Happily Partying Our Salvation Away While Marked For Death In The Deadly Crosshairs Of A Hijacked Culture!

Rose Royce – I’m Going Down

What happened to our culture? What happened to our music? Why does the general climate of our neighborhoods and communities seem bleak and have a sinister cloud of doom hanging over it? How did it get this way and how do we reclaim what was lost?

Remember when you were younger how you would hear the older generation speak on how there “was nothing like the good old days?” And you would think to yourself how crazy they must be for saying such a thing because nothing could compare to the present. How could they think of saying such a thing where back in there time they didn’t have the technological advances that they “have now?”

But how do you feel now that the very things that you thought were so hip to have back then are now relics and considered ancient to the present generation?

…….and the cycle continues.

Its just a matter of time before they have the same realization after a little time passes by in their lives.

I guess everyone holds near and dear the memories and sweetness of their particular generation but the fact of the matter is that every preceding decade was sweeter then the one that came after it.

And yes I know every generation had their wars, struggles and catastrophes, I am not trying to debate the severity of one period of struggle and suffering to another, that would surely be foolish.

What I am trying to get you to see at this point that aside from what trying times were the news item of that day, there was actually more love to go around back then. And for some reason as time goes on there is less to go around in the happiness department.

If you go way back to our days in bondage in amerikkka you will always remember the documented travesties that took place on us over the centuries but what we had back then that brought us through (aside from our connection to the higher power of our Creator!) was our love and connection to each other through our culture!

You may ask “WHAT CULTURE?” Especially since our true culture was hijacked from us as we were brought here to these stolen shores to toil in servitude for another mans wicked satanic agenda.

True, it is a well documented fact that our original names, culture and religion was taken and forbidden from us in order to control us for the slave masters evil purposes, but the culture that I speak of is the newer morphed culture created here exclusively on these shores by the transplanted Africans who are presently called African-Americans.  I say it this way because in the recent past our name has been changed more than the well soiled bed sheets of a sleazy cheap high traffic neighborhood w-h-o-r-e-house, we were called colored, negro, Afro-American if not just that plain ole slave master and current street thug favorite:”n-i-g-g-e-r.”

But yes, as a false Christianity was forced on us under these circumstances, we adopted it and “never the less” made the best of it. The culinary fare that we consumed while in bondage here (and for many of us, we STILL eat in this sick non nourishing ailment creating manner!) was not the “straight from the Mother Earth” preventative herbs/leaves and pure manner of nourishing ourselves with food offered to us by the plant world that was rich with life force, but with the heavily salted fried scraps of pork and the overcooked over seasoned dead lifeless matter of the  leftovers tossed out of the windows of “massas” house if not picked directly out of the garbage.

This was the origins of what we now call soul food. We had to season up this poison so severely  in order to make it taste like something after a hard days work!

Even our music was laced with a sense of hope that one day we would come out of that suffering as a people into a world of righteousness and fair play. We were on the plantations toiling under the draining sun for what seemed like an eternity while singing what we’ve come to know now as the Negro spirituals that kept our enthusiasm alive under such ruthless conditions.

The culture that we tried to string together collectively bonded us together as true culture should. It strengthened our resolve to endure the most horrendous holocaust of a people sustained for CENTURIES! And we came out of it without any trace or connection to who and what we were prior to this travesty. And now we literally became strangers to not only the world but to our own damn selves!

Culture is the thread that was wonderfully woven through the fabric of our lives and held us TOGETHER whether we knew each other or not! Whether we were related to each other or NOT! Our common culture made us feel we were related anyway and this is one of the many reasons as a people we have a higher sensitivity in our spirituality, it is a gift from the creator that helped us to endure what was allowed to happen in our bloodline.

Now that you see how and why our culture is important to us as a people now you can understand why an entity who wants us destroyed will slowly and undetectably hijack a culture that bonds us and builds us and cause it to be a poisonous thing to our souls!

While at one time in the not to distant past our culture was laced with love, fun, togetherness and a cohesiveness rarely found these days, which the music and media today like a turkey being prepared for a thanksgiving feast, is basted and soaked in anger, lust, envy and all of the bevy of deadly sins of the spirit you can think of.

Overall we are happily partying our salvation away while marked for death in the deadly cross hairs of a hijacked culture.

……..and we don’t even have a clue.

While we shrewdly pick through the produce in the supermarket for the best food the store has to offer, we allow just any old filth into our minds via the television, radio and computer subjecting ourselves unknowingly to the control of satan!

We are meticulous in our homes and with our vehicles as to keep them looking good and functioning properly but freely allow the subliminal messages to enter our mind, saturating the core of our very being until we become fine examples of life imitating art.

Think not?

Then turn on your evening news to see firsthand what is going on in every state across this vast nation and even the world!

Many who are uninformed will blindly blame rap music and hip hop culture, but I beg to differ. Now while what we know NOW as rap music is used by the Illuminati secret societies to maintain control over the minds of our young, it must be forcefully stated that this wasn’t always the case. Rap music for THEM has become the preferred VEHICLE of this brand of present control but it in itself isn’t the reason why.

Would you stop purchasing pure baking soda for the innocent use in your home because crack dealers use it to produce crack out of cocaine?

No you wouldn’t because you know what others may use it for but you know what your reasons are for making the purchase. That being said should you be immediately identified as a crack dealer on the spot in that supermarket and arrested and sent to prison for many years afterward because of the ignorant association with an innocent product? NO!

So our cultural expressions are contaminated purposely to corrode our ability to “hear” what is right deep down from the core of our soul. So the theory is that to imbibe our music with violent lyrics, sexually titillating visuals with a great beat and maximum exposure through the media outlets, it will brainwash our young to indulge in everything that they were taught was morally wrong. They will be programmed for the death and destruction of each other identifying more with the color of a damn bandanna more so than the content of an individuals character. This is why there is a cloud hanging over our neighborhoods that reeks of hopelessness, because if our youngsters had a vision, possessed hope and the reinforcement of the supporting structures in their personal lives, they wouldn’t even dare think of committing the deeds that have become commonplace in the world today.

The only way to restore the love and bonding that was leeched out of our lives from a hijacked culture would be to aggressively reject any expression that gives the wrong message. Art and entertainment must be used in the righteous instructional manner to show a person how to pull themselves up by the bootstraps in a situation instead of using it to lure people in by their carnal weaknesses. I find it so disgusting that with so many deadly sexually transmitted diseases lurking invisibly amongst us, that these movies and music videos use sex as an intoxicant to appeal to us literally walking us down the road of a sure death once the seed is planted in our mind that makes us crave that same risky activity ourselves.

We MUST get back to basics and reclaim our society back! We must not tolerate ANY alteration on our cultures no matter WHO you are! I speak from the perspectives of a Black man but the same holds true for ALL cultures that hold a people together! Whether Black, White, Latino, Asian, Indian or Native American etc. NEVER allow your culture to be inoculated with the covert poisonous messages that will eventually cripple your people and bring them to their knees in a mindless subservience to yet another satanic slave master!

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