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For many who have followed my expressions here on LanceScurv, most would agree that I somewhat have a Love/Hate relationship with the Black Church in America.

My strong feelings about the institution of church on both ends of the spectrum is not an example of someone who can’t make up their confused mind about what has always been an influential staple in the Black community, but one of extreme disappointment.

It’s rather a dual stance on something that oftentimes parades itself as a righteous entity on the surface while being something so totally different when looking past the paper thin euphoric facade of a morally upright hierarchy.

You see, I know what the Black Church has been to the Black community when times where truly deadly and this latest manifestation lacks all of the edifying attributes that the church used to possess which made it the constant bedrock to our community that it was.

Here you will hear of one man’s almost ten year ordeal with the church as it took control of his wife, emasculated and castrated him as a man and ultimately degraded his marriage into a thing of control in which he had none.

This is a true story of demonic possession, witchcraft, financial control and a carnal minded congregation who is hellbent on sucking all of his resources down as though it belong to the church in the first place.

On this dialogue our guest names the NAMES of the individuals involved as well as calling out the churches who have taken a twisted delight through its members to bring this man’s home to its final resting place.

Be warned this intense conversation is very long and may have to be digested in several increments, please feel free to share your thoughts on this dialogue in the comment area below and be empowered to duplicate our Brother’s boldness in coming out with the truth!

Peace, Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



Church Cult Exposed

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