The George Zimmerman Toy Cop Mentality Is Alive & Well In 2014!

George Zimmerman was spotted two days ago at Pompano Pat’s Motorcycles and the rumor was spread that he was working there as a security guard after an incident where approximately $5,000 worth of rifles were stolen previously from the establishment.

Pompano Pat’s sells mainly motorcycles, guns and ammunition.

It was a rumor as far as the store hiring him in the capacity of a security guard but it wasn’t a lie that he was there by his own admission in that capacity.

George Zimmerman is most definitely a friend of the owner of the store but elected himself to “be on post” to look over the store for his friend.

Pompano Pat's - Zimmerman

Talk about a gung ho John Wayne “I’m in charge here” mentality!

Could you imagine if a young Black hooded male simply took a leak nearby or on the premises in passing as George Zimmerman was “on patrol” there that night?

I mean, why doesn’t he go and sit his little Napolean Complex having ass down somewhere because he is seriously an tragedy just waiting to happen all over again.

But the owner, Pat Johnson, quickly told Local 6 News that he had nothing to do with his friend George Zimmerman’s decision to show up and guard his shop.

“I didn’t OK it. I didn’t know about it. I didn’t authorize it. I didn’t pay for it,”

“He had just watched Facebook and the news and just took it upon himself to come up here and sit.”

“I sent him a text message telling him not to come back to the store anymore,”

George Zimmerman Patrollling Gun Shop

It all started when the police saw Zimmerman parked up in the back of the store after midnight and decided to investigate.

One of the officers said that Zimmerman said that “he was sitting behind the business with the permission of the owner” but wasn’t officially hired by him but merely a friend of his.

Interesting enough isn’t it?

I mean, this clown seems as though he wants to put himself in a position to get caught up in another bad situation again.

But the “I’m in charge here” mentality is alive and well not only in Central Florida, but all over the United States and will most definitely cause something to happen that is highly avoidable.

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But those who feel as though they are the designated people in charge are not usually Black.

This is something that we have to deal with as Black people in this society no matter where we go.

We have to deal with being scrutinized by people who are not even in the official capacity to do so simply because they feel that their skin entitles them to the position of dominance where you must be held accountable to them “just because.”

But on the flip side there are many Blacks who assume that someone is over them officially for the same exact reason that the entitle factions feel.

It’s a different side of the same twisted coin.

Pompano Pat - Zimmerman

…….and this is the problem with the unwritten rule and hierarchy in American Society, the dominant population claims that we have moved past discrimination and stereotypes yet the minorities feel the weight of the hypocrisy that shines out brighter than it ever did in the pre-civil rights era.

Will we ever see things as the way they really are or will we co-exist seeing the same thing as though it’s two completely different realities.

Many will ask why am I bringing the racial aspect into this latest episode of the George Zimmerman traveling circus of tragedy?

Well, when I heard of this incident, like anyone else I tried to see myself in it…….meaning that I imagined how it would really turn out if it were me sitting behind the gun shop after midnight doing an unofficial favor for a friend’s place of business.

Would the cops even believe that a Black man would be doing something so noble for a friend when most of them feel as though we are guilty of something even without a cause for suspicion?

And if I were discovered sitting there in solitude in the middle of the night would the cops have been so polite or would they call for backup after drawing their guns until they arrived?

This is the reason why so many Black men think this way because it is a reality that we have no choice but to live every single day of our lives here in America.

Police - Black Men - Zimmerman

We read every expression when amongst those who might possibly think in this manner at the time when they might have the legal authority over us. We watch every type of body language that might lead us to believe that they feel that we are a threat and therefore might give them a reason to escalate any aggressions toward us based on their twisted perceptions.

It’s a hell of a way to live and I believe that aside from our usual poor diets that this is a major contributor to our early deaths from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Our reality has been built on the crooked foundation of the racist mentality possessed by our bosses, co-workers, cops and neighbors. We have developed an almost psychic ability to stay ahead of the game of cat and mouse and out think the racist mind before it decides to rear its ugly head toward our personal space.

What makes it worse is that these types of self righteous toy cops or shopping mall police stick together and are co-delusional when the threat of the Black Bogeyman looms near.

Once one of them decides that you as a Black man is up to no good, then he/she will tip the others off to let them know that you should be watched until they discover what it is that you are doing that’s wrong.

The funny thing in most cases the targeted individual is not doing anything wrong but because the delusional racist can’t face that his hunch is imaginary, he/she must create something that you did that was wrong so that they can move ahead with being the judge and jury in your manufactured demise.

So could you imagine being alive during the pre-civil rights era and even during the civil rights era when tempers flew without restraint toward us and they would administer what they felt was justice on the spot?

Orlando Florida Civil Rights Movement - Zimmerman

Imagine the faceless Trayvon Martin’s whose numbers would boggle the mind if we really knew how many were senselessly killed because of the people who thought like George Zimmerman and even Pompano Pat?

Yes! I’m bringing him into this because he was the man who actually gifted George Zimmerman with a gun after the Trayvon Martin trial was completed.

That’s a heck of a statement to make to the world about how you felt deep down about a situation where a child lost his life.

So to say that he was in total agreement with the actions of George Zimmerman is a massive understatement I guess then huh?

Well trust me, in the secret society of Toy Cops I guess that made him the top dog and all of the Tea Party crew will patronize his establishment until the end of time to never allow it to fall under.

This my friend is what we’re up against and there is no visible means of discerning who thinks like this except to stay tuned in to that God given instinct that HE gifted us with to keep us a step ahead of those who despise us because of the high melanin content of our skin.

So while most will fall for the trap of focusing on the George Zimmerman’s of the world, understand that the reason why he and so many faceless others who think like him eat well is because they are backed by those who have the money to support them as operate under the cloak of anonymity as the cops, the judges, the corrections officers, the lawyers and the politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouths while they make a massive profit from the death, capture and incarceration of us!

George Zimmerman

That’s what it all comes down to.

Them or us!

Stop supporting anything and everything that is diametrically opposed to the complete life that your God desired for you.

Detoxify yourself from the poisons that they give us freely to destroy and profit from us and share the enlightenment with those who are hungry to absorb it. I want nothing to do with anything of their world and am becoming more free with each passing day.

This is why I am able to see the George Zimmerman’s of the world long before they know who I really am to be able to launch an attack.

Stay on point, we are always in the cross-threads of their deadly rifle scope.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,




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