Hearing The Real Drumbeats From The Ultimate Conductor In The Orchestra Of Life!

Like the ancestral drumbeats that prepared our forefathers for battle in the Motherland, the beat of Rap Music is just as powerful, striking and speaking deep to something mighty laying dormant in our collective souls.

Someone somewhere figured this out and decided to lace those powerful beats with the words of a fraudulent mission so that we would turn in on each other, using our mighty warrior spirits to kill each other off for THEM instead of coming after our true Enemy!

It’s time to claim our cultural beats back and erase the poison that has been placed within it!

LanceScurv Drums

But how do we accomplish this without the masses who consume these knockoff beats even being aware of it?

We’ve got to speak out to our communities directly and we also need to stop depending on these tainted news programs to tell us what is going on in OUR world right before our very eyes.

Depending on mainstream media for our news opens up our minds to being brainwashed to the point where we do not see the destructive rhythms that are going on right in the places where we live.

All hell can be breaking loose right up the street from where you live but if it isn’t addressed by Anderson Cooper or Nancy Grace it just doesn’t exist for most of us.

Nancy Grace

…….this is a dangerous situation to place ourselves in indeed.

It allows someone else to step in and dictate the degree of awareness that we have in our world in a way which will always benefit that foreign messenger.

So in essence over the decades we have slowly become a community that has lost touch with one another and because of this disconnect have become very suspicious of each others presence.

At one time we used to embrace each other so closely that it didn’t matter if we were related by blood because we all had this awesome universal feeling of being family beyond what a D.N.A. test would say.

So understand that the drumbeats that we depended on to prepare us not only for war, but for community building has been hijacked as well as being unraveled as a collective and has us ready to fall apart at the smallest amount of engineered mayhem thrown our way.

We are covertly being attacked from within with these hateful and lustful lyrics in these so called songs whose beats were designed to go deep into our subconscious mind to make us see our world in a particularly warped manner.

Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj

What other music can influence an entire generation to walk down the street waving their hands and walking like a monkey with their pants sagging down as though they were “on the toilet when the phone in the living room rung and had to run out there with their ass out” other than this form of corporate rap music?

This is NOT our original music that WE created, this is a morphed engineered sound-a-like offering that was made to appeal to us on such a deep level that we not only ate it up like candy but sucked down the poison that was secretly placed in it too!

…….and our high toxicity levels are quite evident by the way we treat each other.

You know, for quite a long time I would rant on about the external factors that were infiltrating our community but after a time I understood that if we focused on ourselves and what we do, it wouldn’t matter how others come at us if we were airtight in our defenses.

This goes for every aspect of our existence, if we didn’t allow our drumbeats to be hijacked, altered and fed back to us laced with death, then we would be just as strong as we’ve ever been as a people and community.

And do understand that when I say that our drumbeats have been robbed, know that it so much deeper than just the music that some of us listen to.

The drumbeats of how we raise our kids have been hijacked.

We do not know how to raise our kids anymore, many of us feel that to pre-embalm them with toxic imitation Walmart food and sit them down in front of a flat screen television or a laptop is the best way to nurture them into adulthood as they are told that it’s okay to have sex with whoever you want and that it’s okay to have two mommies or two daddies who go to bed together naked every night.


Is it a wonder why our kids now have more identity issues than ever before? If you feed them confusion then expect from them a ton of confusion!

The drumbeats of how we feed our families and the knowledge of nutrition has been stolen.

As parents there are too many of us who don’t know what real food is anymore! And for those of us who do, even WE might get fooled as to what is real or not!

You think that you are feeding your children fresh fruit but in essence you are giving them a Genetically Modified Organism that is not compatible with the beautiful body that our Creator gave to you. It’s like attempting to stick a square peg in a round hole, it will never work! It’s sad to say that because of this we should look for the cancer statistics to shoot through the roof in the years to come!

Monsantos Genetically Modified Foods

The drumbeats of how we maintain our traditions to pass down our history through the generations has been deadlocked.

There was a time when we used to pass down our history in the oral tradition of story telling.

These stories were passed down over hundreds of years and were repeatedly absorbed by our youth until it was ingrained in their souls just as accurately so that the tradition could continue as they matured into adults to teach their children.

