In my humble opinion it appears as though with each passing year, it is revealed to us how decadent we have become as a society.

When I look at a young man like DeMarco Spears – who in actuality is 30 years old at the time of this post – it makes me understand how much damage can been done to us mentally by what we are exposed to.

What I see a person like this who is so developed in his twisted tastes sexually and the feeling of entitlement that he possesses with another woman’s life, it confirms what I already know about how online porn and all forms of adult online content has warped the minds of our younger generations.

When I read into this particular story, it let me know how many of us are being raised in a way that is so far away from what was once considered normalcy.

When I looked into the relationship between this young man and how he called her 100 times when he found out that she was at the strip club through the Snapchat platform, it really made me wonder what kind of connection did they really have.

There is so much to the story that has not been revealed, but it’s obvious that they had some type of dysfunctional relationship for her to tolerate his treatment of her and for him to feel entitled to her body, her earnings and anything that she accomplished – whether morally correct or not – in her personal life.

If these are the seeds of decadence that are manifesting itself in the present day, could you imagine what we have yet to see in the years and decades to come from the increased levels of filth? We are exposed to this stuff on a regular basis in cyberspace directly to our brains which will stimulate us into an even more amplified twisted level of unacceptable behavior.

In this episode of the LanceScurv Show we go deep in on this conversation and although I want you to enjoy it I want you to truly understand what is happening in our society and why we need to protect our children from this type of content because they’re not emotionally ready for this, but will they ever be?

Feel free to share your perspectives on the show in the comment area below and I am so thankful that you took the time to share your presence with us here. ENJOY!



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