We as a people have fallen so far off of the mark of the original way of living that most of us have no clue in how to maintain our mind-body in spirit.

It is imperative that we understand how to maintain ourselves on all levels especially in the present time when we are under attack at every level of our existence.

While many of us make sure to keep ourselves in physical shape some of us will neglect the spiritual aspects of our existence.

While there are those who are spiritually aware and more conscious of this plane than ever before it can only go but so far if you limit the mental development as well as a physical because a healthy body and a healthy mind can house a healthy spirit.

It’s called balance, and now more than ever before in written history and before is a time when this world puts multiple stresses on us that keep us out of balance on our various planes of existence.

If you think not then look at what is happening in the world but the mental physical and spiritual breakdown of many individuals who appear to be very strong.

Many are committing suicide, allowing themselves to get addicted to drugs because they cannot face the realities that can be quite harsh living in this world as well as those who go off into strange behaviors that make no sense in living in ascended life.

So it is imperative that we go back to the original way of taking care of ourselves which I say in total confidence is the only and best way to do so.

It’s so amusing to me that we can have a television show featuring a man who calls himself Dr. Oz and all he is doing is telling us nothing better than what are grandmother and grandfather and those who come before us told us.

Our remedies, cures and preventative elixirs have been hijacked by others for their own profit and benefit while making them appear to be the saviors of our health when we hold all of the keys to our improvement in our hands.

We have so much devalued food offered to us in this so-called advanced society, but how advanced can it be if it brings us to a point of diminished health where we can even enjoy the basic things in life.

We have got to remember what brought us this far through so much in the last several hundred years in surviving the worst Holocaust in recorded history.

Listen to this video very intently and if you found some value out of it do let us know in the comments section below and share your perspectives on what was said so that we can continue to focus on what is important in our lives to maintain our health and take care of ourselves.

We hope you return and I thank you for spending your precious time here with us. Much love.

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