George Zimmerman Is Selling Gun Used To Kill Trayvon Martin! – The LanceScurv Show

George Zimmerman’s antics show once again that  this is BEYOND a wake up call for Blacks in Amerikkka!

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Luther Beckett
Luther Beckett
May 13, 2016 4:53 AM

Lance… I’ve been following you for some time. I’m a 53 year old white dude and I can’t disagree with you at all. You’re positive and motivating, but today’s short piece was a tough moment. I share in your disgust, outrage. Is there an appropriate word?

I moved to Europe because I’m someone who can’t cut it in the AmeriKKKan system. I never played the game well. I didn’t submit, and the system kicked me out. Really, it came to me leaving or being locked up and drugged up. I got the hell out.

I remember clearly when Trayvon was shot. My heart went the right way on that without question or a nanosecond of delay. But I’m not someone who does so good in the game. I don’t know how these folks wire themselves to live so dishonestly. At the same time, I can say with confidence that my white skin gave me opportunities and escapes from sticky situations over my life. AmeriKKKa is clearly an apartheid state. It’s a warzone that is more psyopp than actual hands-on violence and the hands-on is out of control.

I tell people here that AmeriKKKa was built on stolen land with stolen labor and it hasn’t gotten any better. I don’t see it as a legitimate country. The foundation is theft and genocide. The only things good from it were the more rebellious elements at times. Our best cultural elements that the world loves are music, fashion, and film.

It seems a large part of our well-spring of talent started in New Orleans after the civil war. Did you know that some early jazz musicians honed their craft on discarded confederate soldier instruments? That’s the America I still have affection for. Taking something ugly and making it shine. People tried over the history of America, but it’s still a horror story. Now we can take a murder weapon and somehow make it worse. AmeriKKKa is regressing.I really did not think it could get worse. Apparently it’s swirling the bowl.

You keep a level head and articulate things well. Self-determination is key. You hit the nail on the head. I hear this theme in your talks.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Best wishes from Budapest.


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