God’s Protection Through Your Obedience To Him Is The ULTIMATE Firearm!

I remember when my Mother used to speak with her friends when they would come over after church, I would love to stay up in my room for hours drawing and listening to the wisdom that they shared with me without even knowing that I was absorbing it like a hungry child suckling from their mothers breast.

This constant saturation into the mindset of spirituality laid a base from which I viewed the world around me, it actually wasn’t the church services that I attended, not to say that they didn’t have any value to my development, they did, but the hands on real nitty gritty nuts and bolts knowledge that I gained from eavesdropping in on their nutritionally “rich for the soul” conversations did more for me than “living in the church” may have done for others.

My mother always told me that I had the ability to discern the spirits of those around me, later on in life I found this to be true. At times it would seem as though I could just look at you and “know” what your intentions are toward me. I wouldn’t know exactly all the time what they were because I had to be spiritually “tuned up” within myself, but  pretty much after spending some time around an entity that I didn’t know personally, I would catch their rhythms and be enabled to proactively thwart their preplanned negativity or allow their good intentions to flow into my life.

In this life I have found myself sometimes in a few pretty foolish situations that did not reflect the centered, wise and intelligent person that many felt me to be. When you are living in this world with so many invisible forces vying for your precious energy, it is very easy to make one misjudgment and slip down a cavern that seems to be a bottomless h*** of punishment for those mistakes executed.

After always seeming to land on my feet, finally I realized that it wasn’t because of any ability that I possessed or any amount of strength that could muster that got me out of certain situations but the force of the Creator had a purpose for my life energies that others just couldn’t walk on in like an open buffet and usurp!

After understanding that my life really isn’t just my own, I began to reflect deeper on what my purpose was and move toward it. Many in my life who were within earshot to hear what my aspirations were doubting my plans and began to ridicule the lane that I created for myself online with my expressions. But this was a beautiful time that continues right up until this day, because I am constantly honing my skills and demanding a higher level of productivity out of myself, knowing that I have someone higher behind me to back my efforts up!

Others will not understand, because they will never believe in something that is unseen to them as most only go by what IS seen to the eye in the natural world. They miss so much of what this life is all about because they walk only in the physical plane. They will not see what you see, they will not know what you “just know”, they have spent the years in the church and feel that they have accumulated some kind of holiness that comes from “punching” an imaginary church clock for the Lord so in their “churchified” mind you can’t be blessed with certain gifts that may surpass their positioning just walking in the door out of the street!

How DARE he walk with confidence! He doesn’t HAVE what I have! How dare he speak the way he does, I have a college degree and he is merely on a  high school level at BEST! He doesn’t have the inside secret connections that I do, so how does he think that he can make it without going through ME! Many will feel that you must walk the same long road that they did in order to take possession of the few little trinkets that they give up so much to say they own.

But understand when you discover your true divine purpose, you will walk  to the beat of a different drummer and be considered very odd to most of the “herded cattle” who live everyday in great frustration because they have traded in their unlimited bliss potential for a spiritually void, predictable existence drained of joy! So do you think they will be happy with you who seem to possess an independent generator of vast happiness and bliss? Either you are ACTING like you are happy or you must truly be crazy!

Even when they KNOW you are going through something that they KNOW would crush them, they look for indications of the pain from the manner in which you carry yourself and are roused to great anger when they see that your happiness has actually INCREASED as the so-called stresses roll in on you! The situations that STAB them and cut them deeply might affect you no more than a mosquito bite if you am connected to that mighty generator of vast happiness from Gods Throne!

It’s like not having a “visible to others” penny in your pocket, being hungry without a lunch bag full of food to eat, and having tattered clothes on that needs to be changed badly while being hundreds of miles away from home……..BUT! While this may appear to be the case you in fact KNOW that you have a divine ATM card that has unlimited funds attached to it. So while your haters don’t see a penny in your pocket, they didn’t notice the card!

And while they just KNOW you MUST be hungry, they DON’T know that your  hunger doesn’t sting at all because that SAME CARD will cover the cost of sitting down to eat at the finest of restaurants that the city has to offer! And as far as those tattered clothes go? YOU KNEW IT, the fancy mall down the block will gladly accept payment with it on a complete new wardrobe! “God’s ATM Card – Don’t Leave Home Without It!” LOL!

