Happiness Is A Choice That Is Never Offered As A Side Dish To Hate On The Vast Menu Of Life!

Early this morning when I was on my commute to work I couldn’t believe the amount of tension that I saw in the faces of those who for the most part appeared to be awakening themselves.

I mean, there wasn’t one smile or pleasant expression that I could remember and it appeared by the expressions on their faces as if most were in a mindset as if they were going to war. It was a harsh realization to swallow so early in the morning and if every single day is a fresh start to reach new levels in a wonderful existence, it made me wonder just what type of life are these people with their mean mugs are living in the first place.

…….and I course I went deeper into what might be the cause of this and I thought about the conditions that most have live under in America and how most people really do not know how to balance their lives. Heck! Most don’t even understand how to balance their checkbooks much less their total lifestyle.

Yes, diminishing wages, the fear of getting sick and the high cost of healthcare, childcare and all that THAT entales as well as the high cost of living and an ever expanding amount of taxes to be paid all contribute to the rat race and inherent tensions that come along with the territory of living in such a hostile environment.

But you know what?

I’m not buying the excuses!

First of all, I believe that “perception” has a lot to do with how one sees the world, if you do not strictly filter the fearmongering that enters your mind on a constant basis then you will eventually take on the form of what is generally accepted by the masses without question. And yes, I do see what has been transpiring with the concerns that many are very uptight about but I refuse to allow it to siphon the abundance of life and enthusiasm that I have inside of me. That I cannot allow!

Our personal perceptions of the world around us can take us to an early grave if we let it, because I truly belief that our state of mind as well as our emotions are directly connected to our physical body in ways unseen and for the most part…….unknown.

So while we must deal with some very uncomfortable and often negative situations in our lives on a daily basis, this doesn’t mean that we as individuals must absorb that negative energy and claim it as our own. If we do, we are only setting ourselves up even faster for a major sickness that probably won’t manifest for another few years. I feel that my theory MUST be true because any good doctor will tell you that to keep your spirits up is to increase ones chances for defeating an illness.

Negativity and those old backed up issues that we carry deep inside for years while putrefy and be the reason why our illnesses strike us down the way that they do because our emotional/mental state was a plush ripe breeding ground for those various ailments.

I know that you’ve heard the statement that one “should NEVER bring the stress of a job home” and that one should leave it right where it is because it does no one any good as the toxicity can spread into the personal areas of your life and taint the purity of your home life to being an effective escape from the outside world.

This I believe with every fiber of my being, and THIS is why their are just too many people walking around in a perceived fog when in fact it’s THEIR perception of the world around them coupled with the unseen burden of emotional/mental garbage that they just do not know how to flush out of their mind.

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You see, in school here in the United states we are taught so many things but it appears to me as though some of the most important things are not taught which pretty much leaves those who are growing up without a support system and left to the wolves to have to figure out how to navigate these dangerous waters in the many places that we will find ourselves in this life.

Life gets thrown at us so hard in a more intense fashion more so than any other time period in history and we were not built to deal with so much coming at us in such a short burst of time so we become overwhelmed and are open to those who speak deceptive lies and untruths that we absorb because of need to seek an answer.

So that complaining coworker may give you a sense of doom after continually “warning” everyone of the huge layoff that never really arrives.

The fear-mongering on the evening news might thrust you deep into a mentality that is open to embrace all conspiracy theories so you walk around in a state of panic because no one else seems to see what you see and are befuddled that no one sees the truth! I know of a few individuals like this and they are some of the most MISERABLE people to be around because they spend the bulk of their time in your midst attempting to “convert” you into their way of thinking as if they are going to receive a huge commission from the media brainwashing units across the internet and airwaves.

The perceptions that can be considered dangerous to our health doesn’t always come from outside of the home, they can be right there waiting for you in the form of a spouse who brings you an argument and complaint every time you COME home! This too is not good for your health as I am always seeing my coworkers age right before my eyes and the reason for that is that I hear of the huge amount of baggage that they have to wrestle with when they get home.

Now with this as the understanding, is it a wonder that with all of this bottled up emotion that we can be a candidate for a massive heart attack? Stroke? Diabetes? Cancer?

What about the incidents of people who just get up and kill each other randomly? Might this be a sign that an inner valve has busted and that this explosive behavior was cultivated over a period of time and could have been prevented if spotted by one who possesses a keen eye for the unseen?

So trust me, there HAS to be a connection between the toxic emotions and thoughts that we hold on to no matter WHAT the source. While many will argue that the sicknesses suffered today are more a by product of a poisoned environment or a genetic weakness, we have to admit that there is an unseen factor in our physical well being that is not being addressed.

So we must control our reactions to the stimuli that attempts to stress us at every turn in our day. I must also say that our deeper understanding of what is transpiring around us will always keep us ahead of the game when it comes to dealing with those stresses.

Understand that while we may have a small level of influence on our environmental conditions and can affect those genetic inheritances of illness with a good clean diet and healthy living, how we control our reaction emotionally and mentally to the toxic people places and things around us is 100% up to us!

But in order to reach that intense level of self control we must conquer our lower desires through deep meditation/prayer, being brutally honest with ourselves as to what is lurking in our hearts and to make the effort to avoid the toxic situations that place us in the valley of decision in the first place.

There is so much more to us than meets the eye and if we pledge to take the journey into our own personal inner universes, there will be absolutely NOTHING in the outside world that can take us “out” of our divine zone and into a toxic place of hate, jealousy, anger, lust and all of the “anti” fruits of the spirit that are guaranteed to soon surface from within as a major sickness!

So let us love on each other, laugh with each other, share with each other and do all of the things with each other as though we are all family to each other because in reality we are! If we all claim to have the same Heavenly Father, then how can we be as disconnected as we are? We need to wake up and make this earth out to be the heaven that our creator intended it to be because if not our time here will be cut short far to early and we would have lost out on the greatest gifts of all…….

…….our health, our love for each other and the gift of life that is so precious more so than you could EVER know!

Stop hatin’ and start LIVING! Life is only a smile away! Give one to a stranger and make not only your day, but someone else’s also as well as giving your body a healthy boost…….

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Infinitely Intense Brother,


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