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Geraldo Rivera is a chameleon of the worst kind!

When he was an up and coming media personality who hosted his own show approximately twenty years ago, he portrayed an image that exuded the feeling that he cared for all people regardless of their race, color or creed.

But over the passage of time he seemed to have to make a decision of who he would truly be and in his present manifestation it is clear that he has decided to play to a mentality that is out of touch with reality in the form of a Fox News personality.

If the truth be told, Fox News does not like Black people and plays to its listeners who also feel the same way in a veiled manner that will never own up to the double sided slander that they’ve built an entire network around by doing.


Geraldo Rivera – in this latest episode of the plastic out of touch Fox News attempt at being relevant – attempted to deflect the importance of the “I Can’t Breath” Eric Garner world wide protests by saying that Miami Heat NBA Basketball Player Lebron James, instead of wearing an “I Can’t Breath” t-shirt should instead be wearing a “Be A Better Father” t-shirt to address the absentee Black Fathers that are not living up to their positions to their children.

While the issue of absentee Fathers are a truth in the Black Community, I feel that for to Geraldo Rivera to say something like this at a time when a true solidarity is manifesting world wide between people of all ages, races and backgrounds to protest the Police killings and abuse of Black men and women was a cheap ploy to distract the masses of what is happening that in essence is striking fear in the Mainstream Media outlets such as Fox News!

They don’t like the fact that all of their hard work to demonize Black people hasn’t successfully worked due to the fact that the protests have now gone beyond the borders to other countries that would have NEVER known about it if not for Social Media.


So by pointing out an ongoing issue that definitely needs working on was simply a way of attempting to pull the imagery of Black men back into the dark ages of time when the mainstream wanted to believe that we were all pleasure seeking hedonistic creatures who only thought about their next sexual conquest before moving on to the next one without even as much as a second thought.

But if are truly that then why didn’t Geraldo Rivera tell the whole ENTIRE story why Black men were coerced into being just this way for several hundred years in order to produce more slaves for their slave-masters?

You see, Geraldo Rivera seemed to forget that part!

Listen to this intense rant by LanceScurv as well as the words of wisdom shared by Madamwhipass in this “IN YOUR FACE” conversation that absolutely pulls NO punches and even throws a few hard kicks with deadly intentions to the teeth in there to boot!

Please feel free to share your opinions on this rant whether you agree with it or not in the comment area below! Enjoy it, share it and God bless!

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  • abasi charles says:

    LanceThe term is SamboUncle Tom didnt turn in the escape slaves in the bookSambo was on the other side until Uncle Tom was beaten to death

  • abasi charles says:

    People like to pick and choose things to say about blacksbut they dont like to tell the entire did we get to this point

  • Sassy Sauce says:

    Good talk brother Lance!

  • LanceScurv says:
  • cmr r says:

    That was a bigot comment.

  • cmr r says:

    Really Lance what he said was a blanket statement that is wrong and Uncalled for. First why would he say about a whole race. Really I am black and graduated from college was a Sgt in the army. I did all of that with a group of people a dad a grandmother a grandfather a mom. I had it all and shit still was tough because I was not the Kennedy s or shit lack of a better word white. MY parents were not rich actually non of them but what I had was a I am not going to fell attitude.

  • Jack Gully says:

    wow. Fireblood mode. Benjamin roaring

  • LanceScurv says:
  • >