Haters: Never Independent, Acting Like They Are Running Things, Always Freeloading & Causing The Most Drama!

Why is it that those who cause the most confusion with their lies, gossip & all around scheming are usually unemployed with no means of supporting themselves? Why are they moving about the earth like THEY are in charge & running things when in actuality they are RUINING things?

This phenomenon has never ceased to amaze me.

I guess it is true when they say that those who have too much idle time on their hands have nothing else to do but cause trouble.

But it is true. I have been in the presence of anyone who was feverishly pursuing a dream that had time to be so caught up in what someone else was doing on a trivial level with their personal life. You all know how much I put into my work here on this blog as just one person and how much I accomplish in other arenas of my life to know for a fact that I do NOT spend any time watching the progress of someone else who is striving to be mad at them for reaching their goals.

That would frighten me beyond measure if I woke up in the morning and possessed the venom that I have seen spewed at me in the past for no reason at all whatsoever!

How do you rationalize that mindset to yourself?

Like I said earlier, it’s always the bums who want to freeload and bum off of the sweat of another man’s brow who cause the most confusion! There are individuals out here who will work harder to NOT hold down a job than to just go on ahead and put in their eight hours in and live peacefully.

But they refuse to submit to divine law and reject holy scripture when it states that a lazy man is NOT to eat! This is actually a demonic state of being when you can clearly hear a divine order that is written in a manner that is easily understood and is still ignored because it is something that you do not believe in…….

To tell the truth in my humble opinion the targets and victims of these vicious slanders are almost always the people who are striving for better in their life. When they reach their goals or get pretty darn close to it the energy changes around them drastically as far as these dormant haters are concerned and the attacks will soon begin.

I’ve also noticed in past confrontations and observances that these confusion makers will always show you their best face and a whole lot of “love” when they can easily waltz right into your home and partake in the hard earned resources, items and amenities that you have accrued to their delight!

And do know that while they are kicked back with their feet up watching YOUR television with a huge mountainous plate of YOUR food that they are subconsciously HATING every minute of your sincere hospitality because they are not at the helm of YOUR ship as the captain!

YES this is true!

They are right up under your wing enjoying a snippet of what it is like to live like you for the moment while at the same time very angry because they know that they are not living as well as you are.

And that was not necessarily a statement based on your monetary resources. No! It could be that you have a great relationship with your mate and they secretly abhor the peace of mind and balance that you have seemed to achieve in your personal life. You might not have a lot of money but you have a Godly peace in your hearts that drive these tormented individuals crazy!

So they well know that they are hateful, and the venom that they carry within themselves blinds them to the fact that they too can have a great life too if they would only resist being a pawn to the negative forces of this universe and live accordingly to what our Creator wants us to abide by but they are so far gone in their madness that they just can’t see their own dysfunctions.

So instead of going on to get their own or forge a new reality based on their aspirations, they would rather live through your accomplishments or material rewards. They will “borrow” your car to drive for a minor emergency yet find themselves far away acting to their peers as though this was their vehicle.

They will have a wardrobe emergency and out of nowhere need to borrow an outfit for an important church function that ended up being a party downtown at the club.

They will find themselves in an acquaintance’s home only to get caught snapping away with the photos on their camera phone so they can “front” on Facebook telling everyone that those photos were taken at THEIR home when in actuality they live with and depend fully on their tired old aging mama!

Take your damn pictures over there where you live!

Now even as I type this blog I have the television on and am noticing that it’s a reality television show on. Don’t ask me how I got to that channel, because I don’t even know HOW to operate my own remote because I really haven’t put in the miles in channel surfing because I am just to busy to waste the gray matter between my ears on such a mind numbing endeavor. But I must admit that my attention was snatched when I heard some screams coming from the television. It happened to be a show about repossessed vehicles, I think it was called “Operation Repo.”

Well anyway, I kicked back and took in what was happening and was seduced into watching what a typical day and night would entail in the life of a “Repo Man.” It was quite interesting to say the least and I didn’t feel as guilty because this actually appeared to be real. But the lasting impression that stuck with me is that these people all felt as though the repossessors were wrong for arriving to retrieve the car in their possession for non payment!

Imagine that! YOU don’t pay YOUR financial obligation and you get angry to the point of violence because YOU were TO LAZY to fulfill your responsibilities? Then you act out like a crazy person in order to intimidate these people who are only doing THEIR JOB to keep them from taking the car that you refused to maintain?

I had to wonder to myself and think why do these people feel entitled to something that had been relinquished through a lack of responsibility? So many of these types are infesting the world and do not believe that YOU don’t have some dead weight haters in your life also! Hell, they will feel just as entitled to YOUR stuff if you allow them to partake in the reality that was produced from the sweat of YOUR brow long enough!

The biggest revenge on these types are to literally be too busy for them and quarantine them away from you and keep them OUT of EVERY aspect of your life! It’s the absolute best payback!

This is the only solution and it is the best way to make them feel how empty their lives really are. Imagine how low they feel when they see everyone getting up to go to work while they stay home and sleep late. Heck, they couldn’t even enjoy their rest like I can because I KNOW I earned it and deserve every minute of talking stupid in my sleep, slobbering the pillow and farting hot and freely while I snore like an old lawn mower! Damn right!

So leave these types to themselves and their miserable outlook on life to spread like a deadly virus somewhere else. You have too much to look forward to waste precious time on them when you can be enjoying yourself in the wonderful life that you have EARNED!!!!

Isn’t that word “earned” such a wonderful word?

Well you can never have the word “earned” without the word “work” and “job” not too far in the same conversation.

Now wouldn’t it be a better world if “some” of us understood this?

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