Handling Those Dangerous Self Hating Negroes Who Have Serious Identity Problems!

I can make this a very short blog indeed if I honestly gave an answer to the title of this article on the self hating Negroes.

I can say, when you see them…….RUN the other way. I can say, when they speak to you…….IGNORE them!

I can say, treat these buffoons who act a fool for their slave masters approval as if they don’t exist!

Negros with serious identity problems.

It’s hard to believe that they still exist in this modern day and time with so much information and knowledge available to the masses.

But they’re everywhere and in all levels of society with different areas of expertise that they have mastered.

Some are affluent, and others are in the common working class. There is just no way to tell who they are on sight because it’s just that widespread of an issue.

To spot and verify that you have encountered a Negro with a serious identity problem, there are some non verbal cues that you can pick up on as well as merely listening to what they simply have to say.

There is always a sign freely given as to who they really are in this seething secret society of self hate.

You will hear them happily say things like “Your baby daddy must not be Black because he/she got that GOOD hair!”

They will also tell you about every “other” drop of blood that they have in them to always avoid saying that they are Black. Example: “I have Cherokee Indian in me that’s why my hair is so good, Scottish, that’s why you can see those blonde hairs one my arm when the sun hits it just right and also my great great great grandfather is from China, that’s why I have these chinky eyes!”

…….anything to avoid saying that they are the B-word (Black)!

What they didn’t tell you was that their hair was so “good” because they do bi-monthly headstands in a vat of hair relaxing cream so strong it could strip off the paint finish off of a car in 12 minutes flat.

Those blonde hairs? Well, that bottle of hair color doesn’t just work on the scalp but they won’t tell you that they’ve gone that far.

…….and those chinky eyes? Well what about the heavy eyeliner that’s so thick around the eyes so thick it makes that woman look like Spider-man with the outside corners turned up at such an angle it would make anyone look as though they were fresh of the boat from China!

These types love Photoshop and other photo manipulation programs because they can lighten their photos and alter the African Black features that God has blessed them with to appear “Europeanized” (Of course that’s a made up word! LOL!) to the world because they feel as though that would be more acceptable.

These types glow with a euphoria unmeasured when someone can’t tell over the phone if they are Black or not.

THEY’VE ARRIVED in their mind when this happens! They’re on their way! LOL!

…….on their way to what?

Can anyone remember the magazine interview that R&B/Dance artist Jody Watley gave where she explained her bloodline to be everything but Black while her parents where darker than a blind man’s eyesight during a blackout power outage?

Jody Watley

Or how about Tiger Wood’s admission that he is Cablanasion? …….Whatever THAT means!

If they can hate the Black in THEM so much then you damn sure know that they hate it in you and will stop at nothing to bring YOU down in order to bring your decapitated head directly to their slave master to his delight. What a good nigger for Massa!

These types will always check the “Other” box when asked what race they are even when they really want to check “White.” LOL!

The things that they can change about themselves they surely will.

Blonde wigs are no stranger to the female Negro with an identity problem. Hey, some of you Black men who are undercover have been discovered to have a blonde wig or two in your closets for when you choose to pass as a woman when walking into the world of “the other side!”

Their accents change instantly when in the company of their Caucasian colleagues as they feel that they will be embraced even more if they can prove that they are willing to leave their Blackness at the door.

Any Black man or woman can speak and sound intelligent without having to lose their natural rhythm and style of communicating. But these lost and sorry ass chameleons take it to an entirely new level by trying so execute that nasal anal retentive way of speaking which really makes them look like an uncomfortable fool when acting this way in public.

Then as you are comfortable in your own skin they secretly feel like an ass and will become a certified enemy seeking to make you look bad in every situation because you’ve obviously refused to dance to the beat of their subservient drummer!

Tiger Woods

The worst thing to see is two or more Black women at some corporate convention acting like leashed puppies who are full of tension because they can’t be themselves as they think the secret will be out about how Black they are! I feel like the sick one to even speak out on this!

They see all of that catered food and KNOW that they want to jump down in it and get down but they can’t because their bosses and so called higher ups are nibbling like damn birds out of a saucer the size of a fifty cent PIECE! Go on and get you a plate girl! But you can’t because you are a Negro with an identity problem and want to emulate everything that your master does. Damn shame.

I never knew that we as a people have on many different levels and amounts have been affected by the sickness of Black inferiority on such a grand level as it’s evident in our everyday lives. We have become so acclimated to this way of life that we don’t even see how foolish WE look to others but I don’t see any other race acting out in such a mentally unstable manner.

