H.R. 5404: THE MOVE TO DISENFRANCHISE! – Brother Dave On The LanceScurv Show

H.R. 5404 is brought into the spotlight in brilliant fashion by Brother Dave Wren in the information jammed episode of The LanceScurv Show that will leave most in a state of discomfort who may not be as prepared for the immediate future as they thought they were.

What is going to happen when the U.S. Dollar is reduced to mere pennies virtually overnight?

What will the reaction be when mortgages and rents remain at their current charge yet the money that the people have won’t even be able to barely purchase a candy bar?

How will the masses eat when they won’t be able to purchase the adequate amount of food needed to feed their families and are not in a place where they can grow their own food?

Please listen in to the REALITIES that are upon us so that you can prepare for the inevitable!

H.R. 5404

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February 18, 2020 3:45 PM

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