Hardcore Obedience Is The Only Road To Salvation!

Why do we play with God’s word for our own carnal purposes?

Why do we inject ourselves into a position that wasn’t meant for us because we have some carnal narcissistic need for attention?

It seems that no one wants to toil in the shadows until it is their time to be called to the forefront to execute THEIR particular divine task as God wants it and not what WE want it to be?

Why is it that God’s ministry has been reduced to a side show that always has some clown on top set up to be worshiped as a god beside God?

Why are we so gullible when a snake comes cloaked in sheep’s wool to literally destroy our lives as they pick and choose what THEY want for THEIR reprobate mission never once caring for the already existent lives that they have killed and destroyed to keep their delusional parade marching on?

I myself have fallen victim to these churchified scams time after time again and I refuse anymore for it to happen again!

God does not change His word for anyone! There ARE no damn hookups on sin because one is chosen for a work! It don’t work that way! Hardcore Obedience Is The Only Road To Salvation!

What we crave on a human level may not match up with the overall plan of God’s order. It sickens me to my core to watch how these delusional personality disorders gone wild are left to roam wild in the modern day church and to make matters worse, half of those who are their looking for their answer will fall down on their knees at the FIRST THING that comes at them talking a holy word and appearing as a righteous entity!

Why do you think Joel Osteen is so popular? He puts on this big smile and never challenges anyone to come out of the world in their sin and actually makes it fair-seeming, so guess who is going to have the most popular church in town?

But never EVER uphold God’s word up to the letter of the law! Noooooo! Don’t do that! Because if you do you will repel those who are coming to you as an Angel of Light who seek to hold you in your vices for THEIR purposes to suck you dry of any chance of getting into the good part of the hereafter any at all!

You see, God’s word never comes back void, and the reason why we find ourselves in these jacked up situations that we are in denial about when we look back on the twisted tracks of our lives is because we merely did not submit! That’s all we have to do is to submit. Nothing more. Nothing less. We know what is in our hearts and many of us spend an entire lifetime doing so while twisting up God’s word to fit our sinful carnal hearts and intentions so that we can look good to the deceived while steady getting our shit off in a worldly manner.


You can throw scriptures UP DOWN and AROUND until the COWS come home but it won’t change a damn thing!

Am I trying to preach to you and act as though I am holier than thou? HECK NO! I, if the truth be told, was actively involved in some deep sin not too long ago and just banished it from my life! And yes, I am speaking from a CURRENT experience at the time of this writing because I am keeping shit real and on point! Yes I cursed. Sorry if I offended anyone but it is what it is!


Those demons who have skillfully wrapped their slimy evil but delicious looking tentacles around every intricate facet of your mind, body and soul will scream out in a convincing fashion in order to pull you back in to a trap that will lead you straight to hell in the express lane but you are to do what’s commanded in scripture and that is to SIN NO MORE!

It’s as simple as that.

God put in to motion the law of gravity and as last count, He hasn’t bent that law too many times as far as I know in recorded history.

You can be the most evil person in the entire world or you could be the most saintly and spotless individual to walk the earth as far as man’s eyes are concerned but if the both of you hold hands and leap off of the tallest building, then you both will be found shortly at the bottom as a splattered messed that is indistinguishable because of your prior lifestyle and righteous choices or rejection thereof.

The law MUST be respected or you will be anointed with DEATH ETERNALLY!

…….and I ain’t trying to go there people!

You see, when you know better and you were raised up to TRULY be enabled to see right from wrong then the formerly sweet taste of sin loses its allure and actually will chastise and upset the one who partakes in its seduction with every rebellious episode. You mind has been bothered because you know that the action doesn’t match what should be done on a righteous level. For those who don’t know any better they will carry on until they do or either end up in a very bad place.

It is appointed for all men to know the consequences of their sinful actions in this world because when you stand up before God on judgement day there will be absolutely NO EXCUSES no matter HOW GOOD you twisted up His word to fool the flock for your own Jezebel/Ahab purposes!

I also have to address the holy wanna-bees who are attracted to me only to usurp the formula of what makes Lance Scurvin so popular online – popular? Yes! You know why? It’s because you know that you are going to get an honest response and assessment from me whether you like it or not even if it is my own mess that I am speaking of. Second of all, you all know that I never set out to even LOOK for any attention because I am that guy who sat quietly for years in a faceless manner behind the keyboard while drawing my pictures and sharing my art. This is real – I am real – And THAT’S the reason why the people flock to what I have to share even when I may be WRONG on something, I will turn around and apologize for my mistakes and absorb all correction in a humble fashion because we ALL can be guided and learn from each other! This is why I share what little I’ve learned from my experiences with the world!

This is another reason why I choose to run with those who are OUTSIDE of the tainted order of what we call organized religion, I believe that we have spent enough time waiting on a bus that has never shown up and we must put on our walking shoes (Or even better, RUNNING shoes! Lol!) in order for us to make it to our personal promised lands of eternal life. Ain’t nobody going to do it for you! You have to tap into the God inside of YOU!

After a time you must be held responsible for what it is that YOU do and after that time has passed it will be quite evident that you are where you are because YOU CHOSE to stay in that place because you like the dirt that you are in!

Many churches will allow you to continue into your sin as long as you keep those tithes and offerings coming in and the building fund flowing. Yes, some will slap you on the wrist a little to make you feel as though they are doing their job as a spiritual leader, but most are just not going to go there because they know if they specifically piss you off then that affects their bottom financial line and those luxury cars and expensive MUST be paid for!

