These government subsidized agents and trolls could never stop the African Awakening but they are determined to attempt it. They try it on so many levels more than the masses of unsuspected Black people can comprehend but in this space called social media I will say that they are infested with these sellout entities.

Is it just my imagination or is it that since the Great Awakening of African People over the planet we have more independent so called “movements” that are more hell bent on disputing others over ideology over coming together even within their own ranks to have something to show the world that they are truly a force to be reckoned with as opposed to simply posturing like they are all about Black empowerment over feeding their hungry narcissistic egos.

Social Media can be a great thing if you understand how to use it to reach like minded individuals or a targeted audience but it has been hijacked to control the minds of the people all the while causing them to feel as though the decisions that they are making are all yours!

Not only that, since too many of us as Black people just have to enter the room in grand fashion as though we’ve arrive, social media has been an addiction for those types in providing a place to get their fix of attention which opens them up to having their lives permeated by the government agents and trolls by simply giving them a free place for them to seek out their daily fix.

This my friend is the beginning of the end for us and is a recipe for disaster.
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