The Gift That Can Never Be Taken Away!

In the present day it seems to me that we don’t have an overall appreciation for the divine gifts that have been granted us.

Our minds have been somehow hijacked in a major way to dream about the carnal rewards that we desire but might never possess in this life.

We already have so much to be thankful for but we just don’t realize it in many cases until it’s too late.

Let’s take this very moment for example, most of us have good health and if you are reading these words and don’t, you at least still have some faculties available to complete the task and that in itself is still a blessing.

Good Health

But for the most part we have our health, we can eat, we’re breathing. We are in our right minds and have the ability to reason. We may not be rich in a monetary sense, but most of us are wealthy in many ways and don’t even seem to realize it.

We never seem to be happy with what we have even though others would execute great efforts and sacrifices just to be in our positions.

The vehicle that we drive is not good enough even though it operates perfectly and gets us to where we are going just fine.

We don’t feel right until we purchase that expensive new luxury vehicle that would be the talk of the town and the envy of the neighborhood.

2013 Detroit Car Show2013 Detroit Car Show

We have loyal dedicated and committed mates that would do anything to make us happy and have given us years of a happiness.

Their dedication to us for some reason doesn’t seem to be enough, because your wandering eye can’t seem to cease ogling the well developed alluring adornments of those seductive entities whose very presence tempts you at every step.

You have it all at home yet you seem to want to “taste” every offering that crosses your path in a promiscuous insatiable manner.

We thirst for power in man’s social structure while at the sane time not realizing how fleeting and frivolous it is to seek something so fragile.

Seeking eternal life in God’s kingdom at the same time never crosses the minds of most until it’s too late. Many have lost that internal compass of righteousness that they’ve refused to use anymore because the carnal guidance of this world appeals to the lower desires that we really wish not to part with.

The simple pleasures in this life that exist in abundance we just never seem to see are so fulfilling beyond measure.

As I get older I relish the thought of spending time in nature for hours and weeks on end because that is a place where I can hear God’s voice so much easier because I’m away from the distractions of this crazy world.

Spending Time In Nature

What was so important to me before at one time in my life means literally nothing to me now.
Many who’ve know me growing up assume that I’m the same inside but little do they know that I’m completely the opposite.

I truly do not desire the poisonous “gifts” of this world because they don’t compare to that beautiful sunset or rainbow that you happen to experience by chance letting you know that there is a God over all things.

Most never appreciate the wonderful manner in which they were created yet they bow down to the thought of owning the next Smartphone as though it is more of a magnificent creation than the wonderful bodies that we’ve been gifted!

Our sense of appreciation is all screwed up and this world has become a major distraction in keeping us from enjoying to true gifts of this world that are given to everyone freely if only we submit to divine order.

The fruits of the spirit can never have a monetary price tag placed on them and no matter how powerful a system that you feel that man’s order is, he can never give them to you or has the power to take them away.

Checking Price Tags

Peace of mind and the immeasurable joy that God offers can never be taken away as long as you maintain your connection to Him.

So if you find yourself going crazy over the newest gadget or have your esteem tied up in all things worldly, then you might need to check your heart because once you’ve tasted God’s joy NOTHING ELSE could ever compare!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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