Gluttony: The Leech Of a Spirit That Usurps All Joy! – The LanceScurv Show

The amount of Gluttony that we indulge in is at epidemic levels and I never knew how far gone we were as a people until I spent several moments with a friend who works at a local well known major wholesale outlet.

We often believe that we only see the ugliness of humankind in the places where we most expect it like a prison, or the ghetto and any other place where the survival first mentality is the priority just to live until the next day.

But what I found out on this early holiday afternoon amongst such dignified looking people – who appeared to be present only to shop for what they may have needed – was that they were some of the most evil and gluttonous people over and above anything that I’ve ever seen before!

Listen in on what I not only experienced, but what I’ve learned about human nature even when those who execute such lowdown characteristics appear to be the best that society has to offer while simply being a Trojan horse full of all kinds of spiritually wicked entities such as that which is called Gluttony!

Gluttony Graphic

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