Ghana has now been the focus of a conversation that has been going on in nearly every major city on the planet and Brother Kamau is here to tell you that it’s not a good thing for the survival of the Black family at all! What might that conversation be you may ask? Well recently some photographs surface showing what appeared to be a Gay Pride Parade somewhere in the Motherland of all places.

To be honest for most people this would be the absolute LAST place on earth that you would expect to see such a thing and for many it signals the beginning of the end for the Black Family because nothing good can come out of a practice that does “zilch” to build our Black community like the emasculation of the Black man across the planet.

Brother Kamau breaks it down excellently and we must refuse to let this cancer spread into the minds of our youth as they are the ones being targeted and told that this is a choice that they can look into as they get older when their hormones hit. The last time I checked school was a place that children and young – and older -adults learned important skills to easily surmount life’s challenges and to elevate their existence as they moved along in their lives.

I guess not.

Maybe I’m simply too old school of a guy to understand what is the allure of a man playing in the dodo of the next man as absolutely no life ever came out of the asshole of another!

Please leave your uncensored comments below and let’s get to the bottom of what is obviously the Gay Agenda and it’s commitment to destroying the natural order of life! Thank you for spending your precious time here with us! Peace.

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