Have Our Preachers Forgotten That They Are Merely Servants Of The People? – The LanceScurv Show

Lines are blurred in the church today more so than ever before as our Preachers seem to have an identity crisis of who they are supposed to be and what their function is as a servant of the people who are God’s loyal followers.

Many so called Preachers of God’s Word have it twisted and feel that it is all about them and their own self interests as Jesus has been reduced to a minor footnote in their respective ministries.

What really blows my mind personally is that many of those who’ve supported their ministries over the long haul have not even questioned the “shift” in their doctrine which went from a divine word straight from the Bible to one where the congregation hangs on to the every utterance of a celebrity “rock star” preacher.

To say it nicely the church has become a platform for the worship of mere men.

It’s almost like these preachers have miraculously usurped all attention that was afforded for the praise and worship of our heavenly Father and Creator all for themselves.

Huge billboards dot the landscapes of our communities urging the people to become new members of a celebrity pastor church where most attend to be seen or to make a status or fashion statement.

Whatever happened being a servant of God who takes care of the needs of the people?

Whatever happened to visiting the sick at that special time of need?

Whatever happened to helping out with the emotional needs of a family in distress after losing a loved one or going through some other major crisis?

Too many of our Pastors are more concerned with smearing the character of someone who may not be a preacher but has more of a following on social media than they do.

What kind of spirit is this?

And it seems like whenever someone who may not have the worldly qualifications to call themselves a Pastor, these narcissistic frauds are so quick to point out that they do not have the degrees and letters to share the truth as they see it.

It seems as though they feel that they have an exclusive connection with God to speak the truth while everyone else must remain silent because they do not possess the worldly authority.

Well, if this is the case then what school did Jesus go to in order to move about the earth teaching all who would listen.

Seems like Jesus wouldn’t have a chance against these exclusive club members whose inner circle has a secret insight to the total workings of all things God.

…….and if you were ever to believe that then consider yourself a pawn in the game of a hijacked religion whose main goal is pleasure, profit, power and control!

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