Heads Up Georgia! Troy Davis May Be Gone, But Judge Mathis Fearlessly Set The Record Straight!

Troy Davis is gone but the conditions that will take the life of the “next” Troy Davis are still here.

There is an unholy silence across the land and I don’t like the way it sounds. Why do I get the feeling that everything has gone back to being business as usual?

To me, and maybe I’m wrong but this is way it happens in the Black community, most of us will stick our head in the sand when it is time to effectively move toward changing a system that not only crucifies us at every opportunity in unfair proportions, but malfunctions more than it should for everyone.

But I must give maximum credit to all who have protested endlessly and utilized every conceivable channel in the hopes of halting a modern day execution/lynching that for the most part was a small indication of what happens time after time again without the public media fanfare that was experienced in this case.

As far as I am concerned from what I see the only reason that this case went as high profile as it did is because the media’s hand was forced because of all of the support that was given to it by the masses of concerned citizens who were from every race culture and lifestyle preference under the sun! So don’t paint this as merely a Black thing, it’s a human thing that happens much to often in concentrated doses in the Black community!

It makes me sad to see that in the year 2011 that this Amerikkkan system of so called justice can’t be executed in a manner that is fare across the board for everyone. Now we’ve all heard the comparisons in the Troy Davis case to Casey Anthony and Charles Manson as well as a few other high profile cases where the convicted or accused are still living or have slipped through the cracks because of the legal technical loopholes utilized.

Have we really made any progress at all in this country?

Not at all!

Sure, some visible differences are there now on the surface but when one investigates further by delving deeper into the core values of what this countries modus operandi is all about you will find the same oppressive mindset alive and well in the ruling class as there was many decades ago when our predecessors marched feverishly risking their very lives for a core change that we still have yet to realize in this day and time.

Are we that sold out to the modern creature comforts that our superficial so called progress has afforded us that we just too afraid to risk it all to stand up like the righteous men and women that we claim to be when we are in our various houses of worship falling out in the spirit in a well timed publicity stunt executed solely for the purpose of show and to mislead those around us into thinking that we are some holy righteous warrior for truth and all things right but when the time for battling arrives at our doorstep we cower like the scared little punks we prove ourselves to be time after time?

Can I ask you Negroes a question?

Where have all of the Black people gone?

Lord knows that we have an overabundance of Negroes in our midst……..what’s the difference you ask?

The difference is like night and day, but you can really be fooled if you don’t investigate these chameleons further because it is a known fact that Negroes have the ability to look, speak and appear as a strong fearless Black man or woman behind closed doors just beyond the ears of the bosses and neighbors that they fear so much.

Time for revolution? Sure! The Negroes will be there talking the good talk and coming up with the most effective strategies as you sit back in awe of their creative approach to initiate change, but when it is time to truly execute all well laid plans you will be surprised to see how they have vanished quickly out of sight comfortably behind those very same slave masters who have granted them the minuscule amenities that they are so fearful of parting with!

Black people are not afraid to call it as it is no matter WHO is in their presence!

Negroes will act as if they don’t know you in order to guarantee that their position with their master is secure.

Black people are the ones who will go the distance by any means necessary to make sure this world is a better place for ALL who come up after them while Negroes ain’t thinking about a damn thing except slaving for the next piece of raise on a job that exploits what little skills they possess!

But the only way that you can possibly get a rise out of the legion of docile Negroes is to speak of one of their pulpit pimp pastors!

Don’t do that!

They will now exhibit a fearlessness that should have been captured in a bottle and fed to them for the times when they punk out and refuse to stand up for themselves when their oppressor kills one of their brothers, sisters or children!

They will defend a “Pastor Pimp” and come out of the woodwork to quote the same old tired scriptures that are used to enable and cover up their luxury car driving coke sniffing orgy having false (profit) prophet!

Automatically they will defensively chant in zombie-like fashion Psalm 105:15 – “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm” or the other tried and true Matthew 7:1 – “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Now I am not blaspheming God’s word but what happened to the other scriptures that state that we must be right and proper to lead the flock? This means that there IS a standard by which we should measure the standards of those who have that divine position over our lives in the name of the Almighty!

How hard is this to understand?

But anyway to get back on track, we just don’t have enough people  who are passionate enough in our midst who are willing to risk it all in the name of standing up bold for what is right! Most will play around with a few words merely to sound good and tickle the ears of those who crave a righteous sounding entertainment but most will not risk the source of their financial resources and creature comforts to prove in undeniable fashion that they are all about it!

This is why I respect those who don’t give a damn about the baubles and rubies of this world, growing up I admired Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Maya Angelou, Louis Farrakhan, my Parents of course but just after the execution of Troy Davis while surfing the internet I found a video on YouTube by televisions Judge Mathis where he spoke the truth fearlessly! It truly made me respect him more than I ever have and can see that he is a man of righteousness who isn’t afraid to do the right thing.

He used his position of being a popular judge on a very well known television show as he should to send a message to the masses about what is right and what is wrong with this country, the judicial system and beyond. I thought to myself on how nice it would be if ALL celebrities, politicians, athletes and clergy stood up and spoke this way!

Imagine how the media would explode if President Barack Obama got up to speak in this manner?

Tell hell with the votes and a re-election! Be real! Granted, he wouldn’t win again because of the “mainstream” toxicities that lurk in the belly of this countries system…….

But for once we would truly be able to say that he is a Black man and NOT a shuffling “scratching where he don’t itch” skinning and grinning Negro.

Oh well.

Judge Mathis for President!

He has MY vote.

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Kimberly Young
Kimberly Young
September 24, 2011 4:29 PM

Thanks for sharing Judge Mathis' comments. Troy Davis' case will go down in history as a terrible travesty.
P.S. Still waiting on my book 🙂
Ima nubian queen

Lance Scurvin
September 24, 2011 1:26 PM

You are welcomed Charlotte! You know that I do what I do straight from the heart! But you are 100% correct in the words that you shared here.

We need more knowledge shared instead of our pop culture addictions that blur our view of what is really going on out here as far as reality is concerned!

I for one will always do my part in the struggle and I know you will too!


September 24, 2011 10:34 AM

Yes, I agree with you Scurv, it was very honorable for Judge Mathis to speak about the execution/legal lynching of Troy Davis. I am a supporter of the death penalty in certain cases. Troy Davis’ case was not one of them. In cases where black men and women are accused of killing a white man or woman, they are more than likely to be sentence to death. Where as when whites and other races have killed blacks, the sentence is usually light or they have be found not guilty. I think the death penalty in whole should be re-examined, so no more innocent men and women will be executed. We as Black people should exercise of right to voting (more) and educate ourselves on issues and whom we are voting for. If we don’t engage in real issues that largely effect us, and not be so carried away with pop culture, we will continue to see more Troy Davis cases in the penal system. Thanks for the always informative posts that you provide.

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