as the multitude of countless questions that need to be asked.

If Gay Is The New Black is the negative stigma of Blackness perpetuated in the media now lifted from Black people or is it a “Double Whammy” to be considered members of both communities?

Is their racism in the Gay & Lesbian community and if so what are the collective actions being done to stop it since so many Blacks fight for their rights as members of the LGBTQ community.

I will say that their IS no comparison when you compare the struggles of the Black community throughout our hundreds of years here on these shores to the mild discomforts of those who happen to have met some resistance to there so called coming out of the closet.

How much of a struggle can it be for a White man or woman in America in the year 2014 to come out of the closet when many of those in power, known and unknown hold the same status in their sexual preferences and racial status?

I just truly believe that the slogan “Gay Is The New Black” was concocted to gain the support of those Gays & Lesbians of Color until they are not needed anymore and thrown to the waste heap after the goals of the Gay agenda have been met.

The other semi-related issue that can actually be an entire program all unto its own is that to paint the official face of Homosexuality as the Black man and woman is to offset the true statistics in America of who is really the leading members of that community without having to stain their wholesome image.

Again, I feel that Blacks are used as tools in this manner with the subconscious conditioning of these featured stories of our Black athletes proclaiming their homosexuality with the side benefit of painting us as being less than men to the world.

So if being Gay is the new Black does this mean the new Black is being Gay?

I want everyone to attend this program and speak openly without restraint about how they feel on this issue and the questions put forth in this writing.

Sensitive individuals and those who want to cry out that we are bashing anyone need not attend, this will be some intelligent dialogue that is expected to get fiery so the faint of heart need not bother with any participation.

Time: Sunday March 9, 2014 @ 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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