Harnessing The Divine Supernatural Power From Within!

There is absolutely NO excuse for failure in ones life when you understand the power that is hidden in full view deep inside of you!

How dare you insult the One who created you by turning in one sub-par performance after another and accepting that as being your best as you manufacture and offer up one weak excuse after another?

Look at the weather. Some days it’s just as beautiful as can be but other times it can be downright intimidating! I mean, it wouldn’t be right to say that its destructive because even that has its place in regenerating the earthly processes and is the vital function and purpose of weather even if we’ve happened to get in the way of its wrath.


The weather is merely a small part of the entire system of the universe and whether you know it or not, YOU are very much a critical part of that same powerful universe!

So tell me, if you are directly connected to such a powerful force, then why are your works and manifestations so damn weak?

I mean, you are not only “part” of this awesome system, but you were put here to subdue it for your advancement as long as it’s a righteous undertaking and something that is signed off on by the Creator.

So if you were placed here on this earth to stand over it then why can’t you seem to get the easier smaller issues of your life in order? It’s because you were taught wrong in how to Master yourself but extensively in how to Master the world around you. As vast as the external world is around you, it is finite when compared to the inner universe that is you.

Why is it that one can absorb the many books of knowledge and spit back everything memorized in order to attain a degree yet never be able to use that ever changing external knowledge to Master and control our deepest addictions and uncontrollable carnal desires?

Magic City Strip Club

It’s because that limited education that the modern schools of learning are severely outdated and disconnected with the divine force that we all have but have unplugged in order to fit into the limited way of thought. This is why many who are educated can never do great things spontaneously and from the soul.

They are trapped in the circumference of how far their knowledge allows them to move.

Like a chained dog in ones backyard who can only move as far as the chain allows them, they have that innate desire to move beyond the chain but they just cannot go any further.

Dog Chained In Yard

Some dogs in this situation merely give up and accept that their world will only be what the chain dictates and you have the other example of the dog who refuses to accept any limitations because he knows that the faraway horizon belongs to him no matter how hard that chain seems to break, to run free MUST be his reality or he will die trying but will never give up.

Look how many of us have unplugged our connectedness to the vastness of God’s creation and have exchanged that strong instinct for a piece of paper that will have us forever chained never to see the beautiful realities that are just over the horizon that the chain of indoctrination will never allow you to ever see or venture into.

How sad.

But be prepared, those who are the ones who are truly limited will deem you mentally unstable for daring to dream, for daring to see yourself bigger than what they feel that anyone standing in front of them can be.

You must not spend too much time with them and you must not absorb their limited manner of seeing the world. For if you do find yourself in their space for too long it will surely average out your interconnected vastness with the world and limit your ability to see beyond.

As you climb the latter of self mastery as each passing year goes by, they will speak bad of you less and less and even avoid you altogether because they now see that your personal doctrine of looking within was the best one for you while their ways have brought them nothing in the form of self advancement except for a few material items that do nothing to prepare them for the launch into the next dimension they many call death and leave them quite empty and unsatisfied at the end of the day.

As I said earlier you first must understand that YOU are not merely a “part” of this mighty universe but you ARE the universe and when you get in line with its power, there is nothing that can stop your inner flow from manifesting as the force of nature that it IS!

So every time that you see a tornado, know that it is a reflection of what God put in you!


Know that every time that you feel an earthquake, understand that THAT is a force that is there for YOUR use if you know how to harness it for your own righteous purpose that was long ago designated to you on this earth.

I do believe that energy cannot be destroyed or created, but merely re-designated elsewhere. Well, with ALL of this power in the universe all around you, you’ve got to let go of the limited training taught to you in these schools and become a student of the most high who will empower you to move any type of mountain in your path INSTINCTIVELY!

Don’t live your live like that captive dog in the backyard and dare to claim that beautiful and sometimes distant horizon because your Creator gave you this entire planet to explore and rejoice in while we are on this level of existence. How dare you kill yourself and render your divine abilities worthless in essence turning you into the walking dead while the lower animals in creation never needed someone else or a book to explain to them how to be who they are!

