After listening to this and any of our dear Sister Meeko’s discussions you will have to agree that she has definitely missed her calling as a world renowned stand up comedian. But to relish in her comedic skills is just the tip of the iceberg as she displays an ability to see deep into human nature and call it like it is with 100% accuracy.

No mere comedian has such depth and once your laughs subside you will find yourself marvelling at her “right on point” assessment of a situation that a paid professional in the mental health field could never touch.That leads into the topic of this episode about ghetto people doing ghetto things.

Black people have had to endure the most trauma that any other people in recorded history has ever had to endure and with that comes a level of dysfunction that makes many of us appear to be clowns, coons and modern day minstrel men and women that the world finds amusing to their delight. But we are this way for a reason but now that we have so much knowledge being spread about who we really are there are no more excuses to stay in that toxic place. Sister Meeko smashes down the barriers and excuses that many of us use to stay in the place of dysfunction but she “ain’t” having it!

Please share your perspectives in the comment area below on what Sister Meeko had to say and let’s keep the conversation going! Enjoy!

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