Get Your Head Right!

Get your mind out of the gutter ’cause I’m not talking about getting better oral sex sessions, what I am talking about is getting your mind right for life, a REAL life and not that pretend crap that so many are wasting their years on!

I’m so tired of being around the posturers that front like they have something going on but are too afraid to put in the work required to really make something of themselves.

Malcolm X Pointing

You can’t be afraid to make your dreams come true! Time is just too short and there really isn’t enough of it. Worse than that, you don’t even know when your day is coming so you have really got to make the most of the time that you have NOW but you can’t do it unless your mind is right!

When you get your mind right, you have already given up certain people in your life who only helped to slow you down like a slow ass car in front of you driving in the fast lane.

Muhammad Ali Punching

If these people want to stay in the funk that they are comfortable in, then let them be. You don’t have to stay ANYWHERE where you don’t think you will thrive if you don’t want to. You have to realize that there are no ties or bonds between you and your do-nothing deadweights. Not that there is anything is wrong with them because everyone has the right to live the way that they want to but no one has the right to smother YOUR dreams!

That being said, you can’t get your mind right when you go through the same old rhythms that kept you suspended in that place of stagnation in the first place.

So you are going to have to go to different places, absorb different energies and have different experiences in order to manifest those dormant seeds from within you that would never have seen the light of day if you stayed in the same old leeched soil.

So in getting your mind right you have to embrace the fact that you are a vast multifaceted entity that’s not working with a lot of time even if you did everything right.

Again, life is short and you have to believe in yourself more than anyone in the world and never think once that you have to depend on anyone believing in you! How can you expect someone who doesn’t even believe in themselves to believe in you? Case closed.

So there will be an extreme level of separation from those to whom you have to stay connected to such as a spouse, coworkers and family members but in your unique manner of thinking only, you can’t just turn away those that you love but at the same time you can’t dumb down your level of intensity and awareness in knowing what it is that you want out of life because they don’t.

Gabby Douglas In Flight

True go-getters in this world are always prepared to go after their dreams alone if necessary, you have to be willing to let go of all allegiances and alliances. Your past ties and connections you must be willing to leave at a moments notice. Now I do not mean that you are to neglect your loved ones and inner circle, but you connection to old neighborhoods and haunts, unfulfilled dreams and old crushes must be banished forever. These are the mental/emotional “hooks” that can pull you back into the mindset of complacency.

You must realize that every single day that God blesses you with is the start of an entire new chapter of your life and a new road to travel. Why do we take these new blessings and go down the same roads and miss the opportunities that are gifted to us and throw them to the wolves?

You have to know that you can lose your positioning just as fast as you were afforded it, so when you are in that lane you must seize the opportunity that it affords because you don’t know if the planets will ever line up like that ever again. Never lose ground in any situation when it comes to you making your mark in this world with your legacy. Trust me, I live by these words and wished I did a half a lifetime ago so this is why I am speaking this way today because maybe someone younger will get something out of these words.

Chess Master Justus Williams

But you must never falter one iota when in pursuit of your legacy because your mind is where it’s at, your thoughts must remain focused on the goals at hand and never have them waver!

…….and the last point I want to make in this blog is that you need to stop trying to outdo being someone else other than being the best “you” that you can possibly be! Everyone can be the best at something so you can’t be down on yourself if you don’t master someone else’s field of excellence. As a matter of fact you are destined to be a failure if you DON’T maintain being yourself , keep this in mine as you fail being someone else but remember how easy it is to be yourself.

Sleep on that!

Get your HEAD right!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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