God Always Delivers On Time – But Will You Hear The Knock?

After a weekend of intense spiritual warfare, I am convinced that there is a HUGE blessing that is to be delivered to me by express delivery any day now.

Understand that the negative forces of this world only come at you hard when they know that a breakthrough is just around the corner from you. The closer the gift gets to where you stand is the harder that the negative entities will rip at your flesh and attempt to kill your spirit in every way imaginable.

So never forget that when your situation seems to be at its worse, that is the time that you scream out in victory because the darkest part of the night is just before dawn!

There are times when you will be under attack so hard that even the most simple tasks seems as though it is a mountain to be surmounted. Sometimes to get yourself together merely to get out of the house can seem challenging when under a spiritual attack.

The burden and weight on your mind will be an invisible obstacle that others will not understand and will deem you crazy because of that thing for which they cannot see. This in fact compounds the stress of being trapped in the fight with the negative side of the spirit world because many will begin to doubt their own sanity, their own sense of what is reality and what is imagination.

Again, this is the time to hold firmly to what you know as gospel and never allow the enemy to permeate your thinking to this degree. Because as your mind goes, so do you.

You have to trust that your victory is close even when everything in your world points to the “fact” that it’s just not there! So many people will quote the Holy scriptures when things are fine but many of those who do are the first to abandon everything in their so called faith and believe the naysayers who don’t even claim to be connected to a higher source. They really don’t realize that God doesn’t merely HAVE power, GOD IS POWER!

If you can remember that then you will never falter even when as a human being you feel weakened. You must keep that channel open to your God and He will always lead you to your blessing.

I’ve said this before and I want to share it again – Just because you only see the storm cloud doesn’t mean that the sun doesn’t exist, just toil on in the promise of your Heavenly Father and the time will soon come when the clouds are removed to reveal a sun that shines bright in the promise of that better day that has arrived.

I had a serious weekend of rapid fire never ending relentless attacks on my mind and spirit yet at this very moment am rejoicing for the gift that I had received in abundance but thought was lost forevermore.

The devil is a liar and my new found happiness is proof positive of that! Always hold on to divine truth and the poisonous vapors of doubt and fear will NEVER intoxicate you with the overwhelming feeling of defeat and make you believe that your gift is not on its way in your life!

God ALWAYS delivers, it is up to us to be “there” in our spirits so that we can receive His present when he knocks on the door of our connection to Him.

To listen to and believe in the lies of the enemy is to not hear the knocks of our God when He tries to give us our gift.

How sad it is that too many of us have missed hearing that all important knock because we were more concerned on hearing the lie of our enemy!

Don’t be that person…….

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