This is why I choose to run with the likes of a Richard “The Gladiator” Johnson and a “Bebee Watson”. They are connected to the church through their training and background of course but they choose to run in their own lane as God’s spirit guides them to act. And while I cannot vouch for what is in the heart of any man other than myself, their movements as far as I am concerned are just fine with me because you know that LanceScurv “ain’t” going to have anyone run alongside him in this cyber journey what ain’t too straight in their convictions!

So understand that there is NO jack leg preacher who can entice me to go under his ministry because of the amount of dick sucking cum swallowing attention seeking narcissistic Jezebels that I can have if I submit the trust that I have built of my following to his evil clutches. I can’t endorse that. I can’t have that blood on my hands! And I have to say that while certain things have always been my weakness, the negative forces who specialize in bringing to you the carnal pleasures of this world in order to snatch your salvation and intercept the Godly work that you are to do in this world get PISSED OFF when you have controlled and conquered your formally raging out of control desires because this gives satan absolutely NO HANDLE to hold on to in order to drag you down into hell!

Believe me on that one!

And when they see that they cannot be handed over the trust of those who follow you independently they will attempt to make you feel as though you are in sin because the people love you for who you are outside of any measure of control from that envious source. They will tell you that you are in sin because people are worshiping you and that God is a jealous God and will do you in for usurping HIS glory!


…….but then again it is okay for them to seek attention in YOUR world and corner of the internet but when they can’t seem to get it, they will attempt to make you feel bad for the love you have! But let me say this, NEVER have I ever attempted to come to ANYONE in Jesus name or as a man of God! This is why I will occasionally drop some form of profanity in my blogs so that the churchified fools will readily say that I am the polar opposite!

Let me tell you something for those who refuse to grasp what I am saying – GOD will use anything or anyone he damn well pleases to do what HE desires! If I am seeking out the directions to reach my destination, it doesn’t matter WHO shares the truth with me in order to get me to where I am going! It could be the cleanest most upstanding member of society just as well as a dirty drunk who is in the gutter that hasn’t washed his backside in WEEKS! Truth is truth! So if they BOTH tell me where I have to go correctly then what they both had to offer is right!

So if God uses me personally to motivate you in a way that others cannot, then what fault is it of mine if my “directions” get you to where you need to go? I might be as filthy to the holy rollers as the drunk that I used in the example in the prior paragraph but so WHAT if the truth flows through me under NO power of my own! I always give God the glory! I do NOT use God as a vehicle to put my face out there and sham the people in HIS name! I will NEVER do that fraudulently! You all know my life and know my story and I trust that through the magic of cyber space that many of you have confirmed what I’ve shared about my life to be the truth because there are too many kooks out here saying some incredible things about themselves without a shred of evidence or proof!

This is what brings me another point that I want to drop in this rant of mine today…….

Be very careful of who lurks near you in these churches and houses of worship. You’ve got so many strange spirits who come there to seek out their self serving opportunistic agendas at your expense. More so than politicians, celebrities and other types of public figures, preachers and their inner circle as well as those who worship in their congregations are big targets for these predatory sharks who make sure to appear as a righteous entity cloaked in the covering of the “Lord” but who have intentions of self promotion and elevation from the brief associations that they will push on you as a person of high visibility.

This is real! And the church is a wide open place for this and there really is no present system put in place to stop it except to really be in tune with the Holy Spirit. That is the only way because these Jezebels (Both male and female alike!) can quote the Bible better than most and will use scripture to twist it up in a hypnotic and convincing fashion to gain what they want through a covert manipulation and in most times remain undetected while the drama ensues!

These entities care not for the church NOR the blinded people in them as the confusion mushrooms out but merely what they can get OUT of the dismantling of something that was for the most part good but open and vulnerable for these type of attacks. These types seek power and control and will do anything to get it for THEIR self promotion.

Never forget that!

…….and you don’t have to be some BIG high profile individual to have these types flock to you. Little old me has to deal with this constantly because of where many feel I am going with my talents and abilities. Some may “invest” a little time with me in order to guarantee that they can say that they were “down with me” when I was on the come up with my goals and success. It’s just like a dear friend of mine whose name I will not mention here, but she has a son who is about to finish college and is a star player on the college football team. She as a mother knows the game and makes sure to keep the Jezebels away from him because they know that if they can get a baby out of him or dominate him with sex then their meal ticket is just about guaranteed for life as long as he continues to excel!

Make sure to look at life through your third eye and walk in the spirit. Know that you may fall to temptation but brush yourself off and pick yourself up knowing that the best of you is yet to come regardless of your past misjudgments. You have your own divine mission and whether it is in the backroom sweeping floors away from the bright lights and the adoring crowds, know that if THAT is where God wants you to be then you will blessed just the same as if you were standing on stage with your name shining bright for the cameras being adored by the masses!

The only way to Heaven in THIS world is HARDCORE OBEDIENCE to the will of God!

If God says do it – THEN DO IT!

If God says that it is wrong and it is sin – THEN TURN AWAY FROM IT AND LEAVE IT ALONE FOREVER!

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who speaks a righteous word yet tries to lure you into some form of transgression to God is only trying to take you straight down to the lowest pits of hell!

What’s a few years of sinful fleeting pleasures in comparison to an eternity in torment?

…….I rest my case.

P.S: If YOU think this blog of mine is a porn site because of a few pictures that I have of half naked women here, you need to stop lying as I speak reality and the truth, you say this ONLY because YOU are a damn Jezebel yourself and am mad that I have pulled the covers off of your deceptive bullshit…….

…….Dang! I LOVE being so outspoken! LOL!


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