Grace Jones Shows The World What Being A True Diva Is All About!

Sixty-four year old Grace Jones sung her Diva saturated heart out in front of a HUGE live outdoor crowd at the Queens Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace in London England sometime earlier this month. This is definitely something that I have to share with you all if you haven’t seen it already.

Not only did she look great and was as fit as she has always been, but her stage presence, confidence and dynamic performance were as good as ever! But the thing that really topped it off for me was the fact that she HULA-HOOPED throughout her entire performance of her legendary song “Slave To The Rhythm!”

Yes! You heard me right!

She hula-hooped onstage in front of what appeared to be countless thousands of enthusiastic fans and stunned onlookers who were transfixed that ANYONE could have the balls to get up in front of such a huge crowd and pull off a fascinating stunt such as this that the current crop of corporately manufactured so called stars could never do even if they tried!

While watching Grace perform I felt so many emotions wash over me because I have been a serious diehard fan of hers over the years from as far back as the seventies when she came out with her hit “On Your Knees.”

What made me really admire her was that she was always so original and always so creatively spontaneous and had absolutely no shame in pushing the limits of what was creatively acceptable at the time!

She taught me to never be ashamed of being me and that the original “me” will always be better than the “me” who would abandon my own unique qualities in order to follow the temporary success blueprint of someone else. Ask anyone who has ever known me personally and they will tell you that I was always one to be myself and never copy another persons style in anything that I did. I have to thank Grace’s uninhibited spirit for influencing me at a young age in the way that she did.


She in my heart of hearts, is the one person who inspired the attempts of so many of today’s stars to duplicate some of the same magic that was successful for Ms. Jones but just without the same dynamic results.

Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Madonna and a countless host of others really owe this once in a lifetime phenomenon and powerful force of nature Grace Jones so much for paving the way yet it has to be understood that even now these carefully engineered stars of today STILL can’t do it like Grace does!

Grace is not the product of some cookie-cutter formula that has a limited shelf life that will sour after the facade has been discovered or removed for the next fraud to take center stage! No! There IS no book that can teach any performer to be the Diva that Grace

Here is a excellently preserved woman who at 64 years of age(?), walks up to a LIVE STAGE with a hula-hoop and SINGS LIVE with no lip-synching whatsoever and never misses a beat with her vocals and is never at the risk of that hula-hoop falling off of her slender well shaped hips!

No tell me – and be honest – how many of today’s favorite entertainers can even hula-hoop through an entire song even if they were behind closed doors in the comfort of their own homes? How many of today’s current crop of electronically enhanced creative imposters could even step up on a stage LIVE and sing without the help of any technological gadgetry and sound as good as a song that they created almost thirty years ago?

Heck! How many stars these days even HAVE a career that lasts over a decade and would even be of a sane mind to or fit enough to even perform in such a demanding fashion?

When I saw Grace Jones walk up to the stage so confidently rolling along with her hoop in hand you could tell that she had already completed her performance in her head and it was just a matter of time before she would share with the world what her talented mind had conjoured up so sweetly to feed and nourish her hungry fans with once again in that restaurant called grace Jones that we’ve all come to know and love.

There is a big difference between the stars of yesteryear and the productions that we call stars today. You see, where those who were the mighty predecessors of what watered down offerings that we have today have over them is that they have truly learned their craft through in through.

They learned how to master themselves and how to project their talent no matter what the circumstances were with the unique crowds that they had to encounter the world over as well as the various fluctuations in tastes that they had to satisfy while visiting the vast cultures and lands of the world.

There was no twitter to rouse the interest in their arrival. There were no Facebook fan pages or bloggers who would help to fan the flames of their upcoming performances. It was only the anticipation of their well known talents and reputation for putting on a great show time after time that they had to depend on to pack the seats in venues the world over.

Imagine if they could depend on the promotional powers and reach of YouTube way back then?

They couldn’t of course because at that time no one could even comprehend of something of such magnitude as that but I believe that if we did have it back in those talent laden days the state of the entertainment game as far as the star’s respect for the hard work that must be put in to satisfy the fans would not have diminished one iota.

It’s merely a matter of having the pride that is mandatory to put into ones craft. No matter what you do as far as your offering or contribution to the world with your unique talents you must work it and know it well so that your attention to detail and professionalism can never be questioned because your legacy and body of work will only speak for themselves.

While many of today’s so called stars and performers are popular only because their managers and promoters have a bigger budget and deeper pockets to afford to shove these entities down our throats every time we see a commercial on television or an ad in the magazines or YouTube, I would sure like to see what shape that THEY will be in when THEY turn sixty four and if they could even stand up on their own much less have the life force from within to not only belt out another classic and legendary performance but to be able to keep a hula-hoop spinning around their hips LIVE and not in some digitally enhanced computer generated fantasy that the masses today eat up like cheese in a mouse infested home while the owners are away on a month long vacation!

Thank you Grace Jones for showing the world how it is down and that true professionalism, creativity and that elusive quality of being a TRUE DIVA will NEVER age.

…….it only gets better with time.


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