God Never Puts Anything More On You Than You’re Equipped To Handle Unless You Add To It By Your Poor Choices!

Just the other day I happened to be involved in a very enlightening conversation with a very good friend of mine, one of those “special” conversations that gets you so “hyped up” and motivated to accomplish great things……..and one of the things that I remember him saying was that in most cases, discomfort is usually brought into our lives by our own doing.

REPEAT: He said in most cases….at first I had to think about it because there will be things that happen to us that are unfortunate and also very much out of our control, but what percentage of events could have been avoided if we had made the proper choices?

He did have a point there.

So I began to backtrack on my own life as he spoke, using it as a template against his theory and I had to say in my case he was right on point. Many times we tend to want to shift the blame to others but if you can really get down to it and face the music, we have brought it on ourselves. It’s a hard pill to swallow but a necessary one to ingest if we are to go through the process of growth.

By not facing our inner issues, we actually retard our own growth!

So no matter how hard we try to “appear” that things are fine and dandy, unless we clean house and all of the things that we have “swept under the rug,” we will NEVER get it right! Walk the straight and narrow and do not invite any more hardship into your life (through poor choices) than is necessary!

And to all of those who are experiencing trials and tribulations that are beyond your control ( death, rape, abuse, accidents etc.etc.), know that God never allows any more on you than you can handle…and that every problem has a solution, you just may not know the answer as of yet but there IS one coming and usually faster than you think!

Like the man in the photo above, just hold on…….

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February 11, 2012 5:52 PM

There have been several people that have told me the phrase "He will never put more on you…" and when I hear it or see it I want to punch that person. I want to tell them to carry a baby for 9 months just to have him die 3 days before the due date (Elijah's due date was 12/25/11). For me it’s not a matter of handling this. And why would anyone even think or say He(God) will never put more on you than you can handle or bear?! It’s not about that in this case and losing a child is way different from someone crashing into and totaling my car, losing my house to a fire, or finding out I have a tumor. I’m sure they wont want to trade places with me. I’m sure they wont want their child to die. I’m sure they wont want to make arrangements for the memorial. I’m sure they wont want to bury their child. And then live with this pain for the rest of their lives. And even though I am slowly making it day by day this is not something I want to handle and can honestly say that He(God) needs to stop with the tests/trials/tribulations. If being molested and raped by my father, having 4 miscarriages, being involved in an accident where my car was totaled and not an hour later finding out my apartment was on fire, finding out I have a tumor in my parotid (saliva) gland, having to have surgery on both my feet, ex husband who cheated on me with a chaplain assistant, divorce in which I attempted to kill myself and almost succeed isnt enough He(God) has to add this. What test is he going to add next?!? I think I started to turn away from Him after the divorce because who would allow stuff like this to happen to someone they love…I have tried to keep my faith but I am no longer strong anymore nor do I want to be.And it's harder to now. My 9 year old son will no doubt suffer as I slip in and out of depression and this now zombie life I am living in. I know life wasn’t supposed to be a bed of roses but I never thought it would be a bed of nails. And the bad thing about it is I now have to "move on" and go through life to support myself though I have days I dont want to get out of bed or do anything. There is no help, just the rudimentary "call this number or visit this and that website." Not at all helpful and the one I used to turn to when things were too hard to bear just keeps putting all this on me and I have no one to turn to now. He is not here with me.

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