HELL NO! – Eric Garner’s Wife Refuses Apology From NYPD Chokehold Cop Daniel Pantaleo! – The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv & Diamondgirl speak on the No Indictment status of the Eric Garner choke-hold murder by the New York Police Department as well as a multitude of other topics of interest in this free flowing conversation.

But the question remains, how can a so-called officer of the law execute an illegal maneuver that resulted in his death and then justify it by saying that they could not prove that it was the choke hold that took his life.

But if the cops never put their hands on Eric Garner  he would still be alive and well today.

These incidents are happening with a frightening regularity and it feels as though we are living in a perpetual world of a surreal reality.

Please leave your opinions and perspectives in the comment area below.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,



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  • Jimmy Mags says:

    This guy was breaking the law, he should have let the cops take him in . And he’d still be alive

  • Claude Conkrite says:
  • Замира Меджидова says:

    Что за далбаёб создатель 9планет

  • utah canyon says:

    diamondgirl is right…..if black people do not change…we will not make it and the cops are not the problem

  • utah canyon says:

    mike brown and eric garner….2 tragedies…but black people are back to business as normal…killing -robbing and shooting each other….the cops are not the problem…we are the problem…you got black people marching for these 2 men and people in their city get slaughtered by other black people and there is total silence…

  • Alejandro Aboytes says:
  • jorge uribe says:

    Valentina billagra te amo

  • Linda Johnson says:

    I’m really enjoying your female guest. She sounds like a wonderful,
    intelligent woman. Glad she happened to call you when she did! It was meant
    to be!

  • Linda Johnson says:

    Wow Lance. Thank God you are still with us. The more I see of the video of
    Eric Garner being murdered, and hear this kind of story from you, the
    fucking angrier I am getting. And did you hear about how incompetent the
    cop was who killed that young boy in Cleveland was? It is such a travesty.
    I’m just heartsick and depressed. God help us all. Take care, and thanks
    for sharing and all you do. Love you!

  • Jack Gully says:

    53:12 – Liquid Money

  • Jack Gully says:

    I hope and pray your project works Lance. Negro/Hispanic Networking

  • Jack Gully says:

    Easter is Seramisus and Tamuz. Christ celebrated Passover Week. and died on
    Passover Week. Christ was born on Passover Week. 48:20 – I’VE BEEN SAYING

  • Andrey Kiselev says:

    Смех помогает преодалеть ужас!!!

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