What Good Is Your Bible If You Don’t Know What To Do With It?

I feel that it’s downright reckless to move about the earth without the awareness needed to navigate on a daily basis to avoid the guaranteed pitfalls, minefields and traps that are set out here for us who are working hard to live a life pleasing to God.

Most people wouldn’t dare take a long distance trip without making sure that they have their G.P.S. (Global Positioning System) in full working order and an idea of where they’re going before stepping out of the safety zone of their neighborhood.

But if you speak to those same individuals about honing and amplifying their own natural spirit of discernment they’ll look at you as though you are crazy! But these same people feel that by walking with their Bible they have some kind of protection while never knowing how to unlock it’s mighty power.


Too many of us take for granted or are just plain old unaware that we have been gifted with a natural sense to know who is around us without having to experience the wrath of their well hidden venom after it’s too late.

On the other hand it works both ways, you can also “feel” the positive energy coming from someone even without knowing them for very long as all it will take is a quick gaze to download into your spirit what they’re really all about in general.

The sad part is that we all have this ability more or less but our indulgences in the illusion of man’s world has blurred and confused this precious spiritual gift to the point of literally becoming useless and it’s our fault that it has atrophied to this ineffective level.

Global Positioning System

Lust, greed, envy, hate, carnality etc., and the narcissistic need to be seen and heard are the Certified Spiritual G.P.S. Killers that rid us quickly of the ability to see what is around us because we are so caught up in these deadly and venomous anti-fruits of the spirit.

Have you ever wondered that why is it that man, who is supposed to be the only creature made by God to have the ability to think, is constantly at war with himself from within and others living in a manner so far below what our Creator intended for us.


Have you even realized that this is because we have been putting the worst things inside of us yet wondering why we appear to be out of our minds?

Well in actuality we ARE out of our minds because we have been deceived into believing that we can do it all on our own without living by the instructions placed here for us that will keep our lives working to maximum efficiency.

Even the animals in the wild – who are supposed to not have the sense that we have as humans – have a more fulfilling existence because of their submission to those divine signals that we call instincts to keep them on top of what they need to know to survive out in the wild.

How about that? When you really think about it that’s ALL these animals have who live out in the wild and they can make it but here we are with all of these modern conveniences to “help” us along to make our lives easier but we are failing ourselves more and more with each passing day.

The wild animals of the field know where and when to look for their food. They know where to avoid because of the scents that their natural predators give off. They know when to rest and they depend on each other to watch out for each other 100% of the time.


…….and they do all of this without a smartphone, a G.P.S. OR Holy Scripture!

So what is our issue as human beings?

Why are we so inept and just can’t see it?

Why is it that we seem to refuse to turn on that light switch of the spirit to continue on in the strange terrain in front of us in darkness literally guaranteeing a disaster down the road?

It’s because we’ve failed to acknowledge that we need to submit to God in PRACTICE as opposed to running our mouths in a shallow way.

Playing church and acting holy for a time is killing us as we have got to get back to some serious separation from this world and the poisons contained in it if we are to come back into the full power that we possess within.

MLK Holiday

You ladies make a point of not putting your heads on the pillow in just any old way when you just had your hairstyle done at the beauty parlor when you have a special event to attend the next day. You don’t want it to look any less fabulous when you make your fashionably late entrance as those pictures are being snapped!

Men, you wash your vehicle, wax the body and polish those rims the day before or a little earlier before you pick that special love interest up to make an impression that will hopefully land you in her good graces so that the light connection that you have with her can hopefully develop in to a full blown relationship. You don’t want to mess it up because first impressions count!

So why is it that we don’t prepare ourselves to be more aware with the tools that God has given all of us and why do we sabotage our own efforts by moving about this world literally unarmed and ready to be taken?

Do these animals in the wild have more sense than us?

It appears at the present time they do!

Life for me these days has really become even more of a joy with each passing day. I move through my day with more efficiency and very few things are even allowed to get near me to stress me because I am prepared for it and know it when I see it coming.

Scurv @ Lake Debra in MetroWest Florida

I have given up on expecting any good from these indulgences of this world that are the direct roads to disaster that many just cannot stay from traveling on.

I work daily to conquer the out of control emotions and wayward mentalities that are out here in abundance that one can get so easily caught up in to take them off of the path that was set for their lives.

Sure, I’m not perfect or at my ultimate best but I am willing to submit to divine order and am aware of what is around me out in the world more so than I did many years ago in my life and it is truly frightening what I happen to see.

So as not to feel like a man going to a gunfight with only a fuzzy lint ball and few sweaty pennies in my pocket and nothing else, it has become a passion within my world to honed my abilities to “see deeper” in order to avoid the drama.

Drama from others can’t hit what they can’t see, so by avoiding it at the first sign of its presence is the best method of keeping your peace as opposed to resorting to energy draining confrontation. Remember, those around you who are not right with themselves and feel that the only way to get relieve is to snatch your joy must be avoided, they will try hard to deceive you into falling into battle with them but your victory is to force them to bear the weight of their own venom.

Muhammad Ali avoids Sonny Liston

That’s the ultimate attack without lifting a finger to waste time in their madness.

Walking in the Spirit to attain this awareness and discernment is the only way to survive in the murky side of this spiritual “Wild Wild West” existence and sadly enough so many speak of it but haven’t a clue as to what it really is.

Get in the practice of staying connected to hearing God’s voice from within and you will never go off the secure path to your destiny!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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