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The BlackBalling of Oscar Winning Actress Mo’Nique seems to be quite a tradition in Hollywood when one doesn’t “play the game” as Lee Daniels told her in a phone call that never left her with an explanation as to why she probably was blackballed.

But it definitely appears that she is because since her award winning performance in Precious, Mo’Nique really hasn’t been in any major movie of note.

Yet one would think that since she won an Oscar that movie roles would constantly be offered to her but the exact opposite has happened leading me to believe that there is something more going on here than meets the eye.

While I feel that Mo’Nique has definitely been BlackBalled to the 50th degree, my question to you is what do you think is going on and what could be the explanation for her lack of movie roles after her Oscar win?

Please leave your opinions and perspectives in the comment area below.

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  • soymiguelalejandro23 says:

    A Wonderful, insightful, revelatory and magnificent commentary. Mr. Daniels
    told us much more when he said “the Game” than he probably realized. I was
    taken aback after he said that even before Mo’nique addressed laid this all
    out so we would be able to see the other side of this. I will support
    Mo’nique’s new projects.

  • Ticherie Ma says:

    Monique is avery beautufl woman. I think she looks good wth her weight loss. And the standard od beauty is stupid. j

  • Mechall Brown says:

    I think she messed up while giving her Oscar winning acceptance speech. She bragged on not playing the game of campaigning. I felt that she should not have done that.

  • Ra Nu says:

    “The game” means getting around to all the Jewish sex parties and later bowing and accepting these same Hollywood honchos as her superiors

  • Jarrod Lacy says:

    Another insightful post, Lance. I thank you.

  • serving Jesus says:

    Whether it is mainstream media, music , entertainment industry, politics, anything with the potential to generate multiple millions. ..evil at its origin

  • ebaychick30 says:

    As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. I do think that its hard for black actors to procure roles and tell/develop/produce interesting and diverse stories in hollywood. BUT i also think Monique is difficult, tone deaf and indelicate. There’s a video floating around here about her calling Hollywood a “bit!ch” and she commended the academy (oscars) for once not being political. There’s even a guardian article where she describes herself as “tactless” and that her husband is the one with the tact. Somewhere we as a people got that keeping it real and telling it like it “T-I-IS” was real cool. But most of us don’t go into our businesses or JOB beating white people over the heads with our feelings of injustice. I don’t lead my presentations, on how I’m the only black woman on my team. There’s a way to navigate the system. And playing the game is a reality. Keeping it real will get you REAL fired, alienated, marginalized and broke and becoming annoying as hell to the black folks who COULD/SHOULD help you.

  • Monique Reed says:

    Ya’know…… Im starting to wonder was it Hollywood that supposedly black balled you or Lee Daniel’s because of the demanding demeanor you’ve portrayed during and after the Precious syndications. Show Biz is Dirty Biz. Because that mess he said didn’t even sound right…talking bout she didn’t play the game right. Who’s GAME Lee??? You could have used her for both The Butler and Empire…but didn’t. Its clear, crystal!

  • Cosandra Harris says:

    I find it strange , that Oprah is getting parts that was offered to Monique 1st….Who, knows, Oprah may have more to do with this than we know. Jealousy and envy is something to reckon with..It is also apparent D.Lewis has no real say for his work or the actor or actors he wants to play roles in them

  • Syj1968 says:

    sounds like she to strong to play the Hollywood game maybe they wanted her to play a role that she didn’t agree with .Hollywood has their picks and they will use the same actors over and over for movie’s

  • beesprimetimenetwork says:

    GREAT REVIEW…………………….

  • blacklove160 says:

    Lee Daniels said “She’s a Creative Force”to be reckon with, code word for Powerful” The Light”.Mo’Nique speaks truth to Power and she’s Bold and Inspirational.I seen this coming when she had Paul Mooney on her TV show Exposing Hollywood telling her its a lot devil worshipping in the industry.You better be careful.Also she had Tboz on the the show Exposing Clive Davis too.They snatched the show,just as they did Arsinio Hall this 2nd time when he had Katt Williams on Exposing the TPB.Mo’ reversed it back on them lmao and used the code word “The Game”Exposing H’wood.How I see it this was by Divine Order as a form of Protection on her.Thx lance:)

  • Dee Shawnte says:

    Excellent video. I applaud Monique and her husband for getting their own rather than selling out.

  • Our Mackey And Dottie Show says:

    Mabey she didn’t want to bow down.

  • LanceScurv says:
  • Bum Head says:

    She did not play the Game of Coon

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