What school did a bird go to in order to learn how to fly?

What institution of higher learning did a mosquito attend to know that there is nutrition in YOUR VEINS while you are asleep at night?


I think you understand where I am coming from whether your believe me or not but you must admit that I have a great point. Now, I am not trying to convince you to call me some great philosopher of the new millennium but I will say keep an open mind. Because a closed mind is like that chained up dog in the backyard having his chain released from his neck to set him free to run the beautiful fields in order to pursue the horizon as he/she sees fit yet never leaving his place of captivity.

The dog stays there because it was trained to be docile and expect enough meals in a day in exchange for its captivity. But you have to ask yourself, are you any different? We brag about our captivity on these jobs and yet when we see someone either leave on their own free will or get fired the first thing that we ask is “what are going to do now?”

That’s fear! That’s that chain around THEIR neck! That is how they will remain a captive in their thinking even if they hit the lottery for 300 million dollars! Their captive thinking will surely help them to quickly become broke because they do not see their vastness and connectedness to this universe.

You are NOT your town!

You are NOT your college!

You are NOT your car!

You are NOT your achievements no matter how much they are lauded in this society it is merely another way to keep you away from the knowledge of yourself!

Look at the world today with the myriad of distractions around us to slowly pilfer our time away from us to stifle our true spiritual growth?

Notice that I said TRUE spiritual growth.

I am not speaking of that demon infested carnal entertainment production called organized religion that appeals to your emotions and targets your pocket and bank account as you are really subconsciously paying down on the removal of your sins by the way they have you brainwashed! You can’t buy your way out of hellfire baby!


True spiritual growth will help you master that appetite for the wrong foods as you will be connected to the most high and desire instinctively to consume what it is that will benefit you in the proper amounts and at the proper time.

True spiritual growth will enable you to derive just as much satisfaction from viewing the sunrise as well as the sunset, the full moon as well as watching the birds feed outside of your window while you are inside of your home just as much as the feeling that you thought was overwhelming as when you purchased that first luxury vehicle.

But know that God’s joy doesn’t come with a monthly note.

Man does that but not God!

See, God gave us ALL of His Earth, left us ALL of the plants to grow us all of the nutrition that we will ever need. And he gave us the animals to converse with in ways that we have forgotten as transplanted people of high a melanin count that will warn us of impending storms, doom and adversity.

We never needed Doppler radar when we were whole.

We never needed Walgreens, CVS or Duane Reade pharmaceutical drug stores because they medicine was in the food that we consumed, and that hidden natural medicine was consumed as much as we wanted without even a side effect!

Walgreens Pharmacy

Yes, I know that I’m rambling but I can’t really help myself because I see so much because I never really had the chain around my neck as a creative soul. So here I stand outside of the yard telling all of my people to break free of the limited indoctrination and propaganda fed to you and leave to live a life that is truly free where you are empowered in what others will deem is a supernatural ability but their isn’t anything supernatural about it, it’s the way we all should be in the first place!

So until we as a people are ready to reject this imposter world that is given to us at every turn in our days, expect to be worn down and tired before your time.

Be prepared to continue to pray to an imposter God that was manufactured to keep you enslaved and be prepared to be overjoyed at the state of mediocre achievements that YOU think is great because of your limited hijacked thinking but is really a sad disappointment went you realize that YOU unplugged that unlimited power source that will place you on top of this limited world.


Try following the divine trend of thought and being and be prepared to feel lighter and lighter on your physical feet and in your spirit body!

The point of what many call death is really a cause to celebrate if ones life was spent pursuing that inner force that resonates in all of us to a greater or lesser degree so that we will one day see the perfect face of God almighty Himself if we refuse to believe this limited garbage down here that is being fed to us like an all you can eat buffet!

There will be more of this to come!

Peace & Righteous Love always,

Your Supernatural Brother (and a nutcase to some),


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