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One has to feel really bad for the Black Women out here these days who are single and seeking out a relationship with a catch of a good Black Man.

While we all know that there are some really good Brothers out here who are worthy of the Kings treatment, many will say that they are quite far and few between when looking at the numbers.

Even at a time where so many of our Black men are caught up in the system like tagged pigeons or incarcerated, on the down low, straight up Gay or unemployed deadbeats who are very happy to be sleeping on Mama’s couch rent-free without a care in the world, there is no guarantee that even the desirable gentleman who fit the bill on paper will even cause those blissful sparks that make a woman’s womb do flip-flops in anticipation of procreating with him.

So what is there left?

We all know that love is blind and a Sister can find true love outside of her race but the bottom line is that men of other races have their issues too and there is just no thing like coming “back home” to get your loving from a Black man who shares your same exact culture and soul.

But what is sad is when a Black woman takes any old sorry Man-Bum into her life simply to be able to say that she has a man.

…….and if you’ve had any real live “in the field” experience with these particular men you will truly understand that the word stupid is in your Merriam Webster’s dictionary for a very good reason!

Stuck on stupid and so dependent like a newborn that it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to embrace the possibility that they just might be wearing a stinking diaper full of the shit that smells of entitlement, dependence, dysfunction and immaturity!

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