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America’s problem child George Zimmerman, who was the poster boy and living manifestation for many of Amerikkka’s true feelings toward Black people, got in trouble once again recently revealing to many that their hero was nothing more than a big fat letdown!

George Zimmerman had showed himself to be nothing more than an unstable hothead with anger management issues wrapped in an obvious avalanche of insecurity with a dash of a short man’s complex.

Whew! And THAT was just the beginning!

But let’s not forget how George Zimmerman signed autographs by the hundreds and appeared at gun shows for crying out loud!

He didn’t sign those autographs and take selfies with imaginary people, these individuals are real and truly believed that George Zimmerman was the hero that they’ve been looking for that had the balls to slay the big Black Thug Bogeyman that has terrorized the subconscious mind of that forever desired perfect White Suburbia paradise.

Like Freddy Kruger menaced those in their dreams on the Nightmare On Elm Street, the omnipotent threat of the savage angry predatory Black beast of a monster had to be dealt with and their hero George Zimmerman stepped up to the plate to do what was in the dreams of many for a very long time.

With the imagery of Fox News running through a mentality influenced by the Fox News propaganda machine and idiotic O’Reilly inspired anecdotes, that particular faction of the population who applauded Zimmerman’s beast-like blood-lust must have felt that they will now see the arrival of that ever elusive promised land that had begun to fade away with the darkening of all things American.

Happy days are here again?

…….as long as a George Zimmerman moved about the face of the earth freely after beheading the beast.

Ding dong the wicked with is dead!!!!

George Zimmerman became the modern day John Wayne that killed the Indians in the push toward the wild wild west!

George Zimmerman became the same Captain America that was the moral backbone of those who feared Hitler and the enemies abroad.

While all heroes are flawed in some manner upon closer observation, I’m willing to bet that many who threw their support blindly to this lowlife never knew that they would be so shamed that they had to go into hiding.

Zimmerman Graphic

So now that the masses have no choice to admit to themselves that their hero is a certified space cadet guaranteed to self destruct in the not too distant future, how do they feel now and where ARE they now?

Don’t hide now. George Zimmerman was your man. He spoke for you and you backed him with the countless blank checks of moral character to conduct his buffoonery.

Now your boy has been arrested again and all I ask is where are all of his arrogant supporters now?


I thought so.

…….because the keyboard terrorists, message board bullies and Fox News propaganda die-hard’s have been painfully silent with every George Zimmerman arrest and I wonder why?(LOL)

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Peace, Love & Righteous Revolution Always,

Your Fiery Outspoken Brother,



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