Now? Most of our young get their so called history from television on BET only during “Black History Month” and even then those historic icons are the ones who are pre-approved for broadcast because the powers that be surely don’t desire a revolution on their hands if the total range of our story was share.

So a few inventors and a few innovators will be mentioned along with the same old Martin Luther King Jr. speech being played with the George Washington Carver peanut innovations being offered.

George Washington Carver

Nat Turner? NEVER! As long as THEY can help it!

Nothing in our history that will show us as the conqueror of our oppressor will EVER be shared!

So how can we conquer our oppressor in the current day and age if we can’t see ourselves as victorious warriors in history?

And you think that the Effeminate trend of our young men is not by design?

The drumbeats of how we treat and respect our women has been switched up.

There was a time in our recent past that our women were respected and revered a whole lot more than they are now.

Yes, we’ve always had the bad apples in our community as does all communities, but we for some reason have allowed our sisters to become the “Poster Girls” for all things decadent, immoral and whorish!


There was a time when the White slave master wanted to see us only as sexual beasts who possessed an amplified sex drive that he could enjoy as he so pleased. We are so much more than that but his brainwashing of us in the media has convinced too many of us that the sexual strength that we have in abundance is the only power that we have at all!

Why is it that we have more of our young girls aspiring to be video vixens, hole in the wall strippers as well as becoming Facebook Hookers in order to elevate themselves financially to make their reality better. Don’t they see that things will never get better when you offer yourself up to the world as a damn sexual plaything?

And why aren’t the other cultures allowing their women to do the same with the same intensity that we do? Sure, others are doing it but we are LIVING IT! We need to get a grip because STD’s are flying around and our young girls are watching and emulating!

The drumbeats of how we man our posts as men has been confused and scattered.

Too many of our young men do not feel as though there is a right of passage for them to be accepted as men other than a stint in the State Prison for doing something that would get them a reputation that would stand out in the very streets that they should avoid at all costs.

Black Men In Prison

It’s has become to corny to get a college education and whenever one of us accomplishes this very admirable achievement, we are shunned from our peers and put down and told that we are trying to be White!

While there is crime in the White community also, the stigma of a high level of intelligence being owned by one group over another is just not as prevalent as it is with us on our side of town.

Yes, many of them feel that we are dumb, stupid, ignorant and going nowhere, but it is even MORE of a crime we WE’VE internalized that mentality that we are supposed to be stupid when we were made by such a mighty God!

While White supremacy is not acceptable to God, Black inferiority is just as much of a crime in God’s eyes and will not allow us entry into His Kingdom! You are to bow your head in subservience to NO OTHER MAN! Only to the One who created you!

When you have absorbed that knowledge deep into your core only then will you “MAN UP” to take your rightful place in your community to stop the foolishness from happening that has thrived in your absence.

Wake up from your funk and man your post instead of doing the foolishness that you do to fill your slave masters Prisons!

The drumbeats of who our God truly is has been commercialized, switched and watered down.

As you can see, there are so many drumbeats that we do not have beating in our souls anymore so is it a wonder why we have been rendered as impotent as world citizens who can’t even maintain ourselves on the most local of levels?

And on the subject of religion, I refuse to subscribe to anything that separates me from the one true religion that many of us seem to never submit to!


What is that you ask?

Well as far as I’m concerned the one true religion is a total submission to God’s will. If He said to do it, then I will do it If He said NOT to do it, then I will NOT do it! Case closed it’s as simple as THAT!

Man’s so called religions can be and have been altered to fit whatever sin that we fancy to continue indulging is! Heck, nowadays religion is all about “enjoying” the sweetness of sin while wearing the covering of holiness. Need I say more?

So when you truly look at the dire situation in our communities more so in the present, you will find that our righteous drumbeats have been stolen and replaced by something that is totally opposed to our connection to God who is the author of those drumbeats.

He placed those commands in our hearts as the Spiritual GPS Systems that tell us right from wrong from within.

You can call it whatever you wish to call it, whether you say that it is your Third eye or Holy Spirit, our connection to the Divine conductor in the orchestra of life has been broken and we are going nowhere else but to hell fast if we don’t get back on track to hearing the right drumbeats collectively as God’s people…….White, Black, Yellow, Red OR Brown!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother Who Hears The Righteous Drumbeats,



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