Having The Guts To Change The Music Halfway Through The Song At The Dancehall

They say that as human beings, we are creatures of habit, this can be true depending on who you speak to about this theory. For the most part, there is plenty of evidence to support this claim, out of habit, we get caught up in what tasks we do over and over to the point where we don’t have to make a conscious effort to execute them anymore, its all automatic.

I remember when going to high school I would wake up right on time, wash, groom & dress myself, eat breakfast, take a bus & a train into Manhattan from Queens, walk a few blocks from the subway station to my school, then finally wake up as soon as I would arrive to my homeroom class!

It’s not that I was asleep throughout the entire morning ritual, but it was such a predictable routine that it didn’t require much brainpower to execute the same repetitive tasks every single day.

So many of us sadly move through life in this same manner, as if we are not empowered.  We have adopted this attitude in the interpersonal aspect of our lives, it has permeated into our existence so much to the point where we don’t really don’t open our mouths when we should as not to upset the applecart.

Why are we allowing ourselves to fall asleep at the wheel when driving down the highway of life? Why are we afraid to confront the damaging behavior in the people within our inner circle who are SUPPOSED to love us back as though there is some secret vow to maintain a twisted silence while you suffer from a discomfort that those around you are aware of but refuse to acknowledge as long as you keep YOUR mouth shut?

If your Creator gave YOU the gift of YOUR life then why don’t you have the guts to change the music halfway through the song at the dance hall especially when it’s YOUR party? Half of the time when we open our mouths and demand something it transpires immediately! Stop living your life to please other people as though you were put here to do just that! No one is created by such a wise and powerful God to merely be made to resemble an emotional walking mat!

Just like the creepy crawly creatures and things that fly around in the darkest of night are attracted to that floodlight in the back of the house, we have entities who will try to rob you of YOUR emotional resources and leave you dry with nothing left for yourself! Many times WE are to blame for this as we know when we are being drained and in our immaturity won’t even move our mouth to speak up and get the monkey off of our backs!

At the point and time when you realize that you are the victim of an emotional vampire who masquerades as a friend, the fault is YOURS when you allow them to continue to suck your precious life force DOWN to nothing. Do not complain to anyone else but yourself because YOU are allowing them free access into your inner resources!

This brain of ours is TOO powerful to be outwitted, this spirit of ours when aroused to the heights of enthusiasm is TOO incredible to be contained and this physical body of ours is more durable than many have the courage to realize! So why…….after KNOWING these facts about how much of a dynamo OUR Creator made us to be, would you allow a negatively polarized entity waste your great potential because you are to weak to banish them from your life if necessary?

I wish I could see you all right now but I am going to ask this question anyway! By a show of hands raised high, how many of you have released someone from your life and felt SOOOOO good afterward about committing the sweet act that was LONG overdue? Now if I could see all of you I would expect to see everyone’s hands raised high. Now let me ask you this……..after you cut the cords and attachments of this draining presence from your life, wasn’t it comparable to that great feeling of release and ejection that comes with a long overdue trip to the restroom?


That’s a GOOD feeling!

So imagine how uncomfortable is was to walk around with a backed up gut, feeling bloated and not enjoying yourself and feeling very out of place whereever you went? This is the SAME feeling that you will have when being on the short end of the stick with these draining spirits flying around your private space in this life.

With a new year coming our way in a few weeks let us open up our minds to accept a new rhythm in our lives, one that will leave us feeling stronger just a tad more than the day before.

Let us adopt new eating practices that will allow our bodies to heal itself as well as purge itself of the impurities that we have allowed ourselves to consume while always thinking to ourselves how we will start eating healthy “next week.”

Let us take some time for ourselves to recharge the spiritual being by having some time with OUR Creator BEFORE our routine of a day starts so we have the feeling of having ourselves TO ourselves before the multitude of spiritual vampires and energy leeches go on the attack like an entire football team coming for YOU because you possess the football and tranquility of a God centered mind.

Do take time to walk off of the beaten path, maybe walking down the street and really absorbing what your neighborhood has to offer, take in the beauty of your neighbor’s yard as well as the hard work they put into its landscaping……..

…………..maybe even lighting up THEIR day by anonymously dropping them an unsigned card stating how much you appreciate their handiwork as it brightens up the visual atmosphere of your shared neighborhood.

Reach up and out to the world in ways unique unto you, realizing that you do not have to fit in to what everyone else expects but you must rise up beyond all expectations into what our Lord has placed in ALL of us in our own unique way.

Dare to be different and revel in it!

Embrace your position that NO ONE ELSE holds in this entire universe in this space and time realizing that no matter HOW HARD things may seem, that YOU are a warrior made to exemplify the greatness of God on this level.

Know that there is NO MOVIE on the screen better to watch than you and the one that you have conceived, written, casted, directed and are starring in RIGHT NOW!!!!

The movie of YOUR LIFE!!!!

There is NO SONG more beautiful to listen to than the songs of inspirations that come from your lips and the hard lessons learned in this life!

And do know that if you do something that yourself and others consider a “mistake”, understand that your so called mistakes are only the rough draft of the future “instruction manuals of life” that you are designated to pass on to others in order to help them step over the invisible minefields and obstacles that are out there in this walk on the earthly plane!

So go forth knowing that EVERYTHING that you do has a great purpose and is interwoven in a grand design whose vastness is beyond our grasp and can only be completely understood by our mighty God.

Never fall into being a mere “creature of habit” with so many wonderful possibilities available to us in the course of a day! Understand the awesome sense of adventure that we are to live each day because each unique decision brings us closer to a NEW REALITY.  A beautiful reality that doesn’t necessarily have to wait years to come into full fruition, but one that if possessing the right mindset, can erase ALL of your woes and sorrow immediately because you had the presence of mind to HOLD ON and KEEP THE FAITH!

I know these facts stated by me to be true because I for one am proof POSITIVE of the words I speak and this deep rooted perpetually enthusiastic feeling is what truly inspired me to get up one day and walk outside to the front of my house to paint a beautiful butterfly which everyone knows symbolizes NEW BEGINNINGS……….

And like that butterfly who was contained unnoticed in the darkness of a cocoon going through its metamorphosis, my God has allowed me to bloom at what others may say is somewhat of a late age but look at what has come out of me that was hidden for so long……..

If I never say it again I just want to thank all of you here in my extended Facebook, Twitter, Black Planet and MySpace (etc.) online family for having the blessing to cross paths with you and to share what talents God has given me with you because your wonderful encouragement down through the years has truly strengthened and validated my existence…………..

And going into each new year, that’s the BEST present a man could ever have!

God bless you all for the New Year and beyond!

Unconditional Love Always,

Your Creative Brother,

Lance “Scurv” Scurvin

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