Guns Are for Law Enforcement ONLY!

Gun control for some strange reason is one of the hottest topics to hit our collective consciousness from the watercooler at work on up to what we debate on social media as well as what we constantly hear about on the television programs.

Many will say that the recent Sandy Hook and Aurora Colorado as well as so many other incidents of gunfire gone wild is the reason why the issue of gun control is trending so strongly. Others may say that this entire gun control issue has been manufactured by an evil government and media who secretly orchestrated the much publicized Sandy Hook disaster so that it becomes a hot topic to the American people in order to give up their second amendment rights out of an imaginary but very real sense of fear.

Those who are in the business of selling firearms are not complaining because their sales are going through the roof and into uncharted territory with a profit margin that borders on the insane.

But is gun control a challenge that has a singular answer?

I never really thought about it at first but as the time has gone by with this issue hanging thick in the air like a smoke bomb on a breeze free day I’ve started to ponder what would be the perfect solution to something that is obviously never going to vanish until we deal with it head on.
Empire State Building Shooting
And for the solution that I’ve arrive to? Well, let me state it first and then I will explain why I believe that this would be the best cure all to a country spiraling out of control in the murder rates that started with and unfortunate act from irrational thinking.

I believe that the ONLY individuals to possess guns are those who are employed in Law Enforcement!

In watching the Piers Morgan program earlier this evening, he interviewed several individuals whose family members were victims in several high profile shooting incidents and asked them what they felt and the answer across the board was that these guns and assault weapons should be off of the streets as soon as possible.

Those who were in favor of civilians being armed stated that if their were good citizens who were carrying concealed weapons at the time of these senseless killings then they would have been prevented because they could have intervened and halted these cold hearted killers dead in their tracks.

But what I feel they fail to see is that law enforcement goes through the extensive training to be able to handle their weapons under duress and it’s also MANDATORY that they undertake a psycological examination to deem them worthy to handle the stresses of the job as well as assessing that they fully understand the immense responsibility that they are undertaking with the job.

Civilians? A background check to ensure that they have no criminal record but what of their mental status and their ability to be responsible with the power of life and death in their

Piers Morgan on his program also stated that England and Wales had such a low gun murder rate from what he feels is due to the gun control policies their. I agree with him and feel that our civilians in the United States are not responsible enough to handle the power that they do have and feel that if ALL weapons were banished from our society aside from law enforcement then things will be much safer even though murder will still be with us.

Yes, murder will still be with us but one wouldn’t be able to do it from across the street! Knives are a different story and so are bricks! If a person becomes enraged enough while already possessing the intent to murder they will do it with a damn Q-Tip if the wanted it bad enough!

Also, these folks who are touting the benefits of citizens carrying concealed weapons must also remember that these people are not robots nor are they law enforcement!


Well these citizens have emotions, get angry, get jealous, have egos, get drunk, want to fight and get even ANGRIER! Will they take their disputes outside like the gentlemen that they probably earlier professed to be?


They will probably reach for their weapons to settle a dispute that probably wouldn’t have escalated to an ugly point if they didn’t possess their guns. You see, most men (and some women too!) are not as brave as they are when they have a gun in their hands. Half of them just don’t want to get busted in their mouth with a fist because they know that they are not built for that and are nowhere in shape to fight someone but become the Incredible Hulk when that Glock is clenched tightly in their fist.

But to go even deeper The United States Of America has a huge spiritual problem and have no respect for their fellow man and while they may profess to be a so called “Christian nation they have a huge problem seeing their neighbors and fellow citizens as Brothers and Sisters in Christ. and it’s even worse if you are not of the Christian faith because you will REALLY be viewed as some strange enemy that must be watched because of your potential terrorist ties. Yes, don’t profess Islam in America or the ignorance and madness will begin! But with all of the fearmongering who is it that are committing these mass public shootings and REAL terrorist attacks?

America needs to stop making everyone else who doesn’t resemble the so called mainstream population the monster and realize that we have become the monster from within!

Sure! I am with anyone who says that “guns don’t kill people, people do” but if those “people” who get their hands ON those guns weren’t able to, then there would be a whole lot more innocent people still walking around enjoying their lives without getting senselessly snuffed out!

Too many people are getting so caught up in the media hype that is stirring up the fear inside of them that they are reacting according to plan and making these gun manufacturers rich! Then they want to tell you about the Second Amendment but fail to realize that when that very important amendment was written, they did NOT have assault weapons that can fire off one hundred rounds of ammunition in under a minute. What they had back in those days would appear to be pop guns when compared to these high tech weapons of overkill that are so abundant and very accessible in today’s market.

I say BAN all weapons unless you are in the military or law enforcement community and even then one – according to my opinion – would bring us back to a world where it was stated that a good police officer is one who would never have to draw or fire his weapon in his entire career but with the amount of legal and illegal weapons out here in the world that in itself would be literally an impossible status to hope for as a cop.

Isn’t that a sad realization?

…….and what’s even more heartbreaking is that our police officers that are commissioned to protect and serve (And don’t think I’m forgetting about police brutality because I’m not!) are almost always overwhelmingly outgunned by those who do not have binding and limiting laws and regulations to govern what they carry. So get ride of them all!

So until that time comes we are going to debate to prove our point of view and argue to make our points appear to be the right choice and mindset all the while more guns will be dispersed on our streets illegally and sold over the counter legally. Several of which will play that hideous role in the NEXT mass shooting that just might come to a movies theater, elementary school or shopping mall near you!

Less communication, more fear, increasing isolation and the unsubstantiated theory that more guns will cure the ills of our society is the powder keg that we stand on everytime we step out of the safety of our homes and into public places.

Welcome to the new America people! Got a problem that you are dealing with? The buy more guns! You just might get a few body bags thrown in free to sweeten the deal!

what makes it more heartbreaking is when we have to place innocent children in them who were enjoying a schoolday in their last moments of life and I don’t think there is ANY argument who can justify burying our babies because of the foolish stance of civilian pro-gun ownership.

Let me hear your thoughts on this!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Anti-Gun Pro-Fist Brother,


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