It may not be there when you merely “want” it, but it’s ALWAYS on time when you “need” it! Somebody out here reading this knows exactly what I am saying…….

You ever see that little old lady who walks through the ‘hood late at night from her job on the late shift at the hospital? If you ever wonder why she doesn’t look scared while confidently walking past the “looking to rob somebody” thugs on the corner and through the dark streets on her way home at night, walk up on her real fast like you intend to do her harm and you just might find out WHY she always walks those streets like she is not scared of anyone as you feel the hot lead burning in your body while you cry out for help ’cause you just got shot!

This is one of the laws of the ‘hood!

You don’t underestimate what ANYONE might have on them!

I don’t care WHO they are!

So while I am not advocating that we shoot anyone ( Don’t shoot anyone if they mean you no harm, but by all means defend yourself so that you can walk away from any threatening situation unscathed even if it MEANS shooting the b-a-s-t-a-r-d!), I merely used this analogy to display the fact that while you may think you know an individuals limitations, you just can’t tell because you don’t know what they are carrying in their heart spiritually!

You have NO CHOICE but to walk the planet in this confident manner when you know the TRUTH! Trust me, you won’t EVER know the truth from those  who wallow in negativity! You won’t ever feel a strong  jolt of inspiration and motivation from those who are disconnected from righteousness but continue to bathe in the same old waste water of sin that we who are striving for better have washed ourselves from!

You CANNOT hang out with contaminated people and expect to walk away without a trace of their contamination! It’s bad enough that we must take years to detoxify ourselves from the filthy indoctrinations of this world that the powers that be deem wholesome. You don’t need to undo the little good that you are doing with your present life by going back to the bad things of your recent past.

This is why we all need to sharpen our ability to discern those tainted characters around us. To sharpen our skills in this area we have got to often pull away from our earthly desires and cravings for a time until we bring them under control. Now don’t get me wrong, it is not only imperative to back away from the world in order to see the true intentions of OTHERS around you, but it equally as important to be able to see what YOUR intentions are to yourself and others. It works both ways…… You see, it is our lusts on this level of existence that blind our higher eye from seeing what is truly there.

You my Brother, as the manager of a McDonald’s wouldn’t allow the stinky homeless man inside to use the restroom to freshen up five minutes before the store actually closed last Tuesday but you gladly allowed that long legged sexy woman who had on that short tight miniskirt and bursting cleavage to enter the store last night to go to the ladies room because it “was an emergency.”

What made the difference between the homeless dude and the sexy chick? You better DISCERN & decontaminate your spirit Brother!

Now YOU my Sister, know that the wife of that very muscular handsome man who lives across the street works the graveyard shift every Wednesday night, the very night everyone puts out their garbage for the thursday trash pickup. You know he usually works on his car as a hobby well into the wee hours while leaving his garage door opened, you often find your eyes glued to his sweaty chiseled torso discreetly (With the lights off of course!) through the venetian blinds in your living room window for literally hours on end……………….

You now find your well moistened self dressed boldly in only a short flimsy tee shirt and panties while you drag the garbage can scraping loudly, making SO much noise across the concrete of your driveway as if it is too heavy for you to handle just HOPING he would fall to your seductive trap to offer his much desired assistance. He looks up to notice your “struggle” and at that very moment some trash “manages” to fall to the ground so you decide to BEND OVER to pick it up giving him a deliciously full view of your female adornments as he quickly (Probably running and setting a new Olympic record! LOL!) crosses the street to come and assist you……….

Why couldn’t you have taken out your garbage early just like all of your other neighbors did? Why did you want to wait until you knew that man’s wife wouldn’t be home? You better DISCERN & decontaminate your spirit Sister!

So again, it works both ways! And while I can go on all night with different examples, I believe you get the point.

So understand that in this life and in this world we constantly have all types of forces and entities coming at us for many different reasons good and bad. Left alone under our own powers we are not equipped to sort through every interaction seen and unseen, known and unknown that comes our way. Left alone we are actually powerless so don’t fool yourself, utilize your downtime to reconnect yourself with the Divine one so you will have the necessary protection to walk about this hostile environment with the confidence of an old lady who just cashed her check after work walking through the ‘hood late at night strapped down with her loaded Glock!

You will find that God’s protection through your obedience to Him is the ULTIMATE firearm!

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