How Has The Gay Agenda Skipped To The Head Of The Line Where The Black Holocaust Has Stood Waiting Forever!

There are some things that I just don’t understand.

I’m sitting here watching Good New Days with host John Stossel and he has Chris Cheng as a guest – who happened to be Gay – speaking about how he was so glad that the NRA didn’t view him any different than any other member in attendance during the History Channel’s Top Shot competition.

Chris Cheng Top Shot Gay

While I admit that I was channel surfing and didn’t catch the entire segment, what remained of the program pretty much stirred me slightly not in an angry manner, but in one of shock after something dawned on me about Blacks and Gays in America.

Chris and John spoke about how 17 years ago Ellen Degeneres was treated as though she had the plaque after she came out of the closet on television.

Sponsors dropped her like a hot potato and she was somewhat unofficially banished from finding work until years later being accepted and well embraced by those same sponsors who turned their back on her as the offers for work flooded in with a frightening rush.

Chris and John shared their thoughts on how fast times have changed for gays and how they’re embraced much more so than those ancient days of the nineties.

What a joyous moment they shared.

Ellen Degeneres Gay

But my ever present perplexed dilemma came when I thought about the masses of Black people here in America and abroad still have not arrived even though their struggle here was very much a real thing long before anyone could ever think about telling the world that they are Gay and feeling the need to tell us all who they sleep with.

I’m not bashing anyone, I am simply looking for some answers.

I mean, who jumped the Gay Agenda to the head of the very same line that the Black Holocaust has been standing in literally for centuries?

Don’t get scared on me now, because I know how speaking about these topics scares some of you “piece of the pie” craving Negroes who literally tremble at the thought of upsetting the power structure that you want to be a part of so badly in order to get the trinkets that are the rewards for leaving your Blackness at the door.

But this is a conversation that we need to have because we are perceived as troublemakers for voicing the concerns for the disenfranchisement of an entire people based entirely on race.


The magnitude of our struggle as Black people has been pushed to the wayside for a cause that has tried to piggy back on us in comparing both “struggles.”

Yet, will many of those Gays who now celebrate their new found freedoms reach back to even fight for the rights of those Blacks to whom they’ve claimed to identify with in their perceived parallels in two struggles that are not similar at all in any way shape or form?

I think not as I now see an arrogance overall in many in the Gay community that leads me to think that they want distance from us when once they used us as a shield and a cover to reach that lofty place that they occupy in American society today after enjoying our blind unconditional support that helped to get them there.

Isn’t that something?

I’m noticing a pattern here with us as a people.

We will take in and embrace just about anyone to nurse them to full strength before getting dumped and forgotten as though we never made a contribution to their cause.

Black Nanny Gay Agenda

We need to go back to that time when we thought as a collective even though we are all not the same in every aspect of our politics, religious beliefs or personal aspirations.

But we are being sliced and diced and diluted in our fight because the American Blacks have been turned in against those from the Caribbean.

The Older generation is not respected by the younger folks who need our wisdom and guidance.

Northerners are distanced from Southerners.

The rich of us turn their nose up when in the presence of the downtrodden.

So why have Gays moved to that place of acceptance while we as Blacks have marched, protested, boycotted, lost our lives as well as suffering beyond measure without any of the same astounding results that have come to the Gay community in a fraction of the time?

Well, for the most part, Blacks do not presently have the unity or overall sense of purpose that the Gay community has exhibited in their rise to their present level of acceptance. We used to have it in abundance but it is nowhere in sight the way it used to be.


While we have bickered, argued amongst each other and amplified our differences as well as the crab in the barrel mentality, the Gay community slipped past us with phenomenal speed to the head of the line of “progress” while we still seem to not have a clue.

Will we ever learn?

I couldn’t tell you the answer to that question because we really have some deeply rooted issues and don’t even realize how badly corroded it is.

To first deal with correcting a problem you first have to acknowledge that it exists.

Many Blacks feed in to the illusion that we have arrived because of the highly visible progress of the few, while the majority of the masses are in worse shape than ever when you truly understand the sad statistics of how low we’ve regressed.

We’ve got to get past our differences and bring about a unity that causes anyone who desires to deny us our rights a fear in the same manner that comes when a high profile individual holds back from speaking negatively about Jews or Gays.

Jewish Gay Pride Flag

When you speak about them there is a price to pay.

With us, anyone can just about get away with it with a mere slap on the wrist without facing the full consequences of their transgression.

So the question is, when are we going to finally think beyond our lives to work hard to create a better world for us where we either gain the respect or the fear of the rest of the human family who pretty much give us the side eye before ever taking us seriously as a people?

To be honest it seems to me that respect doesn’t seem to have the power that fear can abundantly bring.

The answer is up to us – but let me tell you – time is running out as the rates of incarceration, joblessness, homelessness, disease, poor health, crime, drug addiction and senseless killings will continue to overtake the level of positive efforts that we don’t see enough of.

SaggingPants Gay

So even though it’s a bitter pill to swallow to realize that we haven’t moved up as far as others who possess that special unity, it would be smart to take a page out of their book that let them put their differences aside so that the bigger agenda can move forward to bring progress to all and the power to maintain it.

With well over a trillion dollars that we have as Black Americans every year in our pockets to spend, it is clear that it’s not a money issue that is our problem but the issue of seeing ourselves as one.

Maybe then we too can move to the head of the line of freedom.

I sure hope so.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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