This Is What Happens When YouTube Becomes The Drug Of Choice To Banish Our Insecurities!

An incident happened the other night on one of my shows that gave me a tremendous insight once again into the psyche of Black people and why they find having a voice on the internet so intoxicating.

Mind you, I’m not speaking on all Black people but those in particular who crave the attention that having an internet platform brings.

Why am I speaking on this right now? Well because after seeing how thirsty an individual can be for attention it made me reflect from within as to what MY motivations were for being online because what I saw in this other lonely soul scared me to the core!

During my show on Asians and their very profitable economic stronghold on the poor Black “reservations” – a very mature discussion that eventually flowed effortlessly into other related topics – we were rudely interrupted by a troll who possessed a platform of his own but attempted to mask his identity and phone number so that he could rudely crash the conversation during the moments when I stepped away from monitoring the show.

Perfect timing it was for him because he knew that he was coming to an intelligent progressive conversation with nothing more than a spirit of disruption and envy. After returning to man my cyber post to inquire him of his identity, he denied that we ever spoke and proceeded with the determination of a battering ram to push his rambling perspectives even as his nervousness was evident after I put the spotlight on him to let him know that I knew who he really was.

After catching him in a boldface lie in which he switched up an answer to several questions given to him within the span of a moment, the steam that fueled his aggression vanished as I began to reveal his agenda and identity after blocking his amateurish attempts at verbally deflecting my points.

Everyone who listened knew exactly what it was and we proceeded to continue on with a dynamic dialogue that lasted just over 5 hours long!

Afterward, several individuals who have subscribed to his platform and mine reached out to me to say that they never knew that he was so immature and self serving.

In one of my responses I stated that in the world of cyberspace, the engineered personalities will often show what they are really all about when they are placed in a space where they are not in control and are forced to react to things that are not safely scripted to display them in a favorable light.

Some of the most righteous sounding YouTube personalities possess such high toxic levels of narcissism that will blow you away when you compare it to how they present themselves to the public in order to fool the people of what’s truly lurking from within.

I had to check myself because I never ever wanted to become such a creature in my journeys online. Sure, we all have healthy egos, but when it comes to doing creepy things like hiding your phone number and denying that you’ve spoken to a person when you know that you did looks to me that not only are you in need of professional help but also need to know that you’ve got a problem with being a pathological liar.

These are the folks that make me RUN FAST from them because I simply won’t get sucked into their games that are obviously fueled by a great sense of insecurity.

Insecurity. Narcissism. Pathological Lying.

This can make for a very interesting YouTube personality yet these very people MUST have a hell of a fractured and incomplete life indeed!

This is why I am so happy that I vowed to keep things BALANCED and REAL in my cyber-life and with my personal life.

In most cases when you come across a character like the aforementioned individual here that I spoke of, you’ll understand that their passion to be heard is based in reaction to wound that exists far deeper below the facade of this great person that they show to the world.

I have absolutely no problem sharing my weak points as opposed to my strong points.

I have no issue allowing someone else to talk who may have an opposing view that I sincerely don’t believe in as long as they are respectful to all they are communicating with.

I have no problem taking a backseat on my own show and letting someone else shine as they bring the truth to others…….isn’t what this is all about?

In building “LanceScurv” what made it so easy for me to get so much accomplished on a daily basis is that I simply promised to be myself in all things and let the chips fall where they may.

No stress. Either you like me or you don’t.

I never put a gun to anyone’s head or tried to be everyone’s friend simply for a “hit” on one of my video, blogs or artwork pieces.

The return for me was that I was free to express myself in such an authentic way without having to brainstorm a manufactured personality because who I truly was just couldn’t be revealed because I was creepy!

When you try to hide that creepy personality and call the talk shows of those who you secretly want to be like but openly hate, it only makes you dislike yourself more and dive YOU into a state of heightened dysfunction.

…….and who needs that?

Social Media Addiction - LanceScurv

That being said, I feel that I struck the perfect balance work and play in my life and must admit that my cyber-dealings do not take up my total existence. I do so many other things and this is what keeps my enthusiasm high for this wonderful hobby that I have producing original content on YouTube and my blog at

The best way to keep this hobby a healthy one was to deal with my personal issues – and yes, I’ve had my fair share of demons to rid myself of like anyone else – head on with an honest mindset to face them with no denials.

The internet is the perfect place for anyone who doesn’t want to face those demons to create an entirely new personality/life that they would love to have without having to clean their mental, physical and emotional houses internally.

We can just “copy & paste” the fragmented realities of others onto our neglected lives and project that imagery out to the gullible souls who are seeking out the answers to their issues through our projections of perfection.

So the woman who was never known for her good looks can instantly become a highly desired Beauty Queen!

That chubby non-athletic man who works the overnight shift in a mediocre average paying job can automatically become that dashing young sports car driving jet set hunk of a man who sports a six-pack and spends his abundance of money living as a hedonist like there’s no tomorrow.

That short froggy eyed cynical whining voiced closeted gay guy that never had anyone listen to him because he was never valued for his input on anything can now try to beat up on others safely behind the comfort of a keyboard and blocked number because knowing that someone is living a full happy life bugs the hell out of him in his lonely world.

These people work so hard at LOOKING like the real thing instead of developing their true selves to BEING the best that THEY can be!

What is so sad it that too many of my Black Sisters and Brothers have fallen victim to this and will definitely hate on one who has lived a full life and is documented to have experienced all that they’ve claimed.

I hate to say it but there ARE some of us who have lived some very satisfying interesting lives and never needed YouTube to feel that rush of attention that has always courted them throughout life long before this thing called Social Media became that uninvited guest to the most hidden idiosyncrasies that we work hard as hell to hide from the world.

This is the time that we are living in and the only thing that I can say as advice is that life is too short to spend it on an ever growing social media platform that is growing so fast that it dooms those of us on it to a certain anonymity once our life has transitioned.

Sure, reach out to your friends, have a healthy dialogue to learn and share ideologies with others but use it to ENHANCE an already balanced life and NOT to cover an imbalanced life that will never be healed because of your refusal to face your demons.

I know that we as a people have had to come through so much but we can’t stop fighting now, don’t let the gift of technology rob us of the vision to forge forward to create those beautiful realities that are not too far beyond our reach.

If we would just put down our phones, tablets, computers and other devices then maybe we would find that we don’t really need THAT type of media to be social as we had the secret happiness and fulfillment within our hearts all the time before we were blinded.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,


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