Grandma & The Elders Knew All Along What Dr. Oz Is Trying To Pimp To You As Being New!

Contrary to what you might think by the title of this blog, I like Dr. Oz, and for those of you who do not know who Doctor Oz is, he is the highly informative Doctor who is showcased on his own television show that from what I can see is a very popular show to say the least!

I can see why his show ranks so high in the time slot that Oprah Winfrey once dominated for so very long. It is informative, entertaining and very refreshing because of the useful and practical information that he shares with everyone in the mission to empower the masses to improve their health.

So why would I call such a man who does a great work as this a thief?

Well what he is sharing a far as the great health tips really isn’t anything new that hasn’t been shared before. Granted, he has the background as a doctor and the newfangled technology to back up the science that he enlightens other with but what he is teaching is stuff that has been around since the beginning of time!

Yes! From that far back the natural approach is what has always ruled. Heck, what other choices did the people who lived many years before us have? And if the truth be told what they knew was so much better than the so called modern medicine that is really a watered down representation of what was the norm back in the day.

Have you ever picked up the book entitled “Back To Eden” by Jethro Kloss? Have you ever read the book entitled “Nutricide” or “African Holistic Health” by Llaila O. Afrika?

Obviously not if Dr. Oz has you bedazzled!

Not to put the good Doctor of Oz down personally, but as you can see by my prior examples as well as a few dozen other great examples that would probably bore you if you had to read them, that what he offers on his program is nothing new under the sun. Now I am not mad at Dr. Oz because in actuality what he is doing is a great thing. To decimate this type of useful information to the masses is a noble service to the world. But my problem isn’t with him, my problem is with the media machine that props him up as the only authority and is in essence robbing the public of the true origins of his healing gospel.

Does it matter? Yes it does! It can also be considered rude when you really look at it, not that he said that he is the originator of these healthful practices but one would infer that he is the genius behind this precious information. The media machine will always do whatever it takes whenever there is a profit to be made.

Why I am so verbal about this is that it always seems to be someone looking to capitalize on something that never belonged to them to claim as their own, whether it be the ripping off of music, culture, style or fashion, it seems like something that was given so freely is always hijacked by the powers that be.

Elvis Presley sung songs that were ripped off from the underground Black artists who could never be accepted by the mainstream of the time.

Look at the movie “10” that stared Bo Derek, back in the day the mainstream consumers of her movies truly believe that the African art of braiding was truly brought to the forefront because of her! They thought that SHE originated it! Imagine? That’s where I’m coming from in this blast of the Dr. Oz show!

Give credit where credit is DUE!

I mean, all I see him sharing are the same exact remedies that the older black granny types (Who we all knew growing up!) would prescribe to you when you felt as though you were coming down with an ailment. They would ask you what your symptoms were and then go out deep into the yard to search specifically for a particular plant and return only to boil it and give it to you in the form of a very strong and may I say it “nasty” tasting brew of a tea that almost immediately removed that bad nauseous feeling that you never thought would go away!

Not for nothing but Dr. Oz wasn’t around in those days to teach grandma a damn thing!

She learned it from her mother and her mother learned it for hers all the way back to Africa! This is the part of our culture as Black people that we have tried so hard to preserve only after we learned that out old Elders knew exactly what they were talking about!

But we in our foolishness didn’t really take note of what they knew as we began to put our faith in the commercialize “for profit only” drug store chains whose synthetic remedies are only the cheap watered down substitutes to what granny knew about all along from birth!

Now we have broken the chain of that passed down precious African oral history on how to take care of ourselves directly from God’s medicinal and healing plants only to have our own culture fed back to us as we sit back in awe as to what we are being shown! Idiots we are!

Back when our Elders were telling us about why every vegetable had a color and why it makes sense to eat as many different colored vegatables and fruits in our diets as possible, we would counter that the food pyramid stated “this or that!” Little did we understand that the food pyramid would be changed time and time again because modern man hadn’t a clue as to the only real way to feed the most magnificent machine on the face of this earth!

Only God knows how to nourish His creation yet how dare we look to one who was is also a mere creation to know the facts of something that is known by our Creator!

If we had only absorbed this precious knowledge before our Elders have passed on to the next level, we as a people and us overall as a planet would have been better off more than you could ever know! But as those of us tried to cling on to that ancient knowledge of our Elders there were other factions working against us to keep us away from the very information that would maintain our standing in the world as a strong victorious people.

Whenever we wanted to pursue more of that divine instruction by seeking out others who knew a little something about it we were told that it was bad or it was voodoo and we shouldn’t dip and dab into such things. And being the fact that Christianity in early America was only used to control us and keep us enslaved, we would do whatever our slave masters told us to do even if it meant going against our own culture to please this White Jesus that by now had infiltrated and permeated our minds so deeply that we believed those lies that were told to us to never even think about the original African practices that would keep us as a healthy people!

So here we stand now in modern times deficient in the knowledge of how to care for ourselves and dependent on these legal drug supermarkets called CVS or Walgreens driving ourselves even more off of the mark for good health because of the synthetic toxins that we but to put in our precious God given vessels of life.

We don’t know how to purge our systems once a week like granny had us do! Remember that? we don’t know anymore about the importance of fasting at least once a week to strengthen our internal organs by giving it a rest from the dangerous cooked foods that we consume that age us beyond our years!

But big companies and corporations are not going to tell you to stay away from this toxic meat whose delicious flavor comes from the putrefying of your meat. That’s right, pus and dead decayed flesh is probably part of those 11 herbs and spices in Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

People PLEASE seek out this knowledge for yourselves and learn about how your body works from a spiritual divine level and watch how your life flourishes with prosperity on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

Too much is at stake and there are too many people profiting from your ignorance and actually benefiting from you being in this devalued state. Because as long as you are out of the knowledge of yourself and are out of what you were created to be, then it can be even more of an easy task to keep you down in this world. and THAT’S enough to fire me up to discover the truth that is already buried deep within myself to conquer the world because of the warriors that we are!



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October 1, 2011 1:56 AM

Medical Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies have launched an all out attack on the growing culture of the consumption of natural remedies. They realize it could affect their profits and income. It's no longer about helping the people. It's now more about making money off people. Ever since I got into the supplement business, I have learned the importance of proper dieting and herbal remedies. They can really cut down your medical bills and stabilize your health. People be informed!

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