Herman Cain: “President Obama Has Never Been A Part Of The Black Experience In America!”

In the words of Herman Cain as spoken to Neal Boortz yesterday : “He’s (President Barack Obama) never been a part of the black experience in America. I can talk about that. I can talk about what it really meant to be po’ before I was poor. He can’t. So what I’m saying is I can talk about every issue two levels deep without a teleprompter.”

One thing is for sure, Herman Cain knows how to keep himself in the headlines even if he is not keeping himself actually relevant to anything more than a soundbite. But in every presidential race with since the advent of social media, there seems to be an unwritten requirement to have at least one who can be guaranteed to keep the news stations in business with a verbal offering of foolishness to titillate the minds of the gullible and at the water cooler conversations across America the following day at the office.

That he does well but let me ask you this, is he beginning to lose it?

Just asking! LOL!

Herman Cain: Obama Has “Never Been A Part Of The Black Experience”.

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