The Happiest Facebook Pages Can Sometimes Mask The Pain Of An Unhappy Life!

I’m almost 100% sure that psychologists are losing business big time to the surreal world of cyber space, social media and Facebook pages.

It’s Not only The shrinks that are losing business, But all types of counselors have to be noticing a void in their day in having more time to take two hour lunches Because of lack of those needing answers in their troubled lives and stressed situations.

The churches are packed But everyone is smiling their Most radiant smile. While some are truly living a life of that reflects God’s peace and joy, others who have ventured into The sanctuary with issues to solve usually refrain from opening up about them and instead choose to act as though all is well.

Church Service - Facebook

But why is it easier these days to live in denial of The major issues that some are going through than actually facing them to banish them from their lives forevermore?

Well since the social media phenomenon slowly crept up into our conscious and subconscious minds, it has severely altered how we deal with the crisis that are guaranteed to cross our paths in life.

There was no way to anticipate this attack on the very fiber of our minds and how we related to each other.

It is comparable to expecting the attack of the enemy to come by way of the front door only to find that he was standing behind you all along after gaining entry through the rear.

To wake up in a reality where the majority of the population is bowing their heads in prayer to an electronic gadget that has grabbed their attention more than any book ever has is an example of the diabolical genius of some unsung bad guy whose every fiber of his being was to get back at humanity because of some perceived adolescent slant that caused him to feel like an outcast.

Mad Scientist - Facebook

So we take great pains to project the image of perfection via the image altering tools like Photoshop.

Lose weight? Not by going to the gym or by cleaning up our culinary fare, no, that would be to trying on our narcissistic souls!

Just nip and tuck the captured image that will represent you to the certified perverts in the late night hours and VOILA!

You are now are a highly desirable star if only in your mind!

But who cares, even if you are not, the lying souls who will masquerade as admirers will keep your head gassed up if only to get you into their bedroom or even worse, the back seat of their car.

But this lends testimony that the happiest Facebook pages can actually masked the pained lives that hide behind them.

I believe that this is the case not 100% of the time, but on far more occasions than we would really admit to.

I’ve heard of people getting their heart broken by a long term mate and instead of handling the business of attempting to mend a situation that could be possibly saved, the ailing party would get up on social media in a defiant manner to show there “on the way out” significant other that they have moved on and share the freshly taken photos of their down and dirty foreplay with another replacement clown that will be quickly discarded after the freakish displays are over.

Cheaters Revenge - Facebook

Unfortunately there are the dysfunctional Mothers who are more concerned with keeping up a front that their lives are one big ball of bliss while grinning and bearing the immense pain of discovering that their now incarcerated husband has molested her child but instead of seeing this as a sign to finally get her life together she can be seen dancing, partying and projecting the Facebook happily ever after existence that couldn’t be any further from the truth. The sad thing is the whole entire world knows every gory detail while she hasn’t a clue.


When it gets THAT bad we have to treat Facebook and all other social media platforms like the drug it is.

I guess many people once placed their stressed lives in the hands of drugs and alcohol to sooth their issues away, and while many still are as that form of escape is at an all time high, social media addictions have truly carved a niche into the world of substance abuse all without causing the user to ever have to touch a drug.

It’s because Facebook is the drug that has an invisible and undetectable point of entry to intoxicate the user.

More so than that, many of us are open to this special form of addiction because of the damaged psyches, cracked egos and the threat of the sands of time falling fast as we realized that we may never have that signature slam dunk of a moment to forever immortalize our presence in the world that we can share with our Grandchildren with pride.

We know that for the most part it ain’t gonna happen.

So this is why we play pretend on a medium that projects us into the minds of those who could really care less about us and no matter how many “likes” you’ve begged for, the memory of you will die when the last person connected to you dies.

Smartphone Facebook Addiction

So how’s THAT for immortality my friend?

I find it amazing that we have found it so hard to bend our head down in prayer to the Most High while many can walk through an entire day praying to a smartphone dazed and bedazzled by the illusion of a reality that you will never live.

Why not put the phone down or turn the computer off to see what a mess we’ve allowed our lives to become.

Let us pray to our one true God who can really make a difference in our lives more so than an i-Phone or Droid gadget ever could.

The answers to our individual dilemmas will never come from something that was made to take us away from the God centered life that we were born to seek.

But until we realize this crucial fact, we will continue to download an emptiness that will leave us starving for what our Creator wants to bless us with for free!

Wireless Facebook Addiction

Obedience to His laws and commandments is all that is required and the best part is that there isn’t a monthly fee attached to the fulfillment that He guarantees to give!

Facebook, cyberspace, I-phone’s, Droid devices, tablets, computers, T-mobile, Verizon, AT&T and the rest of that vast web of mind trappers can never match the divine gifts that will be here long after the signal has been lost from these man made toys.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,


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