Hair Extensions & Weaves For A Penny? The Screwed Up Priorities In Pine Hills Florida!

Do hair extensions and weaves truly make a difference in the desirability in a woman?

I really don’t think so.

But read on and either applaud me or get severely pissed off …….

Some of you are not going to like me for this but I have to say it.

I’m very upset with a story that I heard about in the street while driving my bus but couldn’t believe that it was really true.

I hear so much on the bus that amounts to nothing more than a pack of lies but every now and again the absolute truth is shared so I really can’t completely dismiss anything until I hear it for myself.

But what I heard turned out to be authentic and I’m going to share my raw thoughts on it after I speak on the actual incident.

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The establishment named “The Beauty Exchange” on North Pine Hills Road in the Pine Hills area of Orlando Florida, was the backdrop for a bizarre incident in which the Orlando Police Department sprayed the crowd that waited to get in the store with pepper spray.

This place is about two miles away from my home.

While the actual account will differ depending who you ask as far the police or the shoppers who were sprayed, what I want to speak about is not about what the police did or what the shoppers experienced, but about why they were out there record numbers in the first place!

Not that there was anything wrong for these residents, neighbors and arriving shoppers to be there at all, because there was supposed to be a ridiculously low sale price in an advertisement on hair extensions and weaves for one penny per bundle, but this is why got I got so angry when I first heard this story!

Penny Hair Extension & Hair Weave Sale

The first question that came to my mind when I heard of this melee was…….”would these individuals have turned up in similar numbers had the University Of Central Florida placed an ad in the newspaper or even on social media stating that they were given away a full four year education at the college for only one cent?

Do these same people – who were so enthusiastic to grab a deal that really isn’t crucial to improving their quality of life – get regular check ups at the doctor to make sure that their internal system is running as good as they want their outer appearance to be?

I must say for the record that I am not speaking in a condescending manner to those who happen to be my people but I do think that because they are my people that it gives me the right to speak very frankly to them.

And to be honest I really do not like the current trend of what appears to be a twisted set of priorities that simply won’t elevate and improve one’s life.

While I’m not generalized or accusing an entire race for the buffoonery of the few, I would say that collectively the doomed mentality of screwed up priorities is too prevalent in our community and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight!

Do others care?


…….because we’ve become not only one big circus for the entertainment of the masses but also a huge revenue stream for those who have no issue exploiting the ignorance that we seem to wear so proudly.

In a grafted morphed engineered faux culture that many of us swear is our true legacy, we have been duped into believing that the material trappings of the world make us who we are and because of this we have become so shallow as we are as good as the car we drive and the clothes we wear.

Reality TV Shows

What happened to the cultivation of our character and the pursuit of true knowledge to develop and improve ourselves with each succeeding generation?

We are the only people who shun the precious intangibles of character development and spiritual depth merely to become a walking advertisement more proud of a manufacturers name more so than the name that we create for ourselves through reputation!

We complain about the perpetual state of poverty and want to blame the “White man” for our financial condition, yet we refuse to pick up a book to learn how to handle our money and damn near refuse to embrace the discipline and vision to reach the financial goals that we are too blind right now to have!

What little money we do receive is quickly sent right back out of our community allowing someone else to make a FORTUNE off of us while we complain about how these foreigners are coming into OUR NEIGHBORHOODS!

You don’t pay the taxes that these proprietors spend to do business there and when you are merely renting and NOT owning your dwelling you severely limit your power where you live. Not only that but we don’t even go to the community meetings to have a hand in where our neighborhoods are going but we will show up in huge numbers to get a weave extension for a penny!


Where in the hell are they people?

What good is it to wear someone else’s D.N.A. on our heads when what comes out of our mouths proves that we are an idiot with no true wisdom in our heads?

What good is it to “purchase” the latest luxury vehicle from these asinine “Buy Here/Pay Here” establishments that cater to people with bad credit when we are going nowhere even faster than the tricked out circusmobiles that we feel so proud to steer through the ‘hood?

What kind of collective influence is it on the delicate psyche’s of our impressionable children when we have more enthusiasm to make sure to mob a store on time just to buy someone elses hair but hate to get up to take our same children to school LATE every morning as though it’s a chore?

The hair is only part of the problem because too many of our women possess enthusiasm to post up half naked pictures of themselves on Instagram or coming out of a hole in the wall nightclub to subconsciously influence our young girls that all they could really ever be is a plaything for another woman’s husband or an object that’s up for sale.


We’ve got to do better and to be honest at this point if I had my way I would shave off the hair of all nonproductive women in my community who don’t have their lives together and would only allow them to grow it back when they have achieved something of note!

Now I know I couldn’t actually do that nor would I really want to but if you really think about it what would some of our women do with all of that extra time that they would have on their hands if they weren’t so preoccupied with their looks or their hair?

Maybe they would have some time to exercise regularly as some of these fanatically addicted weave-wearers could get paid well as a body double for Jabba The Hut (Star Wars) as their lives are being cut short from obesity, diabetes and the high blood pressure that comes from overeating and being undernourished.

jabba the hutt

Maybe they would have more time to clean up these filthy homes and groom their yards better that can oftentimes resemble the county dump from the amount of trash, garbage and empty beer bottles lining the walkways!

…….and you wonder why the property values where we live are plunging?

But I do applaud those who have their priorities straight but you probably get the feeling that I could go on and on and I most definitely could with the outrageous examples of the twisted priorities and imbalanced endeavors that transpire everyday right in front of my eyes in the inner cities of America.

I sure could but I believe you get where I’m coming from!

I know one thing, if we had the respect for ourselves as a people and as a community, no set of police would have the nerve to eject the pepper spray that they did on Pine Hills Road so brazenly.

Pine Hills Cops Pepper Spray

Not that I’m saying that it was right, but if we didn’t come across as clowns sagging our pants and looking like hoochie-mamas at the time when we all should be at work striving for a better life, then we would get the respect of the authorities and they wouldn’t do what they do so confidently and brazenly.

There would be respect and they would literally FEAR doing anything wrong to us as they do in the tight knit communities that hold not only law enforcement accountable, but THEMSELVES accountable as hard working law abiding citizens who move about the earth with DIGNITY!

…….and DIGNITY my friends is something that NO HUCKSTER can sell to us for a penny!

P.S: The next time there’s a sale on weave hair and you just HAVE to get it, try standing in line in an orderly fashion and maybe the police wouldn’t have to pull out their pepper spray if you had listened to them in the first place!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Truth Telling Brother,



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