God’s Remedy For Optimum Health Never Comes With A Co-Pay Or In A Bottle!

I just got in from a nice long bike ride on the West Orange Trail here in Orlando from the Apopka-Vineland Road starting point that is practically right in my backyard.

With it being August you really have to be careful and aware of what the weather is going to be like when taking a trek so far out away from the protection of your vehicle or the many shelters that we take for granted when we are going our way in the inner cities.

The main concern which made me mention this is the thunderstorms that can literally appear out of nowhere because of the highly volatile weather conditions that can spiral out of control at a moments notice.

Lightning is a killer and I must admit that I have a heck of a fear of lightning after experiencing two near misses when I first migrated down her to Central Florida back in February of 2001.

Orlando Florida is a funny place because of this, what I mean is that you can get an entirely different impression of this place depending on which particular part you’re visited.

West Orange County Florida Bike Trail

If you don’t get a well rounded tour of this place you might come away feeling as though it’s a one dimensional place with no diversity or extended menu of activity to indulge in.

Nothing could be further from the truth but I will say that it is so very easy to fall into a rut if you don’t make the effort to keep yourself active and will paint yourself in a corner of depression if you fall into inactivity.

But this I why I make a point to get out as much as I can to ride on the bike trail and get a dose of natural Prozac as well as stocking up on the inner peace that I will surely need when dealing with the spiritually off balanced individuals that will board my bus in search of a random conflict and confrontation to release their personal pressures.

Even if it’s not a pleasurable ride on a bike that you indulge in to clear your mental cobwebs, let it be something that you do to take yourself out of your reality and make sure that it’s at least a healthy activity that gets your body moving.

My Wife is heavily into gardening, and while most people wouldn’t think of gardening as a physically challenging activity, the constant bending, stretching and lifting gives the body a good working over at a pace that most can handle without burning out too quickly.

Top-Gardening-Tips Health

I’ve noticed that when she has her hands in the dirt planting her latest nursery purchases or even starting from scratch with a few simple seeds, it takes her too another place that is so peaceful and leaves her feeling as though she went on a vacation when all of her tasks are completed.

These activities act as pressure valves in our lives and keep us from feeling like a pressure cooker that’s about to explode as we move on with our life.

We do not have enough of these activities in the present day because of living in a world that demands more and more of our time.

The sad thing about today’s society is that it is now expected that we will sacrifice our precious down time in order to keep the ball rolling to pay our bills and keep our lives stable on a dollar that is ever diminishing.

In my humble opinion, it’s a game that we can’t win and when an individual attempts to do so the precious moments of their life that really count for something will be lost in the pursuit of something that really doesn’t exist.

While I’m not suggesting that one gives up on their dreams of having nice things, there comes a point in time when you have to pull away from the rat race in order to enjoy what it is that you have achieved.

You have to know when to sign off from the rat race or you will perish while running a race that will continue on without you in a way where you will be forgotten.


So why stress yourself over things that are ultimately not everlasting?

I’ve found out after living over a brief half a century on this planet that the best things in life are free.

We stress ourselves over the things that we feel are important at the time and then eventually realize as we mature that they weren’t really that important at all.

As we mature in our years we understand that the aches and pains that we’ve earned in our relentless pursuit for these irrelevant material items wouldn’t have been there if we attempted to take care of ourselves the way that our Creator designed.

medicine cabinet

So we cut the quality of our lives short by foolishly thinking that because we have what we think is a good health care plan that it will take care of us to ensure that we live a long healthy quality life.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

You see, God’s remedy for optimum health never comes with a co-pay. There is nothing required of you on a monetary level except to be obedient to how He instructs us on how this magnificent human mechanism works.

I mean, it does make sense that what He suggests would be the best advice over any doctor no matter how well schooled they are.

The bottom line is that His wisdom is far more infinite and the fact that He should know what’s best for because it was He who fashioned us so beautifully in His image.

God is our manufacturer and His Divine Word is our Official Users Manual so to go against His instruction to indulge in anything that we are not ordained by His word to do is a gross violation and if you want to see proof that it is, all you have to do is open your eyes to look around you and see the poor state of health that mankind is in today!

Bible By Candlelight

God’s loving instruction didn’t cause depression. Living away from His will did.

God’s loving guidance didn’t cause us to have nervous breakdowns. Living away from his strengthening lifestyle has.

God’s nurturing word didn’t make you stressed, your being stubborn and thinking that you can handle everything on your own WITHOUT His help is what drove you to the edge!

Good clean food! Deep peaceful rest! Moderate exercise and decent thoughts! Do what your Maker would approve of and you will be rewarded with a full and happy life that will be full of those oh so beautiful forever moments!

The choice to obey or not will definitely show on you over the long haul and if you end up in a bad spot understand that you will regret your foolish decisions because we don’t always get second chances with our health.

Trust me, if you do it right the first time you’ll be gifted with a long wonderful and prosperous life!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Health Conscious Brother,







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