Whew! It truly goes without saying, we definitely have some serious identity problems amongst us.

But it doesn’t stop at just that, Negroes with serious identity problems can and will cause serious trouble in your life if you let them just from being who they are.


Juan Williams

Well, when you are a conscious Black man or woman going about your life fulfilling your obligations on a new job you will be targeted by these developmentally delayed Uncle Toms.

They will be the first friendly fraudulent face to approach you to “show you the ropes” but are really trying to find out if you are one of those radical Blacks so they can run back and get the brownie points from their racist boss who knows that they could never get into the inner recesses of your mind like that troubled Black Trojan horse of a self hating Negro could.

That’s their purpose on these jobs and that’s why they have worked their for so long while others have either left or been fired. Avoid these types like the plague and keep your exchanges with them to a minimum and on work only as they utilize every tactic to lure you into a conversation with them.

PageLines- Samuel-L-Jackson-And-Leonardo-DiCaprio-In-Django-Unchained.jpg

Say nothing of your personal viewpoints and life and keep it moving. It’s better to be labeled as having an anti-social attitude problem than having one of these agents infiltrate your deepest thoughts only to deliver them straight to the oppressor who they worship so dutifully.

If you happen to be an outspoken straight shooting upright clean living Black man or woman, you make these Negros with Identity Problems very uncomfortable with who they are merely from being in your presence.

When you are in close proximity to these shapeless cowards, they will do everything to sabotage you and whatever your efforts may be because they cannot stand seeing who they really are from within so they will always toss their stones at you from the shadows as they know they could never stand in your shoes.

What’s even worse than an average Negro with an identity problem is a Negro who has attained some measure of “success” in the corporate world or in some type of administration position whether it be the public or private sector.

Jesse Lee Peterson

These Negros literally will go after anyone below them in the hierarchy of their company if they do not echo the mentality that brought them to the helm of so called power. It’s grossly evident in my life that this is how I’ve seen it play out on most jobs that I have been on.

You see these types who feel as though their monetary reward justifies their self hating way of thinking will NEVER reach out to you to pull you up that same ladder when your ideology is in direct opposition to theirs.

These Negroes are loved by the high order and age old mindset of White Supremacy because they verify their superiority as their constant reminder of the boot licking Negro confirms their twisted way of thinking each and every time. Never try to even waste your time trying to convert these sold out types because their picture perfect example of a Stockholm Syndrome style love for their oppressors was more than likely cultivated from birth in their homes growing up under parents who taught them never to cross the line to challenge their racist overlords.

They will talk the revolutionary talk around you in private to get you to open up but it is merely a ploy to get you to confirm what every one of them fears to later talk about you like a dog to set you up for the kill on a job or in a church. Now with the internet so easily available to everyone where anyone can search a person out, why hide?

Larry Elder

I’m used to the screwed up expressions and non replies when attempting to greet (You only get one chance with me!) these certified Negroes with serious identity problems for life and I don’t bit my tongue here because they are my biggest followers when they run home to discreetly read what’s next on

So understand that in this world it is damn near impossible to be proud and knowledgeable of who you are and not be blackballed by one of these types who may happen to have some semblance of influence over your life.

In this world, you have to be prepared to walk alone when you stand for truth and righteousness.

When your life is not consumed with attaining the rubies, baubles and trinkets of the oppressors world you are automatically considered an adversary to him as well as that self hating Negro with an identity problem who feels as though that oppressor is end all to all things desirable.

James David Manning

Many will quote the Bible in saying that they are in this world but not of this world, but when you hate yourself and the way God made you to forcefully identify with something that you are not you are in actuality so caught up in this world in the worst kind of way.

Come out of her my people?

Most of you do not really know what this means for us living the Black experience here in amerikkka, while we built this country to it’s now fading so called greatness, it means that we can be here but must come out of the way of thinking that we’ve adopted and taken on as our own.

We were not created by God to be the walking clowns and buffoonery artists that we’ve become and until we come out of our self hating way of processing our existence, we will never be blessed by God no matter how many times we sit up in a church!

Going to the hospital waiting room does not guarantee that you’ll get well, you have to consult with the doctor so he correct the wrong direction of your ways to redirect you with a wellness plan and medical attention to get you back on track to good health.

The psyche of the self hating Negro is no different, until they see the toxic life clogging destructive action of their ways, they will never be completely at ease no matter how hard they try to change their facade. For they must meditate with the ultimate doctor called God to replenish the righteous love for how He made them in order to move forward into true happiness.

It can happen no other way.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

You’re Fearless Brother,







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