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Today in a private conversation that we agreed to go public with, we spoke on the Covert Gentrification Techniques that are utilized across the country and especially here in what many believe is the so called “Family Friendly” City Of Orlando.

Family Friendly? Well with the right complexion and tax bracket of course you just might believe that the 407 is Heaven on Earth. But if you happen to be poor and Black, this place will feel far from anything less than a pure hell!

While countless billions flow through Orange County on a yearly basis through the tourist and hospitality industry, homeless programs are underfunded coming up short in dealing with the homeless epidemic that is usually brushed under the rug and ignored.

Also, the working class Black neighborhoods targeted for Gentrification are collectively the victim of smear campaigns making it appear to be an out of control crime ridden “Wild Wild West” where one’s life is in danger with every passing moment.

Drugs flow no more than in any other affluent part of town but the infractions reported in the so called “hoods are broadcast for the world to see to show Black people as decadent drug fiends while the affluent use those same very drugs safely behind the high walls and secured gates of their well protected secret sanctuaries.

This segment may upset many who are living a dream-like existence far out of touch from reality, but those who know the truth can only agree that the highly profitable Gentrification machine continues to steamroll the United States with the Parramore neighborhood being its latest victim!

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